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marilynx · 2014-09-25: 14:38
Fantastic and congratulations. Lots of talent there.
Thanks so much, you are very kind ...
djnana · 2014-09-15: 21:43
Just watch out for the giant alligators.
I thought the same thing! You and I must be SyFy viewers!
rmjannette · 2014-09-01: 00:59
Honey, I shrank the kids. Well that's what you made it look like. Nice shots.
haha exactly!
revenant · 2014-08-26: 04:43
Reply ⇔ Muriel
What a moving set of photographs. Many men might have taken advantage of such a delicate situation. She appears to have been a very fragile woman looking for support and validation. I think that your actions and photographs gave her both. Each of us has our own breaking point, the dinner was ...
Thank you, Dean. I think you've described Muriel very aptly and I'm glad to say I'm not one of those men. I'm also delighted you found your friend again, something that unfortunately I can no longer do.
revenant · 2014-08-20: 06:35
I would think the people.
You're too clever for us. Actually it was water.
Yokai · 2014-08-17: 07:16
Yokai, I've never seen anyone capture firefly trails before. Fantastic work.
Thank you so much !!
????? · 2014-08-12: 16:51
Hard for me to classify these as either photojournalism or art. Either way you documented the scene very well. Great capture.
Hi there ,
I get what your saying. Thanks 4 the feedback. Keep up the good work!
marilynx · 2014-08-06: 09:57
Nice shots Marilyn. I love Lotus blossoms. I really like the effect on the first one. Glad to hear the condition isn't permanent. It would have scared me to death. Glad you're on the mend. Keep shooting, I love your work.
Thanks Don ...
Yokai · 2014-08-06: 09:49
Reply ⇔ model : Haruka
Very nice.
Thank you !
Yokai · 2014-08-03: 08:00
Reply ⇔ Fireworks 2014
Great set of photos.
Arigato, thank you !