41-50 / 999
angiebrackin · 2015-04-05: 01:41
angiebrackin Awesome sure will :). I'm there quiet a bit as well. I got so many flower pictures though, taking a break from that. It's great to meet a local :).
angiebrackin · 2015-04-03: 16:45
Great series along the White Rock Trail. Haven't walked it yet but I think it would be a blast.
Thank you! Always been half way around but never fully completed it. Found some new spots hadn't seen before :) it was pretty fun especially since it was a nice day and wind for some extra coolness.
Jothindra · 2015-03-05: 10:21
Jothindra Revenant, pdsdville. At the outset I apologise to you all. These are not photos taken by me. They are some of the photos shared by my niece. I have lately been not so regular on PB as I used to be. And have been more on FB, Pinterest and other sharing sites. I have been treating the PB as not more than a place to store my precious memories. I was never interested in being featured. My following has waned of late because of my irregularity in this. As such I never expected to rise a storm by what I thought was a private affair. I frankly don't know if these are taken by a professional photographer. I all along was under the impression that it was a series taken at home by the proud parents. If at all it was done so by a professional, I am vehement in crying out loud that the credit should go to him/her.
revenant · 2015-02-21: 12:21
Very nice job. I agree the camera just doesn't see what you remember.
marilynx · 2015-02-21: 11:35
Hope everyone was alright. Sorry to see your day end so badly.
It could have been far worse ....
nynkeb · 2015-02-02: 03:42
Reply ⇔ ...
So nice
Thank you so much! Glad you like them!
apnimages · 2015-01-24: 15:53
Good photojournalism shots. Sorry to see this on such a holiday.
Thanks for the comments , I do Freelance for Newspapers and a couple of TV stations. have been working at it since I was 14 years old in the photography with papers and still going a 90 years old. you have a few years to go but keep at it my friend.
marilynx · 2015-01-14: 07:39
Reply ⇔ WAKE - UP CALL
Nice shots of some beautiful roses. Looks like you've got a fantastic view too.
On all four sides too! very lucky indeed.
karabana · 2015-01-11: 22:09
Reply ⇔ Feathers
Very well done, a perfect statement to my sentiments.
Thank you, it's been hard with this latest round of attacks to know what to say, so I like the suggestion to photograph it.
mayabaloo · 2015-01-04: 04:00
Reply ⇔ Mia & Chatarina
Nice work.
Thank You, :-)