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stabeez · 2014-01-19: 10:20
Good shot. I have many, many of the same tools at my house. Leatherwork is certainly relaxing to me.
Thank you for your visit and comment. I began leatherwork in the 70's and did quite a bit until the mid eighties then on and off since.
sarousell · 2014-01-11: 00:00
Happy Birthday, and many more to come. It is not you that is pathetic! It's those loved ones and friends who did not remember your birthday. With a world moving faster and faster each day all of us forget those things that are important. If I were you, I'd start laying hints a week or two ahe...
Very good advice! Thank you! :)
benjamww · 2014-01-08: 16:01
Nice shot. I need the one just in front of TBF 23 if you don't mind.
Ah! the one which was taken by the guy before?....Next time;-))
kif123 · 2014-01-07: 23:32
Absolutely beautiful. I camped in the caldera for a week with the boy scouts as a leader. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth to me.
Yes! Thank you!
Yokai · 2013-12-23: 09:57
Nice shots, but what else should I expect. They always are. Merry Christmas Yokai!
Thank you very very much !! Your kind words always make me happy !
darfoster · 2013-12-17: 20:16
Great hand held set. I'm not sure a tripod would have been much better. Good work.
Thanks a lot!
kif123 · 2013-12-06: 13:43
Reply ⇔ Light through
Beautiful work. I can't decide which one I like most. They are all great.
Thank you!
gonia · 2013-12-05: 15:08
Great set and I agree, honored in the Christian mind.
thank you very much. Maggie
Yokai · 2013-11-28: 18:49
You have the incredible ability to find beautiful women, and then take beautiful photos of them. Keep it up.
Hehe, thanks a lot for your nice and funny comment !
marilynx · 2013-11-28: 11:41
Great Reflections. Keep up the good work.
Thanks very much