21-30 / 915
farideh · 2014-06-08: 13:01
Reply ⇔ Rural cottage
Beautiful pair especially the second one.
Thank you
Nancycola · 2014-05-30: 12:56
Reply ⇔ Tongue Wrap
Nice catch. That is so cool.
Ha ha Lucky Thanks
djnana · 2014-05-26: 22:30
Beautiful shots, and thank you for being in the Patriot Guard.
The PGR gives us an opportunity to serve and honor these heroes. Glad you know about them.
karabana · 2014-05-26: 22:01
Looks pretty revolutionary to me. Nice work
Thanks a lot for commenting.
leanderthal · 2014-05-26: 09:50
You're right, wonderful machines. They just don't build them with style anymore. Hard to tell one car from another at a distance now.
absolutely-I could care less about cars as a status symbol-what I appreciate is the element of design and how that reflects the times. Design is sadly lacking nowadays!
Yokai · 2014-05-22: 23:32
Reply ⇔ Perfect Roses
Beautiful Yokai. I especially like 1 and 8. Your work is always world class
Thanks for your kind words and putting up with me.
marilynx · 2014-05-17: 09:29
Great shots of some fantastic cars.
Love old cars! Thanks very much for dropping by - more cars tomorrow.
Yokai · 2014-04-30: 18:49
I don't blame you for liking it. You made some nice captures.
Thanks a lot, my friend !
Andreea89 · 2014-04-22: 07:20
Reply ⇔ fractalius
Very interesting. Great work.
oh,thank you so much
girafferacing · 2014-04-21: 04:38
Alfa Romeo, car of my dreams. I had one and let it slip through my fingers. What a fool am I? Very nice captures, one and all.
Mine too - I still hope I'll own a classic Alfa one day!