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Some may say I have a different view of the world. You might say that. Others say I see things more "in depth", more attention to intricate details or maybe those that are unseen by so many others. I am a fierce environmentalist, if you want to say tree-hugger. Photography is not only a hobby and an obsession for me, but rather a way to capture the world's beauty through just one lens, just one out the billions of photographers everywhere. I joined this unique community to show everyone how I look through the viewfinder and that age doesn't affect how you take pictures. Photography is an art, and no art is wrong. Cameras used: Fujifilm Q1, Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z20, Sony DSLR-a100 (Tamron AF 250mm 1:3.5-6.3 / Promaster macro filters), Holga 135

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Goldbrandi · 2011-05-29: 18:26
Reply ⇔ Oyster
Love the tack-sharp focus and interesting contrast. Nice!
Hi,..thank you very much for your visit and comment!
photodeclair · 2010-11-29: 15:17
I really like the last shot... something is powerful in that glow.
thank you so much for your nice comment
noptek · 2010-11-29: 14:34
noptek Thanks !!
Pikto · 2010-08-25: 05:33
Merci bien... :-))
Pikto · 2009-04-04: 04:16
Lovely Piktos, good luck with your future... your work has been amazing!
Thank you so much... :D
i hope...
♥ ♥ ♥
dreadwear · 2009-03-20: 18:36
Interesting... really amazing what can be made of common objects. #4 is a great shot, nice DOF.
Thank you very much!
skrondo · 2009-03-10: 13:29
Reply ⇔ mostro
Excellent composition. Nice use of B&W and balance of light and dark.
thank u
skrondo · 2009-02-07: 04:07
Reply ⇔ ...
Excellent colours and an interesting perspective
thank u..
Bergur · 2009-01-29: 09:58
Stunning shots, excellent lighting in both.
Thanks a lot, especially both are just captures of different lighting.
dreadwear · 2009-01-19: 18:08
Interesting post... These shots show us just how art really is everywhere.
You know, it wasn't till I got into photography that I even noticed these images. I wouldn't have known they were there at all without now having a different perspective on vision.