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fleetingtime · 2014-01-22: 01:30
Reply ⇔ Wheat Fields
Very nice portrait. Suggestion for NYC, stay outside the center of the city and take the subway. Anywhere in Manhattan will be really expensive especially if you are staying a while. The subways are a snap to figure out and you can go just about anywhere. We visited and learned it in a day.
Thank you so much ! This is my 3rd visit to NYC - I have loved it from childhood and my love just grows each time I go there. I have some contacts re accommodation so lets see what we can do. Thank you for your advice.
YunaPhotos · 2014-01-21: 14:04
Very nice Ann. It's difficult to get the white on white to look good but you did the job.
Thank you very much! It is honor for me! =)
stabeez · 2014-01-19: 10:20
Good shot. I have many, many of the same tools at my house. Leatherwork is certainly relaxing to me.
Thank you for your visit and comment. I began leatherwork in the 70's and did quite a bit until the mid eighties then on and off since.
sarousell · 2014-01-11: 00:00
Happy Birthday, and many more to come. It is not you that is pathetic! It's those loved ones and friends who did not remember your birthday. With a world moving faster and faster each day all of us forget those things that are important. If I were you, I'd start laying hints a week or two ahe...
Very good advice! Thank you! :)
benjamww · 2014-01-08: 16:01
Nice shot. I need the one just in front of TBF 23 if you don't mind.
Ah! the one which was taken by the guy before?....Next time;-))
kif123 · 2014-01-07: 23:32
Absolutely beautiful. I camped in the caldera for a week with the boy scouts as a leader. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth to me.
Yes! Thank you!
Yokai · 2013-12-23: 09:57
Nice shots, but what else should I expect. They always are. Merry Christmas Yokai!
Thank you very very much !! Your kind words always make me happy !
darfoster · 2013-12-17: 20:16
Great hand held set. I'm not sure a tripod would have been much better. Good work.
Thanks a lot!
kif123 · 2013-12-06: 13:43
Reply ⇔ Light through
Beautiful work. I can't decide which one I like most. They are all great.
Thank you!
gonia · 2013-12-05: 15:08
Great set and I agree, honored in the Christian mind.
thank you very much. Maggie