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dogydad2 · 2015-04-24: 12:25
Thanks Dean! It was a lovely morning! Thanks for telling me about this photoblog. I'm still trying to figure out how to work it properly. Lots of new learning experiences with this new hobby! Hope all's well w/U & Urz!. Cheers!
dogydad2 · 2015-04-21: 22:53
Reply ⇔ Sunny Leo
Nice shot Jay. Good color, comp, and clarity.
Wow! Great seeing you here Dean! Thanks for the nice comment & thanks for introducing me to this photo blog!
biskayne · 2015-04-17: 11:20
biskayne Really? I always thougt that rattlesnakes like drier environments (as the desert)
angiebrackin · 2015-04-05: 01:41
angiebrackin Awesome sure will :). I'm there quiet a bit as well. I got so many flower pictures though, taking a break from that. It's great to meet a local :).
angiebrackin · 2015-04-03: 16:45
Great series along the White Rock Trail. Haven't walked it yet but I think it would be a blast.
Thank you! Always been half way around but never fully completed it. Found some new spots hadn't seen before :) it was pretty fun especially since it was a nice day and wind for some extra coolness.
Jothindra · 2015-03-05: 10:21
Jothindra Revenant, pdsdville. At the outset I apologise to you all. These are not photos taken by me. They are some of the photos shared by my niece. I have lately been not so regular on PB as I used to be. And have been more on FB, Pinterest and other sharing sites. I have been treating the PB as not more than a place to store my precious memories. I was never interested in being featured. My following has waned of late because of my irregularity in this. As such I never expected to rise a storm by what I thought was a private affair. I frankly don't know if these are taken by a professional photographer. I all along was under the impression that it was a series taken at home by the proud parents. If at all it was done so by a professional, I am vehement in crying out loud that the credit should go to him/her.
revenant · 2015-02-21: 12:21
Very nice job. I agree the camera just doesn't see what you remember.
marilynx · 2015-02-21: 11:35
Hope everyone was alright. Sorry to see your day end so badly.
It could have been far worse ....
nynkeb · 2015-02-02: 03:42
Reply ⇔ ...
So nice
Thank you so much! Glad you like them!
apnimages · 2015-01-24: 15:53
Good photojournalism shots. Sorry to see this on such a holiday.
Thanks for the comments , I do Freelance for Newspapers and a couple of TV stations. have been working at it since I was 14 years old in the photography with papers and still going a 90 years old. you have a few years to go but keep at it my friend.