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my mind is like a plastic bag, my heart is like a deep sea.

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borogovoi · 2014-02-15: 16:41
tra i miei colori preferiti! bellissimo scatto!
Ti ringrazio davvero ... Ciao... Buona Domenica !
MrSaSa · 2012-06-13: 09:26
very beautiful job, strong images.
how are you my friend? i was very busy, and i didn't have internet.
Hey, i am fine my dear friend. Very difficult moments for our country. Here the problems are bigger and bigger and i hope not to be involved (italy) to all this. Personally now i am profesional photographer in an agency and i don;t have enough time to post. But today i hope to do it!

You? are you planning to come in greece?
????? · 2012-03-31: 02:21
????? グッチ選挙基盤の弱い議員を多く抱える小沢氏にとって、法案否決で野田佳彦首相に「解散カードグッチバッグ」を切られたくないとの思いもあった。首相は今国会での成立に「政治生命を懸ける」と宣言しており、継続審議でも首相へのダメージは大きい。

goolikhash · 2010-10-06: 01:32
Reply ⇔ Catch The Hope
pictures are wonderful!
and the words written too, I see some truth in your friend's words, he's very wise.
let's keep in touch. :)
sure dear
thank you for your nice cm and visit
come more
MrSaSa · 2010-10-05: 09:14
ah, thank you for your comments, it's always a pleasure, and your shots are beautiful, but you know it :P
common, mou aresei na blepw na sxoliazw kai na epibravevo thn prospatheia. First is first and second is nothing does not fits me.
tha xarw na deis to video moy apo Athens poy ekana.

xereis ellinika eisai misi ellinida alla den zeis edw kai thelw na moy peis pws to blepeis.
alyssakucera · 2010-07-17: 17:51
Reply ⇔ Another Day. :D
wow, you see the world so colourful!!
ha thanks:D yeah i love colorful stuff!
gotke · 2010-07-13: 08:00
gotke Thanks for your comment. :D
MrSaSa · 2010-06-15: 08:28
how I miss Greece, i'm coming in august ;) nice post man! your works are always beautiful!
thanks a lot for your comment
????? · 2010-04-29: 14:46
????? ahahahah quando l'ho conosciuta non sapevo mica che era tua sorella! xD
massì che ci rivediamo! ultimamente sono un pò presa dal cercare un lavoro. un dramma.
MrSaSa · 2010-04-19: 04:59
polu wreo!
se eyxaristw poly