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marilynx · 2014-07-04: 09:24
Great shots Marilyn. I have one question though. Being on the west side of the water, what is an allotment?
An allotment is a parcel of arable land one can rent for a very small amount of money from the local council to grow vegetables etc.
davids · 2014-07-04: 09:22
David what a really super shot. I guess I have a similar question to Marilyn. The train cars above, are they on the end of regular tracks or special structures to hold them? I really like the "Adore and Endure" on the building front. Wish we all could.
They are old train carriages that have been placed on special stands
Yokai · 2014-07-04: 02:49
Reply ⇔ Bridges
Fantastic post Yokai. As always a beautiful job and excellent mix of old, new, and the seasons.
Thank you so much !
yellodog · 2014-07-01: 13:31
And you did a great job of it. My aerial shots don't look anything like that.
Cheers Dean. You should try a good editor, you would be surprised at what can be coaxed out of a washed out image :)
Yokai · 2014-06-22: 10:47
Reply ⇔ Boat Girls
Fantastic shots. I love #15.
Thank you so much !
JustmeG · 2014-06-17: 22:00
Nice '55 sedan, wish I could find a coupe but I haven't seen one in years. My coupe was white over yellow with a seafoam interior. 265 bored to 283, 4 barrel carb, and glass packs. Woke up the town when I wanted to.
Must've been great! thanks for dropping by ;)
fleetingtime · 2014-06-17: 14:48
Reply ⇔ Brave
Looks like fun to me. I'd give it a try.
I have added the 2nd pic which might give you an idea of how brave he was .....
deianeira · 2014-06-09: 21:17
Photos very nice. Joke beyond belief. LOL
Thank you! I wish I could take credit for that, but I found it online.
farideh · 2014-06-08: 13:01
Reply ⇔ Rural cottage
Beautiful pair especially the second one.
Thank you
Nancycola · 2014-05-30: 12:56
Reply ⇔ Tongue Wrap
Nice catch. That is so cool.
Ha ha Lucky Thanks