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Not feeling the blues..

Brown Throated Sunbird
Look-alike Sprite Damselfly Pseudagrion australasiae
Common Spiderwort
Day Flying Moth
Collared Kingfisher
Blue Bottle Jellyfish, washed ashore.
Common Blue Skimmer Dragonflies Orthetrum glaucum
Blue-eyed Shukri
????? That damselfly is brilliant - the rest would make us forget our blues BUT my beautiful Shukri is just lovely (and messy) blue eyes or no blue eyes.
Shukri says 'thank you' Auntie ph, 'please send this on to all the girl-cats at Setiawangsa and I won't feel blue anymore.'
Well done ph!!!
????? · 2011-07-05: 11:35
pandka Beautiful!
pandka · 2011-07-06: 14:55
GA Oh yeah, love them all but when I saw the photo Shukri......hmmmm, love his ole blue eyes
Well done sista, as always :)
GA · 2011-07-07: 01:16
facan61 very beautiful set
facan61 · 2011-07-07: 09:40
????? "Wow" - my reaction to the first pic. 1,4,5 my favs. what lens are you using for your macro?
????? · 2011-07-07: 10:54
Nychthemeron I've never seen a jellyfish... interesting
but my vote goes to the kingfisher :)
Nychthemeron · 2011-07-07: 14:33
pickledherring AsH, thank you for your suggestion.

GA, hopefully you can see Shukri when we're at Setiawangsa.
pickledherring · 2011-07-07: 22:49
Shaparak so lovely and excellent set!
Shaparak · 2011-07-09: 22:36
wildduck Fantastic set!
wildduck · 2011-07-10: 05:32
tomie wonderful set!!
thank you for yours congratulations on my FP!
tomie · 2011-07-12: 12:20
Lynda Shukri looks as if he's been fighting. Great set
Lynda · 2011-07-12: 13:17
????? what an awesome collection!!!!!!
????? · 2011-07-13: 10:02
Azrin Wow! #2 is amazing.. but the blue jellyfish looks disturbing... Like an alien creature or something...
Azrin · 2011-07-14: 22:02
geyabesse Excellent shots of the bugs and most amazing sunbird!
geyabesse · 2011-07-15: 15:23
catdad Interesting Set !! Nice Shots !!
catdad · 2011-07-17: 23:47
????? Love your blue... and in special way the last image... ;)
????? · 2011-08-03: 03:55
biskayne Brilliant and spectacular series! #6 is incredible!
biskayne · 2011-08-04: 17:53
????? Another great set. Nice cat portrait. 1 is awesome -- fav'd it!
????? · 2011-08-08: 03:33
dallia Wow, the jellyfish is definately my favourite! Great shots.
dallia · 2011-08-14: 14:03
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