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Mass Observation Project: Were/Are/Will Be Animals

Megachile sp
Mantis cocoon
Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis aka European Black Redstart
Carduelis chloris aka Common Linnet (thanks for the ID Ruth)
This MOP was rather ODD to me... As you guys know I'm very into animals and stuff.. But I couldn't achieve exactly what I had in mind.

My first mind thought was about pets.. I don't own any pet. My grandmother used to have that dog on the picture (RIP) but she died like 1 year ago. After that I've had no other pets... I had fish and tortoises... but They all ended up dying...

So I decided to tell one of the most common animals in my area... birds. I should photograph sparrows, but no one of them allowed me to photograph them..gosh they are ..grr!!
So I photographed these 2 birds, which this year seem quite common singing nearby my house which is heavenly.

Did you know Bugs are Animals too?

Well this is the reason I posted the bee (it was INSIDE my bedroom resting can you believe? What a cheeky bee, I didn't give her authorization to be in my bedroom, who the hell does she think she is? lol). Wanting or not, those creepy crawlies and critters are considered animals. I used to think they were from different things.. I don't know..I had in mind animals had to have something like ''meat'' on their bodies, like mammals, reptiles and fish have and so on!
But these critters are also animals.

I pet cocoons does that count? LOL

I didn't post a honey bee. I think they are too common for me... Whenever I want a honey bee shot is just going to the backyard and snap. But bees are very important, because they produce honey :)

And why bugs, birds, and those wild animals are important to me?

Because they are. I've always loved animals and they are the world to me. Love them and they will treat you well.. to be honest I've never been dog bitten, bee stung, or anything like that (oh wait once i was bitten by a wasp, but who told me to hug it? lool)

Why are animals important to the country or world?

Because it is a matter of diversity. I'm a shame to say one of the most beautiful animal in my country is practically extinct from my country.. the Iberic lynx... It is sad. Wouldn't you be sad to know one of your country precious animals is disappearing? Would you like to be known as a country that left them die?
Think about it.

This is a message from me, that I always liked ever since I saw it (and I hope my hermanita doesn't mind if I use it here lol):

''Change the world, before the world changes you'', save the Earth, save the animals, save your life!


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EvaLizette Love the macro`s..awesome and the words makes them so much intresting. Thank you. Great set
EvaLizette · 2011-04-04: 14:55
MARETKA88 Great shots here Ricky !!!
MARETKA88 · 2011-04-04: 15:02
azougue fotos espetaculares, Ricardo!
azougue · 2011-04-04: 15:03
Marzijapan lovely macro shots, never seen a coccoon
Marzijapan · 2011-04-04: 15:11
joycephotography First shot is awesome, great post Ricky.
joycephotography · 2011-04-04: 15:11
gonia I like the 1st picture the most.
gonia · 2011-04-04: 15:26
Lynda A really great set Ricky.
Lynda · 2011-04-04: 15:33
GKorts Well, you did a great job
GKorts · 2011-04-04: 15:38
finbarr Awesome shots !!
finbarr · 2011-04-04: 16:33
????? Terrific shots !!! Very cooollllllll !!
????? · 2011-04-04: 16:56
Jannie Very interesting Ricky! Awesome macros of the bee!
Jannie · 2011-04-04: 17:12
stabeez The linnet is beautifully photographed. Well done Ricky.
stabeez · 2011-04-04: 17:35
MoMac That dog in the first looks as if it's got character , great set.
MoMac · 2011-04-04: 17:45
Jarvo Great post Ricky. You don't need pets, you are already Photoblog's very own Animal-Man.
Jarvo · 2011-04-04: 18:30
tricky Nice set, I like the dof in these
tricky · 2011-04-04: 19:08
HoosierAtHeART Such an interesting effect!
HoosierAtHeART · 2011-04-04: 21:09
lookagain Many different types of animals....all equally important and with a place in the world. Lovely set and shots for MOP, Ricky!
lookagain · 2011-04-04: 22:04
????? well done Ricky, very well executed
????? · 2011-04-04: 22:12
smbunation Fantastic as we all expected from you, Ricky. ;)
smbunation · 2011-04-04: 22:20
DancingDolphin Nice approach, Ricky... and I like the quote at the end.
DancingDolphin · 2011-04-04: 22:38
ilikethat excellent contribution Ricky, love the doggy
ilikethat · 2011-04-05: 00:23
mwbergeron01 Great set! Cool effect on the first one!
mwbergeron01 · 2011-04-05: 01:19
nataliemanco These are awesome Ricky. Well beyond.....
No1 is fantastic capture. Tells a lot about chihuahuas
nataliemanco · 2011-04-05: 01:19
wfrnk Nice bird shots! ;-)
wfrnk · 2011-04-05: 09:29
jlmphotos GREAT Shots. I love the first one.
jlmphotos · 2011-04-05: 11:19
imrepapa Very nice set!
imrepapa · 2011-04-05: 11:58
girafferacing Great set for the MOP! :-)
girafferacing · 2011-04-05: 13:46
lynnsgallery2 Super the first and the last :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2011-04-06: 19:57
wildduck Wonderful set!
wildduck · 2011-04-08: 14:26
Unchained Aqui gosto mais da 6, ainda não me saiu da cabeça o post anterior. :)
Unchained · 2011-04-09: 13:07
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