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Yokai · 2014-08-03: 08:00
Reply ⇔ Fireworks 2014
Great set of photos.
Arigato, thank you !
????? · 2014-08-03: 06:48
Beautiful set of photos and the cars are fantastic. The first one, the '55 is the first no poster I've seen in a long time.
Thanks !
Yokai · 2014-07-28: 07:26
By the way, I like the last one best.
Thanks again !!
Yokai · 2014-07-28: 07:24
Very nice work Yokai. I love the effect. As to weather, if we're lucky we'll hold at 103 today.
Thanks a lot for your kind words and information.
Wow, 103 ... people can't live without air conditioners !?
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-07-21: 06:58
Very nice set. A real mood setter.
Thank you very much for visiting and leaving the comment ! Please visit ASAKUSA, if you have a chance !
marilynx · 2014-07-21: 02:44
marilynx Thanks, I thought it was from the bittern family.
That was a very lucky shot, they are shy birds and stay hidden in the reeds!
Well done you!
Deardorff · 2014-07-21: 00:12
Reply ⇔ 73 Years Ago...
What a nice idea.
Thanks, I'd almost forgot to post it!
marilynx · 2014-07-14: 10:54
Nice shots Marilyn. You've captured the birds and the elements on what I'd call a beautiful afternoon. If God gives you rain, take a photo of it.
I couldn't agree more!
The ducks loved it!
DutchMountains · 2014-07-14: 03:20
Reply ⇔ Colorful Sunset
Beautiful capture. What is the item in the lower left corner?
A piece of wood, left by the high tide and used it as a foreground interest. gr. Henk.
Yokai · 2014-07-13: 20:01
Reply ⇔ model : Hiromi
Nice work Yokai. Your model has a strange smile in the first two. I like #3 the best.
Thanks for your sharp‐eyed criticism!
To tell the truth, she wears braces in her mouth to straighten teeth. That makes her smile strange...