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P062: PLT by night

A huge workload and wet and windy weather kept me holed up in the office all day. I particularly wanted to enjoy blue night, a phenomenon (also known as "blue hour") that occurs at dusk in the time it takes for sunlight to travel as far as the earth (approx. eight minutes), which is particularly noticeable during the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, but a client kept me on the phone. Besides, the bright moonlight would have made it hard to enjoy. This is all I could do.

A note about forum activity:

One of the more unpleasant fall-outs of what I'm now calling "Poodlegate" is that some people have been taken to task (not by me, obviously) for not taking sides. All I can say is that I am sorry that friendships have been ended. This is a real shame. I have said this several times and stand by it: this community is broad enough to accommodate everyone.
downtoearth Nice photo despite missed opportunity.
downtoearth · 2015-03-03: 18:19
Saipanhohhot It was worth missing the "blue hour" to get this! I use Tooaz DeNoise for night scenes but mine are never as clear and sharp as yours.
Saipanhohhot · 2015-03-03: 19:41
marilynx What a lovely way to end the day ... faved.
marilynx · 2015-03-03: 23:59
MilkysWay No matter how boring this place is ..its very beautiful
You caught a blue moon and thats great :)
MilkysWay · 2015-03-04: 03:31
angil It is beautiful no matter the color of the hour. :-)
angil · 2015-03-04: 03:41
LouiH I could sit on one of those boats, drink a glass of red and enjoy what came my way....such a beautiful looking place!
LouiH · 2015-03-04: 04:04
busybee Is there a bar stool nearby? I could enough this for hours with a red wine in hand.
busybee · 2015-03-04: 04:21
SADHYA This looks so peaceful.
It is also a very interesting composition, with that horizontal wooden beam thingy sticking in to the picture from the boat on the right and being reflected in the water below. Without the bits of boat intruding into the lower part at the bottom of the comp it would have been nice, but with those intrusions it becomes rather clever!

Forgive my use of the nautical technical terms.
SADHYA · 2015-03-04: 07:54
mrmeliska Beautiful shot....
mrmeliska · 2015-03-04: 08:14
Lsample Great photo no matter!
Lsample · 2015-03-04: 08:50
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