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fleetingtime · 2014-12-03: 08:30
Very nice idea and great execution. Pretty ladies too.
Thank you so much! Have a super day !
mxmxix · 2014-11-28: 23:46
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Interesting, I think I've seen something like that before.
thank you
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-11-28: 08:46
Great set. Love the mini snowman.
Thank you for your visit and comment. Also, thank you for noticing the cute snowman although I didn't make it :) Have a nice weekend !
karabana · 2014-11-28: 01:48
Looks like you chicken croaked. Cool shot. Might have looked even better posted upside down.
Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one who see's chicken feet! In person they don't look like chicken feet though. Not quite sure what they look like...
Yokai · 2014-11-27: 02:38
Very nice as usual.
Thank you so much !
revenant · 2014-11-25: 17:18
revenant I went to your wonderful state twice, but only in the dry parts. Some time soon maybe
girafferacing · 2014-10-22: 17:13
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Excellent work. I like that some are sharp as a tack and some are just blurs. Adds a lot of depth to the photo.
Thank you Dean :-)
eantek · 2014-10-20: 13:21
Love the entire set.
Thank you very much :)
Yokai · 2014-10-19: 21:33
Very nice.
Thank you so much !
????? · 2014-10-01: 21:42
Great shots of a real beauty. I had a '56 hardtop in the same color, skirts and continental kit too. Really a nice car.
Thanks ! Good deal. It's a beauty !