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dogydad2 · 2016-02-05: 22:07
dogydad2 My Pleasure, as always, my friend!
Best regards!
renatomartins · 2016-02-04: 13:28
Very nice work.
Thank you
peace4kidss · 2016-01-28: 02:50
Reply ⇔ 2016-1
Beautiful bird, sharp and clear.
thanks a lot
dogydad2 · 2016-01-17: 21:28
dogydad2 Your work=my pleasure, Dean!
CHOSSID · 2016-01-12: 02:02
Great series Chossid. Street shots, abstracts, kids and #11 is my favorite.
Thanks! #11 was my second choice for this week's theme of B&W on 52Frames. I probably should've chosen it......
saddlebags · 2015-12-31: 19:32
Nice set of snow photos. That's gotta be Quitman, TX. Not that far from where I live.
A little late to reply, but I just saw this comment. It is in Quitman, Louisiana and we don't get snow very often. Maybe every 3 years. Thank for the comment.
dogydad2 · 2015-12-26: 09:25
dogydad2 You're welcome!
tomie · 2015-12-24: 10:03
Looks like your way of learning is working quite well. Nice series.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Yokai · 2015-12-12: 08:42
Reply ⇔ Rei
Beautiful shots. Love the expressions in 1 and 4.
Thank you so much! Glad you like them.
Yokai · 2015-12-09: 02:27
Reply ⇔ Maya (1)
Nice work Yokai, as usual. Glad you opened your comment section up again. You captured her smile beautifully in #1.
Thanks a lot for your continued support, my friend !