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The pleasure review

I rarely "review" images, in the sense of showing my favourites again. Some people here do, many of us don't.

But I wanted a completely arbitrary look at my photographs. I wanted to see if anything consistent emerges. So I picked out my favourites in a 30-second process selecting those in LR taken this year that I could publicly display.

There in no particular order. Does anything actually emerge that you could say is "my" style?
borogovoi ... Bellissime !
borogovoi · 2014-10-15: 09:55
skmarar DoF - you seem to have this special ability of clicking images with excellent DoF - brilliant,
each one of them is.
skmarar · 2014-10-15: 10:50
DancingDolphin Well I scrolled through 3-4 times and nothing pops out at me. I'm going to say you don't have a particular "style"... I don't think I do either... it's neither a bad or good thing, it just is that way. I have a "real friend" photographer who says that in order to be a commercial success at photography, you HAVE to have a style. I don't much care, I find that I get bored with most peoples "styles".
DancingDolphin · 2014-10-15: 11:05
DancingDolphin Oh, and I favorited #9... although it looks familiar and may ALREADY be in my favorites... not taking a chance, very nice.
DancingDolphin · 2014-10-15: 11:06
busybee Love then all again, a little bit of everything that attracts your personal eye............................but no particular style just very clever work.
busybee · 2014-10-15: 13:18
marilynx No particular style,but you certainly have an eye for detail.
You have no need to choose favourites, all your work has the necessary flair!
marilynx · 2014-10-15: 13:39
SADHYA You excel at architecture shots. The church interiors and the bridge shots are first class.

The tulips don't, to my eye, quite make the grade. I want the front petal of the flower on the right to be the sharpest, and it ain't.

I do like the Magnolia very much, although I would like the couple of petals bottom right to disappear (maybe more branches could be cloned in their place?)

I would really like to be able to say, like Jacki, that I love #9, and I remember that you said you had worked hard at the edit, but somehow it just doesn't speak to me. Unfortunately I can't tell you why.

As to your style, I think that structural images with compositional pattern are where your eye is keenest and shows off your technical expertise to its best advantage. It occurs to me that perhaps you hold back on the emotions with the other types of image - landscape, natural forms - and I'm not sure that this is something that can be learned as a technique.

SADHYA · 2014-10-15: 14:07
LouiH I think you have an amazing eye for detail
LouiH · 2014-10-15: 14:13
Tulip all pretty............
Tulip · 2014-10-15: 19:30
popparatzee I'd say your style is getting the full detail, and that wide angle lens is a blessing. I remember these as being some of my favorite shots of yours - especially 2,4 and 9
popparatzee · 2014-10-15: 23:49
Yokai I like the contrast between light and shadow in #3.
Yokai · 2014-10-16: 02:02
MoMac I think the flowers are your style.
I like the 6th and the 8th of this set
MoMac · 2014-10-16: 08:43
VarvaraR79 Stunning! 2, 4, 6 and 8 faved :-)
VarvaraR79 · 2014-10-16: 14:24
collateral I'd say you tend to pick an unusual, yet interesting, perspective. The other thing that stands out to me in these, whether the image is mono or color, it seems as though you substantially increase clarity. I don't know if that's the technically term but since you said you're a lightroom user you'll know what I mean.
collateral · 2014-10-16: 15:18
riannamelia yes id say so i think you have a hdr look about your images but not full on if you get what i mean! clarity also comes to mind and its seems that you also seem to use a lot of lines in your work too!
riannamelia · 2014-10-17: 08:57
deianeira The first adjective that pops into my mind is "masculine". I'm not exactly sure why, but there is a great attention to lines, depth and crispness that I have also noted among other male photographers and certain women photographers who seem a bit mannish to my mind. Essentially, it looks almost opposite of what I do instinctively and therefore it interests me because I stand to learn a great deal from looking at your photos. The exception here is your flowers. They remind me of flowers I've shot before. Many of these photos are quite professional-looking. Some of your perspectives are just dizzying (Particularly 2 and 8). I also note a wonderful atmospheric quality in nearly all of these photos. 9,10 and 11 I admire greatly and would look to emulate if I had such scenery available. This was an interesting exercise, and a great idea.
deianeira · 2014-10-18: 14:10
JohnBoy2 I think you gravitate towards the more "challenging" end of the picture spectrum.
JohnBoy2 · 2014-10-20: 04:43
pcmcgarry As a style I would have to say big, your shots always seem so BIG. The Sainte-chapelle for one, it feels like it will envelop you as with the other Church shot. The bridges are a case in point SO huge. I do like your b/w work but have no techno knowledge to make comment on it as with all of your work. But I always enjoy looking at your pics. so many I could fave.
pcmcgarry · 2014-10-20: 14:51
pcmcgarry I forgot to mention #8, that one just draws you in. It seems to twist and turn, hard to turn away from.
pcmcgarry · 2014-10-20: 14:54
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