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Out of character 1

I’m very grateful to those who gave me their time and effort in commenting on my “review” recently. Your comments may be more useful than you imagined.

I’ve been taking photos for nearly eight years now. It’s a fun hobby, but I’m increasingly dissatisfied with what I do and I want to take it in a different direction. If I don't, I fear I might just stop.

I need to rethink what this means and how I go about saying what I want to say - and that needs input, if only because I, like everyone else, have a blind spot about my pictures.

A friend once praised my pictures but complained that they had no soul. I took his comment to heart because I agree: photography to me is an intellectual exercise and a rather solitary one. [edit: by "intellectual", I mean "cerebral", engaging the brain, as opposed the long-haired, scruffy, lounging around surrounded by books definition, although this too has its appeal to me...] One of the reasons for being here is the feedback this community provides. Some of it is too polite, too cursory and (on occasion) too silly to be useful, however well-intended, but I do appreciate all of it and learn from the keen insight of some of the people here that I am fortunate enough to have as friends.

I’m going to try to get out of my cold, soulless photographic character and try different things. The above images, some reposts, but reworked ones, are examples of this attempt.
MoMac Well you know my answer already to these "out of character" love them ,most of all the 1st And 2nd .
MoMac · 2014-10-28: 08:45
skmarar I can comment how good a picture is to my eyes (I keep quiet if it's not very interesting!). If you want me to comment at your 'intellectual' level, then you better sponsor me to some photography institute for serious training! :)

#1 is special for the effect the light and dark shades bring in, #2 is a bit too intellectual for me(!) while #3, #4 & #5 are pretty nice on my eyes.
skmarar · 2014-10-28: 09:03
marilynx I don't like the first at all - it looks as if you are trying! If I'm too blunt message me ...
The last hits the spot - faved.
I am drawn into this image by the flowers being of two colours
The third flower ( pink ) is more in focus than the second ( white) in depth - if you can fathom out what I mean!
This really attracts the viewer taking them into the image - a vibrant and attention - seeking image Stéfan - love it!
marilynx · 2014-10-28: 09:26
Tulip all your flowers photos are very pretty
for Mrs Tulip to look at....
.it will be fabulous
and good < soul food.>. to enjoy and look at them during the winter gray cold days.
keep up with the good work.
Merci pour le partage.
Tulip · 2014-10-28: 09:40
angil I like the painting feel of #1, and all of the flower compositions except #2.
angil · 2014-10-28: 10:14
detection52 Ah ! Changement de registre, merci encore pour le partage, car c'est tellement beau ce que tu fais qu'on ne sent lasse pas de regarder.
detection52 · 2014-10-28: 10:51
SADHYA For me, the first one is the most successful in terms of emotion (soul).

It is hard to convey this quality, and harder still to describe how to impart it.

Conversely it is easy to convey this quality. One simply has to step aside from the books and the learning. Perhaps one way to go about it is to break all the rules and still come up with an image that you feel is great, that you are pleased with, even though you don't know why. Then it must have got something other than good technique. Now to see if that something is conveyed to others.
Don't be surprised if all the others don't recognise it. But hopefully a few people will.

Blah blah blah.
SADHYA · 2014-10-28: 12:01
busybee Now I don't agree with my sister, the first I love, it looks like it is set on the Seabed......a beautiful floating effect through the capture, and I see movement. I think I am going to like this challenge you have set yourself and remember one should never give up.
busybee · 2014-10-28: 12:17
NellyBly Congratulations on trying something different! Love the first one and of course #3 is beautiful.
NellyBly · 2014-10-28: 12:59
yellodog I love the dreamlike quality of #1 and the abstract shapes in #3, #4 & #5, they work rather like Rorschach tests which imbues them with what ever emotions are triggered in our unconscious.
yellodog · 2014-10-28: 15:47
lecafenoir Does it help you if I say that I fell in love with the last picture? Seriously, everything about it is simply gorgeous- the tones, the focus, good job! :)
lecafenoir · 2014-10-28: 16:17
Lsample Flowers. How lame. lol
Lsample · 2014-10-28: 19:44
Yokai Beautiful works ! I especially like the lighting in #3.
Yokai · 2014-10-29: 03:08
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