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92. Hans Christian Andersen

Today is the 205th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen/ which was/is one of my favorite writters of all time. When I was a kid I used to listen and to read his stories, and even today If I find any of those I read them over again. The stories are for children, but I’m sure many adults should read them again to understand their lives because they teach us a lot.
One of my favorites from all the time was the ugly duckling.

Due the lack of messages I’ve been receiving I’ll tell that I’m in a Photoblog break, not because I’m bored or something but because I need time to let my mind open a bit more and exams are coming so I’ll be not posting so fluently. Although I am willing to visit your posts whenever I can because I usually get bored at night [I can’t study at me headaches] so your photos help me to leave the stress.. I’ll be posting once in a while. Thank you for your posts.
????? Hi Ricky: Really interesting shot. I find it hard too to keep up with everyone's comments and with limited time there's only so much you can do.
????? · 2010-04-02: 09:49
Ryana Good luck om your tests, Ricky.

Very GOOD shot!!!!
Ryana · 2010-04-02: 09:55
pandka Waiting for you...
pandka · 2010-04-02: 10:09
TIM927 always a great to advise to re-read books for children,,,take all teh time you need Ricky, do your things and try to pass all.
TIM927 · 2010-04-02: 10:27
Ole365 H.C. Andersen is very nice, and I remember the stories from when I was a child.
Ole365 · 2010-04-02: 10:40
Lynda I loved his stories as a child. Particularly liked the Snow Queen and the Little Match Girl.
Lynda · 2010-04-02: 10:55
smbunation HCA 'is' great. Nice post. Thanks, Ricky.
smbunation · 2010-04-02: 11:13
GKorts Good luck for your upcoming exams, nice post
GKorts · 2010-04-02: 12:13
DancingDolphin Hey good luck with your exams.

I think ALL good children's books are meant for adults as well. I have a HUGE collection, probably 100+ , I still buy them, and my kids are long gone! :-)
DancingDolphin · 2010-04-02: 12:20
????? Good luck Ricky! Great post! :)
????? · 2010-04-02: 12:23
????? I wish you good luck for exams Ricky! Great picture! :)))
????? · 2010-04-02: 12:34
djnana I love your photos and your information that you give us. HCA is a classic writer, appropriate for all ages. Thanks for the reminder.
djnana · 2010-04-02: 13:04
jennye Great shot Ricky!!
good luck with your exams!!
jennye · 2010-04-02: 13:36
SADHYA Ricky I will miss you, but you need to do what you need to do, so just take it easy, we will be here when you are ready to return.
Best wishes with the exams.
SADHYA · 2010-04-02: 13:42
mystic1 Ricky will mess your interesting shots, but understand sometimes we aqll need breaks :) Best wishes on your exams

Interesting shot, I remember Hans Christian Andersen
mystic1 · 2010-04-02: 14:23
Contesina wonderful BW! Good luck, Ricky!
Contesina · 2010-04-02: 15:01
Wasichseh Thanks for this blog, Ricky. I love HCA, too. Good luck for your exams.
Wasichseh · 2010-04-02: 17:50
lynnsgallery2 FANTASTIC EYE!!! Great composition and words to go along with it. I wish you well with your exams and I look forward to your interesting and informative posts...with working 5 days a week plus 2 nights a week...I find it difficult to be on PB as much as I would like to...take care Ricky :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-04-02: 18:08
????? Great Ricky, you look very thoughtful :-)
Good luck with the exams, we have our thoughts with you and fingers crossed for some great results
????? · 2010-04-02: 19:16
finbarr Great shot !! Good Luck with Exams !!
finbarr · 2010-04-02: 19:16
critterbug Nice picture; no exams here, so I don't have to look so serious....
Good Luck
critterbug · 2010-04-02: 19:58
????? Great photo and great advice! I love children's literature.
I'll miss you too! Hurry back.
????? · 2010-04-02: 20:20
Azrin Just don't stop posting Ricky.. Great shot by the way..
Azrin · 2010-04-02: 20:57
Jarvo Ricky the quality of your shots just gets better.
Jarvo · 2010-04-02: 21:41
Jarvo Enjoy the "break", good luck with the exams.
Jarvo · 2010-04-02: 21:42
huiching Yeah... Ricky. Enjoy the break. And good luck in your exam!!!
huiching · 2010-04-02: 23:45
thebronzebow Nice pick. Good luck with the exams and the search for self. :)
thebronzebow · 2010-04-03: 00:41
cariad Great advice Ricky - to re read children's books. Good luck with your exams...the tribe of three here all have exams coming up so..I can sympathise....
cariad · 2010-04-03: 03:32
wildduck Love Andersen`s stories! Great post!
wildduck · 2010-04-03: 05:35
????? i love him, ^^
????? · 2010-04-03: 08:13
????? your exams are much important right now than Photoblog; we'll be looking forward to more when you have the time!!~
Cool shot btw, love the angle!!~
????? · 2010-04-03: 09:30
Unchained Espero que os exames tenham corrido bem, eu já disse que fico admirada como faz malabarismo com o tempo. H.C. Andersen, um autor que me acompanhou também durante a minha infância e do qual não se esquece.
Boa foto e muito adequada.
Unchained · 2010-04-03: 13:00
hannamagnusson Great photo!
hannamagnusson · 2010-04-03: 13:27
Eiram great post! And you are right, his stories are not only for children:)
Eiram · 2010-04-03: 16:40
noptek You're right. Sometimes one have to make some choices about its timetable.
noptek · 2010-04-04: 06:09
RayNvb I feel your pain. I was gone two days and catching up is tough.
RayNvb · 2010-04-05: 21:03
????? The little child in The Emperor's New Clothes is my hero. Beautiful photo!
????? · 2010-04-06: 00:31
matteveryday365 This is a truly beautiful and serene photo
matteveryday365 · 2010-04-06: 23:21
????? beautiful shot Ricky, you have beautiful eyes...or eye.....:-)
????? · 2010-04-07: 17:45
????? The Ugly Duckling alway made me cry. I'm still waiting to turn into a swan! I have been away too. I got a job and I'm trying to keep my photography going while I spend hours working. I still love my photoblog friends, but I am very relieved to be able to work.
????? · 2010-04-07: 19:50
????? I love HCA!!
????? · 2010-04-13: 08:13
????? Beautiful photo!
????? · 2010-04-15: 10:56
onlymehdi my eyes
onlymehdi · 2010-09-07: 14:53
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