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17. What Is Art?

What is Art?
According to the English Dictionary Art is:
the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance .
What I Find a Very good Definition. I Know what Art is (or at least what it is to me), But I was still thinking (and seeking) for what is exactly Art! What is exactly an Artist!
Thru the History, Art was found by many people, and all of them were expressions of the living of that time! People (the so called Artists) created paintings, draws, or even rupestral! The first humans on earth, had painted their livings, their hunts on the rocks, to show their livings. On Egypt, the Faeroes were painted on the rocks to claim to the gods, and also to be immortalized! Thru the time, Greeks and Romans created art more than simple drawings.. With sculptures, and representations of statues to immortalize their selves. Of Course I could go on and tell that Art was changed from year to year, passing from pointillism to realism, from realism to humanism… I could go on! But still, I don’t have what is Art yet without the meaning from the dictionary. I saw my brother having fun drawing and painting ‘’stupid’’ things on a paper, when I asked what was it? He told me that it is his draw! And to myself I said ‘’what a piece of junk!’’
But then I realized: ‘’that is exactly what people before told about theories, about draws, about some creations… And today, they are famous and they are one of the best painters or artists of the world!’’
I remember from my Art class that Teacher was showing us frames of paintings with 3 or 4 colorful draws, and I asked to myself ‘’how the Hell that can be considered Art? I could simply do the same!’’
Indeed we could do the same, but for that it is Art!
She showed also other paints, and one of them appeared one of my favorites of all the times.
The Persistence of Memory (La persistència de la memòria) from Salvador Dalí .
Today I’ve decided to create my own ‘’Melting Clocks’’ , with a different draw! I created a new ‘’draw’’ about it ! Does it make me Artist? Maybe yes, Maybe Not! But simply I’m copying or editing a painting from someone else. I’m not being artistic, I’m not creating my own draws!
If this draw would be accepted as Art, and clamed amazing, I’d not feel Being an Artist because The Idea was not from me!

So Art isn’t simply drawing or copy something. I guess I finally found what Art is.

Art is the spontaneous think that we have on our mind, that makes us want to draw (or do, or painting, or writing, or …) that comes from our mind! Everyone has his own way of Art! What to me can be a piece of Art, to you can be a piece of junk, just like the way I thought about my brother’s draw!
Everyone is an Artist in his own way. The love, the passion and the dedication to do the things we love is Art! Representing our society, our thoughts, our ideas on something is Art!

Art has no boundaries! From doodles to Paintings, from ink to spray, From rocks to monuments, it has no ending.
Then We have the Artists! Artists are me and you! As photographers we are Artists! Each one of us, have a different point of view of the real and surreal! On our way we find the things we love, and we photograph them! Aren’t we being Artists when we take shots of different positions, when we edit pictures and do effects on photoshop, or when we simply create a picture that we don’t know even how we did it? YES, we all are artists, wanting or not!
There are Also the Unknown artists that Have afraid of the society or simply want to be anonymous and create their ‘’nickname’’ (it has another word but I forgot it LOL). But sometimes I wonder to myself, why hiding our talent with a mask?
So this is what Art is to me! There are not Lazy, stupid and abnormal artists! Art comes from imagination or from a suddenly thing!
And you?

What is Art to you?
What is an Artist? Express yourself

Be an Artist! “Art can't hurt you.”


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ArtBee Personal expression! It all looks like Art to me! Great post Ricky!
ArtBee · 2010-01-17: 11:31
borogovoi interesting .....great post
borogovoi · 2010-01-17: 11:46
????? This is a hard and complicate question...
I agree with you in almost all... but I think there is a thin difference between what is art and what not. For me not everything is art. Art has to inspire us, it has to uplift our spirit, provoke any kind of feeling in us... or the absence of feelings.
Moreover, there are some things we know with our minds and some others we know with our heart/soul. For me, Art is in the second group.
????? · 2010-01-17: 12:29
GKorts and to add something to Ruth words, not only to us self but a kind of common agreement. A piece of art which is only understood by a handful of people is no art but arrogance. To be clear common agreement is a percentage between a handful and some more but not less.
GKorts · 2010-01-17: 12:51
????? Interesting questions and opinions. Maybe I'll take the Ayn Rand approach and say "art is"
Really nice, Ricky.
????? · 2010-01-17: 12:55
noptek Very interesting.
"Art does not exist. It declares itself" Harold Rosenberg
noptek · 2010-01-17: 12:55
Eiram great post Ricky...
for me...I do not think about something if it IS art or not...for me it is important if I feel something looking at it (or hearing it...)...does the painting, music, statue, photo, talk to me? do I feel something, do I "hear" something?...well...THAT is important for me...
Eiram · 2010-01-17: 13:04
hannamagnusson I agree with Eiram :-)
hannamagnusson · 2010-01-17: 13:46
smbunation Excellent post, Ricky. Very well thought out. Love the Dali interpretation by the way.
smbunation · 2010-01-17: 14:01
Ryana Art is different for everyone.
For me, good art is something that awakens feelings in me, set me thinking...

Very interesting post, Ricky!!
Ryana · 2010-01-17: 14:16
????? Art is the last bastion of free speech.
Art holds no position, no allegiance, no standpoint
and so it moves freely, between, around and through the institutes, but is not bound by any of them.
Art holds no duty to science, politics or religion but often serves them freely
and in so doing shows us humanity and humility where before there was dogma and suffering.

Colin Renfrew says this;
Over the past century or so the visual arts have transformed themselves from their preoccupation with beauty and the representation of the world into something much more radical. Today, I would claim, the visual arts have transformed themselves into what might be described as a vast, unco-ordinated yet somehow enormously effective research programme that looks critically at what we are and how we know what we are – at the foundations of knowledge and perception, and of the structures that modern societies have chosen to construct upon those foundations.
Colin Renfrew – Figuring it out – Pg 7
????? · 2010-01-17: 14:43
gonia Art is my heart.
gonia · 2010-01-17: 15:05
wfrnk Art is something you don't understand... :-)
wfrnk · 2010-01-17: 15:10
maharba I definitely like the portrait image.
maharba · 2010-01-17: 15:10
nieprzyzwoita everybody wanna be an artist :)
nieprzyzwoita · 2010-01-17: 15:17
????? Just perfect post!
????? · 2010-01-17: 15:33
boszorka65 I agree with Eiram :-)
boszorka65 · 2010-01-17: 15:42
miltonjacob interesting. cool... original and imaginative
miltonjacob · 2010-01-17: 16:27
DutchMountains i'm not a
DutchMountains · 2010-01-17: 16:27
Jarvo Very thoughtful post Ricky. I think art as a topic has very fuzzy boudaries, what is art to one may not be to another (person or circumstance). Of all the descriptions here I think Sandra's one fits best for me. But that's just my opionion. What I know is, you are an astist Ricky, because I can see you above in your artist's hat and goggles.

Jarvo · 2010-01-17: 16:32
finbarr Very interesting Post! art is ever thing in life
finbarr · 2010-01-17: 16:34
kenzshots beauty and art is only in the eye of the beholder....the artist however must be free to create without limitations....interesting essay....
kenzshots · 2010-01-17: 17:16
wanazza Interesting post! =)
wanazza · 2010-01-17: 19:10
lynnsgallery2 Great post and very interesting words...excellent shots :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-01-17: 20:55
lgnelson Ricky, you're thinking way too hard. Take a nap! lol
lgnelson · 2010-01-17: 21:12
curlyq60 ...I do believe that this is unique !!!!!
curlyq60 · 2010-01-17: 21:25
thebronzebow Very interesting and thoughtful post. Not sure I have a definition for you.
thebronzebow · 2010-01-17: 21:33
lookagain Ricky, I have truly enjoyed this post! Your thoughtful words are intriguing....and all the comments afterwards are very interesting and thought-provoking. You're wise beyond your years, Ricky....thank you for this wonderful post!
lookagain · 2010-01-17: 21:38
????? I know that Ted's definition is basically what is accepted in the art world today, but that is not necessarily all art to me. When I can go to MOMA and see a clothesline strung with underwear (yes, I saw that!) it is not art to me! The same for total pornography (which I also saw in MOMA.) When a famous artist can walk on a plank over a huge canvas, randomly throwing paint, cut it up, sign each one, and sell each one for thousands of dollars, that is not art to me. A bunch of lines, applied between masking tape, may be visually appealing, but TO ME that is also not real art, but more like a craft on canvas. Art needs a certain real talent, creativity and training, and it should portray something, even in its abstract form. It also should be appealing or speak to us in some way. And I think that maybe even really good photography can be an art form, or at least good photography is artistically appealing. Nice post for getting everyone thinking, Ricky!
????? · 2010-01-17: 23:49
pickledherring This is an interesting post,
pickledherring · 2010-01-18: 00:18
arkijay i like the idea #2.
arkijay · 2010-01-18: 03:49
????? Leah, I don't disagree with anything you say but I was not refering to any individual artwork or artist. My statement holds true just as much for displeasing and meaningless art as any other kind.
If I were to do something quite outrageous, society would certainly frown upon me, but as soon as I declare myself 'artist' the attitude changes and becomes more tolerant. This is because society understands that there has to be a place for expression and warms itself to people who strive to keep expression and dialogue open. As soon as any society curbs the right to make even the most banal art then that society finds itself with problems.
None of this exhonorates the artist from taking responsibility for their actions and maybe a 'bad' artwork is one that lacks integrity.
There are many that would say art should be this or art should be that...but art doesn't allow itself the luxury of basking in any one particular garden.
I don't know what you mean by the 'art world' but the critics, curators, dealers, or anyone else that attempts to manipulate art aren't challenged by society but by the artists themselves...this is another unseen responsibilty that artists have to consider.
Maybe some or even all of the artists and artworks you cite lack integrity, or maybe you you didn't understand some meaning...either way we need to take a closer look at the society that puts you, me and them into these situations. If MOMA chose a work of yours or mine to be exhibited we could simply decline the invitation or accept that the work must have a quality that society reads as meaningful. I've got a pretty good hunch that either of us would take the latter path.
I am applying to make a show for MOMA Cymru (Wales) and if I am accepted I will have 2 years to prepare for that show. So a lot of considered thought would go into making a a meaningful and pleasing show...but whatever I exhibit will come under criticism from somebody, this is unavoidable in art today, and reflects a healthy attitude and society that can't claim art to be one thing or another. If I exhibit 'traditional' paintings then many will say that I'm living in the past and have no insight into how the world around me really is. If I exhibit something very conceptual then many will say my work lacks substance :-))
The atrist can never please everybody and will always take body blows by 'putting themselves on the line' and that is how I would read meaning into the work you describe...somebody has to generate dialogue and keep that dialogue open.
????? · 2010-01-18: 04:47
jet28 Such a thought-provoking post - love the illustrations :-)
jet28 · 2010-01-18: 04:50
Nellinka I like your mask. =)
For me art is something like a specially created meaning that has an impact on me. I consider those things which inspire me or give me catharsis great art.
Nellinka · 2010-01-18: 05:40
jessicashan life is one of art.
jessicashan · 2010-01-18: 08:11
????? I was staring at our art teacher boobs all the time and i was thinking, oh ya this is real i dont remember any thing else.....but you did good job.
????? · 2010-01-18: 09:25
????? Well done!!!!!!!
????? · 2010-01-18: 10:09
jennye great post ricky!!
jennye · 2010-01-18: 10:43
Unchained Só pelas diferentes opiniões aqui vê-se que não há consenso na definição de arte. Para mim arte é muito subjectiva, aquilo de que gosto, que é belo e original aos meus olhos não o é necessariamente aos olhos dos outros. É um pouco como a religião ou a politica, não se chega a um denominador comum.
Unchained · 2010-01-18: 12:31
Balladina Interesting post !

For me it's also the expression against everything I disapprove. How I express fear, rage... It's a kind of resistance. But that's my point of view...
Balladina · 2010-01-18: 15:33
TIM927 this si so difficult,,,art,,,comes straight from the soul,,,and has to connect with other´´s soul to have sense, but unfortunately not everybody´s soul has art eye ;)
Very well done Rick!!!!!
TIM927 · 2010-01-18: 15:45
JaCkYe Este set é arte;)
JaCkYe · 2010-01-18: 16:04
huiching a very thought provokation post. You can see everything as an art if you want to see it that way. But if you are in no mood, all masterpieces are rubbish. ^_^
huiching · 2010-01-18: 17:38
pandka Really creative!
pandka · 2010-01-18: 17:44
elizzi oh...this is the best ever post I have read I think!!!!! :) :)
elizzi · 2010-01-18: 18:06
livelovelaugh This is an excellent post....from the beginning and upto this point. What is art is such a subjective question, because for me, anything that moves me in such a way that surprises me, makes me gaze or even better, makes me gasp, is art. For me, whether it's in the form of print, reel or drama, if there's passion and emotion in it, it is art. :)
livelovelaugh · 2010-01-18: 23:35
????? Excellent post Ricky.
????? · 2010-01-23: 02:33
onlymehdi loool :D and yes this is art :D best are from my bro
onlymehdi · 2010-03-12: 07:45
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