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BzZzZz , A noisy Hoverfly

Eristalis tenax
I don’t like this Hoverfly as much as others. I’ve found this one last night!It was bzzzing so loud! It was close a humid place. Why? Because these Hoverflies put their eggs in humid and dark places! Their eggs when erupt become maggots. Their maggots are called Rat-Tailed maggots. The rat-tailed maggot lives in highly polluted waters where all of the oxygen has been used up.
So It is fluently common see this hoverfly nearby dust, dark and disgusting places!
Although as every hoverfly it doesn’t sting and it feeds of nectar.
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JustEve if i've found something like that it's for sure i don't took a picture of this but i'll runaway:))) i'm afraid of every flying and creepy and skipping and otherwise moving insects;/
but hey i love your shot, great like usually:)))
JustEve · 2009-08-14: 07:36
Jarvo Neat picture Ricky, but I prefer the other ones too. I like their stipes and their silence.
Jarvo · 2009-08-14: 08:08
wfrnk Nice pic... :-)
wfrnk · 2009-08-14: 08:50
jet28 Nice shot!
jet28 · 2009-08-14: 09:07
????? Great! Very clever, you find it out to approach to the shy bugs.
????? · 2009-08-14: 09:47
smbunation Buzzzzzzzz. Cool capture.
smbunation · 2009-08-14: 10:14
smithapnair nice one.. and thanks for the info :)
smithapnair · 2009-08-14: 10:36
????? nice shot!
????? · 2009-08-14: 10:42
dontblink Good shot Ricky.
dontblink · 2009-08-14: 10:52
????? Wow!!
So many interesting info on this post!
thanks for sharing
????? · 2009-08-14: 10:53
openbelarus hehe
openbelarus · 2009-08-14: 11:54
cariad Great capture and fantastic amount of info...just been looking through your posts...some fantastic work there
cariad · 2009-08-14: 12:20
tomie interesting informations about that overfly!!! you're a master about overflies...

i confess i'm suprised that anamaria could still have friends after what you write on her post after post... :D
tomie · 2009-08-14: 12:21
blackhawk1552 Ricky that is a nice capture...Clean , clear and crisp image...Great Macro....
I confess that one who is evil has a lot of friends than those who are good...
Best regards ,
blackhawk1552 · 2009-08-14: 12:46
noptek Very interesting insect
noptek · 2009-08-14: 12:50
xxxxx You little ant, you miserable idiot, who are you, you little bug, to tell the world who Anamaria is . Clean your nose first, learn more about life and get some more education to be able to think and talk as any normal human does .
xxxxx · 2009-08-14: 12:56
onlyricky and you should stop watch porn!
xxxxx isnt a name lol
onlyricky · 2009-08-14: 12:57
bell072 I told you before to quit talking of Ana, and you are still mentioning her name ? Last time I am telling you to shut up your dirty mouth! You understand ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
bell072 · 2009-08-14: 12:58
GKorts Is there no way to stop this disgusting story, I really want to be free to leave my comments either on Ricky´s, Ana´s or elsewheres blog without getting in danger to get involved in childish discussions like this. Life is too short for that
GKorts · 2009-08-14: 15:25
Ryana A very clear picture! Nice shot!
Ryana · 2009-08-14: 15:25
GKorts I forgot Ricky, nice pic and background story, seems really they are not the most lovable hovers
GKorts · 2009-08-14: 15:26
????? So Ricky, when are you going to buy yourself a camera?
Your shots are great and this one too....Mmmm, imagine if you had a camera, they're not expensive :-))))
????? · 2009-08-14: 16:44
chrisbuchan good photo
chrisbuchan · 2009-08-14: 17:21
????? Excellent!!!~
????? · 2009-08-14: 17:52
????? I agree with Ted.
Your photos are really good now... So when you had a camera... WOW!
You will be #1 everyday!!
????? · 2009-08-14: 17:53
TIM927 omg anamaria appears again lol,,,, we should make a weekly theme tittles: who hasn been stalked by anamaria 21???? hhahah,,,, well,,some people have double personality, we all now it,,,but she has thousands lol,,,she is a serious case, she always makes me laugh too much ,,, arent we fortunate that she is the only lost case in photoblog??? we should thank her for making the rest of us feel we are not like her :)))))
btw... I wonder,,,you dont have a camera???? omg,,,,,
TIM927 · 2009-08-14: 18:22
lynnsgallery2 EXCELLENT SHOT!!! Very clearly focused...thanks for the info I'll be sure to stay away from this buzzing one...I don't like maggots :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-08-14: 18:54
????? cool :)
????? · 2009-08-14: 21:17
????? You have taught me all about the hoverfly and now I am recognizing them in other posts too. They are rather nice!
????? · 2009-08-14: 22:49
mverellen its amazing how you take all these photos so close to the bugs.. id be grossed out :D
mverellen · 2009-08-15: 00:03
jjvilm hmm, you KNOW! before I read all the information about your flies and all about that (you told me abuot them once) I always! thought flies bite, but now I'm glad to know they actually don't, and what! a relief! b/ I always thought the big flies like those would go near you and bit you and lay an egg in your skin! THAT CREPPED me out ALL the time. I mean seriously? who wants something living inside them!? (sorry pregnant women) so I always get creeped out by them...ok by any insect! I used to even like grabbing ladybugs..but I thnk someone told me they bite and it hurts, so NOT grabing them aagain, plus! they kinda poop on you. or w/e it is, but I've noticed they excrete some orange liquid on you...NOT sure what it is, but w/e it is Im sure it's some kinda defense mechanism or something, omg! imagine if i had a cut or something there! Im sure it would burn as hell! I have 2 kinds of hover flies photographed i'll post them one for every day, that way I'll never run out of things to take pics of
jjvilm · 2009-08-15: 00:18
????? nice...good job =)
????? · 2009-08-15: 09:40
miltonjacob very clear shot my friend
miltonjacob · 2009-08-15: 11:14
????? Very nice picture
????? · 2009-08-15: 17:13
Unchained Ninguem o segurava com uma nova camara!!! Esta história ainda não tem fim??? Uma mosca renitente!!
Unchained · 2009-08-15: 18:19
littlesundae great shot!!very nice..
littlesundae · 2009-08-16: 14:16
linky F-males are always noisy
linky · 2009-09-05: 14:30
onlymehdi looks wonderful
onlymehdi · 2009-09-07: 12:15
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