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Jarka H.
Joined April 4th, 2009

I´m 21 years old student of ecnomic university but since next year I´m going to visit art school. I´m really into photography and photomanipulation. I´m trying to catch up some mystical mood in my work.
I use Photoblog to public both artistic and non artistic, more personal work.
To those who are interested only in my art I would recommend to visit my deviantart page -

I´m opened for comission. So if you like my style and need e.g. CD cover or book cover don´t hesitate and contact me!

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chrysseis · 2011-05-01: 15:41
chrysseis Ale tahle je bezkonkurenční :D
chrysseis · 2011-03-21: 04:15
Moc pěkná! Zajímavý úhel a moc příjemný post proces.
Děkuju ti za povzbzení :)
chrysseis · 2011-03-17: 14:38
chrysseis To je hezký, jak jsi na tenhle výraz citlivá :) Samozřejmě to myslim v dobrym smyslu!
chrysseis · 2011-03-14: 14:39
chrysseis Tak to je super, musíme něco podniknout! Tak se zatim měj skvěle! :)
chrysseis · 2011-03-14: 14:34
chrysseis To já taky :) Přijedeš o víkendu?
chrysseis · 2011-03-01: 12:08
chrysseis Ale jinak krásný :)
????? · 2011-02-26: 22:13
????? it is better. you do a fantastic job editing photos. i just don't care much for tattoos in general. your work is stunning.
borogovoi · 2011-02-22: 15:07
borogovoi ;o)
IShuttertoThink · 2011-02-09: 12:06
IShuttertoThink I will!! I just ordered it last night, but even if it's not that great, it was only $7.95. The macro lens that's I've looked at was around a thousand. I'm hoping it works as well as all the reviews :-) But I will probably be posting my results.
chrysseis · 2011-02-03: 15:57
chrysseis Jéžiš marja! No tak to se pokusim přijet i ten další víkend teda, abych tě konečně zas viděla... :)