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Killing Don't Make Us Murders!?

Do you Remember my sketches about a tale? If you don’t simply check it out: Sketch

Many of you said It was good! Many were shocked and sad, and many even told they would be careful! The truth is we all try to do it, and sometimes it is impossible.
Today was a normal day as everyone! Except the part of going to school and see this tragic accident.

I ask to myself, how can a person do this and don’t have at least the dignity of move it away from the road! It would simply not dirt the cars or provokes some accident (in this case it was an hedgehog, but think that if it was a deer? ) and the most important of all, move it away from the sight of the people that are not obligated to see such things.

Everyday this happens on our roads. When we kill a living being are we not being murders? I wonder who’d be happy in kill such things. Well, probably you’ll say no one, but the truth is that I know people that kill animals just for pleasure! This is not right. Animals are not like humans, that’s right, but they also have lives and they have their own ‘’feelings’’.
I’m sure Most of you know what I’m talking about. Seeing your dear pet being kill or die, you’d feel sad. You must think the same to wild animals.

To me this is the case, seeing my favorite animal dead or dying is just terrible.

Again please I beg, Drive Slow, especially at night!!
Erinaceus europaeus aka European hedgehog

I apologize to all of you who find this picture not acceptable to post...
I am very touched by this scene that I’ve just seen this morning. Even now I am terrible sad each time I see this picture. I’m posting this picture to homage every dead hedgehog.

onlymehdi :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
i am so sorry RIP
onlymehdi · 2009-10-21: 16:54
BlasiusW OMG! :'(
It's terrible! I'm sad that there are people like this. And if she has litle hedgehogs?!
Maybe he/she don't know what happened, just raced forward. Simply Horrible!
BlasiusW · 2009-10-21: 17:26
finbarr sad photo !!!
finbarr · 2009-10-21: 17:50
Jarvo Poor little thing ;-(
Jarvo · 2009-10-21: 18:00
LysMandala Nooooooo, es terrible!
LysMandala · 2009-10-21: 18:11
????? You are right Ricky...well spoken!!
????? · 2009-10-21: 18:20
????? yes, the animals were on the land long before we made paved roads- we must be careful!!!!
????? · 2009-10-21: 19:03
smbunation Poor little guy. This is very sad indeed.
smbunation · 2009-10-21: 19:42
curlyq60 ....awwwww I agree with you....nice post.
curlyq60 · 2009-10-21: 19:55
noptek Poor hedgehog. Very interesting picture.
Found this on the web
"Countless hedgehogs are killed on roadways every year despite efforts to educate the public and the building of special "hedgehog tunnels" under roadways, built in an effort to give the animals a safe way to bypass busy roads."
noptek · 2009-10-22: 01:37
daisydavinci It`s the same every summer and autumn...I feel so sorry for these cute animals.
daisydavinci · 2009-10-22: 01:52
leifmaler :( :::::: Very sad! I am seing the same in Denmark :(
leifmaler · 2009-10-22: 02:01
extralarge :(
extralarge · 2009-10-22: 02:15
pandka Poor hedgehog...For him we can not do anything but, as Ricky said, we must do our best to avoid of becoming the animal killer. Ricky, you have a great heart!
pandka · 2009-10-22: 03:04
MarciC It`s horrible .. It`s a good thing you don`t live in Romania... with all those idiots driving around here you see this kind of things every single day! ... heartbreaking...and what's even worse is that nobody does anything to try to avoid things like that!
MarciC · 2009-10-22: 03:20
malakh awww ricky im sorry that u have to see that my dear friend
malakh · 2009-10-22: 03:47
????? Horrible sight, I'm sad! Who killed him, should replace him. :((
????? · 2009-10-22: 04:24
SADHYA Oh Ricky. You have a big heart! I wish more young guys were as sensitive as you.
SADHYA · 2009-10-22: 04:51
????? Sad tribute, but sometimes unavoidable even when you drive slowly, I see many animals especially cats and kittens here ending up that way.
????? · 2009-10-22: 06:46
dontblink Very sad
dontblink · 2009-10-22: 07:11
Ryana ;o(
Unfortunately, this happens far too often!!
Ryana · 2009-10-22: 08:07
lookagain I'm sorry, Ricky. Thanks for your sensitive and touching post.....
lookagain · 2009-10-22: 08:17
miltonjacob :( So sorry to read ur post and see the image. very touching one
miltonjacob · 2009-10-22: 08:23
JaCkYe É bem verdade e triste... confesso que me vieram as lagrimas aos olhos...
JaCkYe · 2009-10-22: 09:13
soubhagya It is sad!
soubhagya · 2009-10-22: 10:26
awesomegreen it is really sad to see that the animals are not treated with respect
awesomegreen · 2009-10-22: 11:03
jennye great post ricky!
jennye · 2009-10-22: 11:56
twosome Brave to post it.. I find it acceptable, but disgusting
twosome · 2009-10-22: 12:04
????? poor....
????? · 2009-10-22: 12:27
????? T_T
I feel so sad...
In some countries when you run some big animal over (as a deer, a wild boar or something) you're obliged to call the police and tell them what had happened, so they come, take notes and take away the animal you kill accidentaly. Why don't we do the same with dogs, cats, rabits, magpies, hedgehogs...?? WHY??
The most of the times I cannot understand humans.
????? · 2009-10-22: 12:32
nadoune Oh!!!
nadoune · 2009-10-22: 12:49
asalto Coitado.....snif, snif
asalto · 2009-10-22: 13:11
tagastar :( It is indeed sad
your write up does make sense however!
tagastar · 2009-10-22: 13:39
agurliced Tens toda a razão, odeio ver animais mortos, principalmente nas estradas. 8/ Mas acredita que ás vezes quando eles se atravessam ou morrem eles ou nós mesmo...
agurliced · 2009-10-22: 13:59
santijose Have you ever seen the film Watership Down" ?

santijose · 2009-10-22: 14:11
berjel coitadinho
berjel · 2009-10-22: 15:02
Wasichseh It is so sad.
Wasichseh · 2009-10-22: 16:34
elizzi one of my friends took the time to move a cat that had been killed on the road..just to the side...some people take the time to do these little things that mean a lot.
elizzi · 2009-10-22: 17:22
lynnsgallery2 Very sad...I love animals so it's hard to see them like this.
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-10-22: 22:21
boszorka65 :(((( It is sad:)
boszorka65 · 2009-10-23: 02:51
pickledherring Sorry about the hedgehog Ricky.
pickledherring · 2009-10-23: 03:39
Unchained Ohhh.... que pena! Se furasse os pneus, talvez os condutores tivesem mais cuidado...
Unchained · 2009-10-23: 04:18
ciripbogar I like this sad set, this cute hedgehod is terrible , but the photo and hte thoughs are very good
ciripbogar · 2009-10-23: 11:40
mystic1 I agree 100% with you Ricky people need to pay attention and slow down, I live in a nature area and I see animals killed alot by cars, its really sad
mystic1 · 2009-10-23: 14:58
????? Yes, I do agree, too. In Italy and everywhere I saw it's a massacre on the roads... unfortunately... Crazy drivers kill people (like my friend Gianna) and you wonder about animals... I do share your point of view. I drive slow on the country roads because of animals, too... and to enjoy the panorama. Some days ago on a provençal country road I saw another car accident involving 3 cars and the victims were still inside... a shocking view and it made me think of Gianna's death...
????? · 2009-10-24: 10:16
mollylips :'(
mollylips · 2009-10-24: 13:30
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