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You Found Me, But You Gonna Think Hard To Know Me

Trichopoda pennipes aka Feather legged Tachina Fly

Who said that I know all these names is easy to me!? No it is not. Behind all these names of these bugs are (sometimes) hours of search and study to identify it.
This one was without doubts the MOST HARDER ever to ID. It took almost 1 month to identify, and It was really hard to me. But at least I can say I’ve had the lucky to find a rare specie.
Trichopoda pennipes is a parasite of several species like Squash bugs and stink bugs.
This specie is native to USA, and was RECENTLY introduced in Europe, in Portugal, Spain and a part of France. Though is still not very common to see them.
Its size is about of a housefly.
A curious fact is that the stink bug produces the smell that for use is disgusting but for these flies attracts them and is easy to they find them and infect the bug with their eggs.
So it was hard to me because this is a recent European fly. It is a newbie in Europe! :)
I also played a little on the pictures with blurry, because the pictures were not so good. But it think after all my effort on ID it, it was worth to post! :)
Jarvo Congratulations Ricky, you are bug spotter #1. You deserve this success.
Jarvo · 2009-10-04: 16:25
soubhagya Nevertheless these r awesome pics...i love to shoot bugs, but sadly i am confined to a room these days... some day....
soubhagya · 2009-10-04: 16:34
lynnsgallery2 GREAT WORK!!! Yes, these were worth posting...I love learning about the bugs you shoot :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-10-04: 16:42
wfrnk :-)
wfrnk · 2009-10-04: 17:13
smbunation Excellent. It shows how far dedication will go.
smbunation · 2009-10-04: 17:15
miclaud Nice report! THanks a lot!
miclaud · 2009-10-04: 18:18
LysMandala Que bonitas fotos Ricky. Ya ha aparecido tu hermanita,jajaja
LysMandala · 2009-10-04: 18:30
????? Excellent Ricky, well done :-)
????? · 2009-10-04: 19:19
lookagain Good shots, Ricky....your perseverance paid off! Congrats on finding, shooting, and identifying this rare fly.
lookagain · 2009-10-04: 21:14
BuffyEyes You sure know your bugs and how to identify them.
BuffyEyes · 2009-10-04: 22:30
smithapnair Great work! These are surely worth posting and i love to learn new things from your blog :) you are a super master, Ricky
smithapnair · 2009-10-04: 23:18
noptek Lovely colors and pictures
noptek · 2009-10-04: 23:47
jessicashan :P
jessicashan · 2009-10-05: 00:24
davidcardona Awesome extreme close focus. Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2009-10-05: 03:26
Unchained Definitivamente é o rei dos insectos, e agora que a Ruth não aparece, o trono é todo seu! Sabe alguma coisa dela?
Unchained · 2009-10-05: 03:30
jet28 What a colourful creature!
jet28 · 2009-10-05: 03:39
SADHYA Congratulations. You should be very happy to ID this one!
SADHYA · 2009-10-05: 05:01
Ryana Super-insect-spotter, that is wath you are!!!
Nice post!!
Ryana · 2009-10-05: 08:57
urmysunshine you really did your research, GREAT WORK!~
urmysunshine · 2009-10-05: 10:13
dontblink Good job in not giving up!
dontblink · 2009-10-05: 10:29
????? Wonderful shots! :)
????? · 2009-10-05: 10:42
principe But everyone knows the name of that small bug.................... :)))
Very good catch!
principe · 2009-10-05: 16:44
????? OMG!!
It is amazing!!
And this bug is so cute!!
????? · 2009-10-05: 16:58
onlymehdi · 2009-10-06: 13:45
mystic1 Another fantastic set Ricky
mystic1 · 2009-10-06: 15:47
eternity65 i must agree with Sandra, damn you're good at this, great set again ricky!!
eternity65 · 2009-10-06: 19:51
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