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1. New Year, New Beginning

First of all Happy New Year to all of you!
To me this won’t be a year like others [I hope]. In this year I’ve some goals to do.
This year will begin with the birth of a new member of my family. My aunt is pregnant and soon she will bring to life a new member to our family! We are all happy, so do I!
Later I hope to finish and pass all my exams at school, and also I’d like to attend the university!
So this will be a year of hope and opportunity And I’ll try my best.
I’m also willing to improve myself as a person and in my skills about the nature and wild life.

Also I’m doing something that I’ve never done before! I’m starting with my Sis Ruth, The Project 365!
Hope you’ll enjoy our new adventure! :)

[Pictures were not taken with my camera]

P.S - Btw, how old do you give to my aunt? ;D
pickledherring Ricky, i wish you the very best for 2010.

i think your aunt is in her mid 30s ???
pickledherring · 2010-01-01: 20:32
Jarvo For a moment Ricky I thought you were going to say that you were about to become a dad! Good luck with all your goals. I particularly look forward to seeing your Project 365 - I think you'll do really well.
Your aunt doesn't look much older than you.
Jarvo · 2010-01-01: 20:53
lynnsgallery2 Congrats to your aunt!!! Great shots of both of you...I look forward to your new project :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-01-01: 22:16
smbunation Excellent. Much congrats to your aunt and best of luck on the endeavor! =)
smbunation · 2010-01-01: 22:31
hannamagnusson Nice to see you!
Happy new year Ricky and good luck with all your plans for the year and congratulations to your aunt! (she looks very young but btw)
hannamagnusson · 2010-01-02: 02:55
Ryana Because I myself am a woman, I know.that it is dangerous to estimate a womans age, so I hope I'm close to it when I say 36 ...

Nice portraits.

I eagerly look forward to the 365 days project of Ruth and you. ;o)
Ryana · 2010-01-02: 03:55
SADHYA You look so alike! Congratulations to your aunt.
So we shall be seeing lots of tiny baby pictures in the late summer!
I'm not going to guess her age. I have a habit of getting it terribly and offensively wrong.
SADHYA · 2010-01-02: 04:37
????? Happy New Year Ricky
You will have a great year I'm sure,
it will be hard but exciting and I'm sure you will do well in your exams :-)
I think your aunt is quite young, about 25 ?
Hello Aunt :-)
????? · 2010-01-02: 05:29
wfrnk May your wishes all come true!
(No guessing on women's age!)
wfrnk · 2010-01-02: 07:18
????? Have a great 2010. Ricky!
Pictures are wonderful!
????? · 2010-01-02: 07:32
soubhagya Happy new year Ricky! Wish your aunt a very best from me.
PS: IMO she is 24-27 years old.
soubhagya · 2010-01-02: 08:07
dontblink Hope you have a great 2010 Ricky, good luck on 365!
dontblink · 2010-01-02: 09:58
gonia hey! hey! Happy New Year! for you and all your Family and small child who will come!best wishes!
gonia · 2010-01-02: 10:34
????? I would never dare guess the age of any woman, very very dangerous!!!!!
lovely shots and terrific thought!!!!!! congrats on the new family member!!!!
????? · 2010-01-02: 11:28
GKorts let´s say you look like sis and bros
GKorts · 2010-01-02: 12:12
finbarr Good Luck for 2010 !!!
finbarr · 2010-01-02: 16:32
JaCkYe Que seja um optimo sno para ti e eu vou estar aqui a torcer;)
JaCkYe · 2010-01-02: 18:15
????? Wohoooooo!!!!
Eh! She looks very young!!
This will be a great year. I know!
????? · 2010-01-02: 19:04
asalto FELIZ 2010, disfruta!!!!
asalto · 2010-01-02: 19:26
elizzi All the very best to you and your family for 2010....x
elizzi · 2010-01-02: 19:34
????? You look alike and she is still quite young! Good luck to her -- and to you, of course!
????? · 2010-01-03: 00:16
TIM927 U both look quite alike,,,im too bad at age but it is clear she is young young young,,wish all your goals have the best result and im sure we will see the baby too :) Wish u a very happy new year!!
TIM927 · 2010-01-03: 06:38
????? I wish you to enter university successfully and to have healthy and beautiful little kuzin ^)
????? · 2010-01-03: 07:02
MoMac Congratulations to all in this exciting New Year. Your aunt looks very young around 20yrs old maybe because she has no make-up, best wishes.
MoMac · 2010-01-03: 08:35
noptek Cool portraits
noptek · 2010-01-03: 11:01
pandka Wow! Great tasks before you, Ricky! Good luck!
pandka · 2010-01-03: 14:16
Ole365 I'm looking forward to see your pictures during this year.
Ole365 · 2010-01-03: 16:21
Kamibizr happy new year
Kamibizr · 2010-01-03: 17:23
mverellen Happy New Year! I wish you luck with all of your ventures and am sure you will accomplish anything you put your mind to :D This year I hope will be different as well.. starting with being more healthy.. and getting a better job lol.. and Congrats on the new member of your family!! That will be soo exciting.., I would say your aunt is 27 :D tell me if im right!
mverellen · 2010-01-03: 17:35
miltonjacob glad to see u and ur aunt. blessing to her and the kid (inside) D
miltonjacob · 2010-01-03: 18:18
LysMandala Estás muy guapo Ricky.
Feliz año nuevo!
LysMandala · 2010-01-03: 19:25
Unchained Um bom ano para si, Ricky, parabéns para o futuro tio e força nos estudos. Dê um beijinho meu à sua tia!
Unchained · 2010-01-03: 19:45
mystic1 Congrats to your Aunt and congrats to you new project, and does your Aunt know you have a guess her age game going haha I would say 30
mystic1 · 2010-01-03: 21:42
lookagain Lovely shots of you and your aunt! Sounds like you have a great plan for yourself this year! All the best to you....and your aunt and her new baby :)))
lookagain · 2010-01-04: 08:25
Najeli Happy New Year :) And all the best for your aunt and her baby :) She looks very young :) 23? 25?
Najeli · 2010-01-04: 09:20
????? She looks good enough and thats all matter the way do you have any single aunts Ricky :DDD just foe record !!!
????? · 2010-01-04: 15:51
????? Sorry, it was bad to ask about your single..... i take it back....but i do have a single grandma if you need a girlfriend Ricky :D
????? · 2010-01-04: 17:04
????? I look forward to your 365 Ricky! Happy New Year and Congratulations to your Auntie! ;)
????? · 2010-01-05: 13:04
Melusine Happy New Year and good luck with your goals!
Sounds exciting with the 365 project :)
Melusine · 2010-01-07: 16:08
nadoune Happy New Year Ricky ! and beautful portraits!!:))
nadoune · 2010-01-10: 21:55
NellyBly CONGRATULATIONS ON FP! Starting 2010 off right! I hope you meet all of your expectations and more..
NellyBly · 2010-01-10: 22:23
????? What a big year for you. I have no doubt that you will achieve every goal!
????? · 2010-01-10: 23:39
????? Oh dear Ricky; for a moment I thought you were becoming dad :-) as novelty of the new year! Well, HAPPY NEW ADVENTUROUS YEAR to you and to your photo project with Ruth. I'll be following you!
????? · 2010-01-11: 09:18
onlymehdi happy late and great new year. as you know i pray for you each day that you achieve your goals as you are always in my heart and one of the most important people for me in life.
onlymehdi · 2010-03-12: 07:54
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