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major tom to ground control

(the stars look very different today)
HUGE blizzard in chicago last night. my friends and I thought that going to the lakefront would be a good idea... so I grabbed two scarves, ski goggles, snow boots, a down jacket, and my waterproof camera.
by the time we got to the shore, the wind was blowing so hard that I fell over more than once.
one of the best nights ever? maybe.
rokita cool shot ;)
rokita · 2011-02-03: 05:48
Arie Creative shot!
Arie · 2011-02-11: 00:26
Sjachrial Rachim good job
Sjachrial Rachim · 2011-02-13: 23:47
solnovus amazing how the snow turned out. like flecks of paint on a dark canvas
solnovus · 2011-02-14: 18:02
honzicek cool!
honzicek · 2011-02-14: 19:26
jacek It's really cool jacket.
jacek · 2011-02-19: 18:11
Amoeba This is a wicked photo!!! That is the coolest jacket EVER:)
Amoeba · 2011-02-23: 22:19
AnEyeArchy pure awesome! something about the shot makes me want to see it again and again, conveys alot of drama
AnEyeArchy · 2011-02-24: 04:26
SELENiEE i looove the dark colors and color shadows
SELENiEE · 2011-02-27: 23:53
streichholz Funny pic!

And I love the song
streichholz · 2011-02-28: 04:50
NAYADES great shot!!! :D best shot ever! :)
NAYADES · 2011-03-04: 15:12
opary really cool!
opary · 2011-03-05: 01:47
stormfish cute outfit, major tomcat. those stars are actually all galaxies.
stormfish · 2011-03-08: 09:11
Gwendoline J'aime bien
Gwendoline · 2011-04-10: 06:31
Unchained Interesting shot, the snow looks really like a universe full of stars.
Unchained · 2011-04-10: 16:05
Mine87 nice.
Mine87 · 2011-05-05: 04:33
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