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Still trying to Keep It Simple, Stupid. Two shots of the same subject. One sells rather well (although I don't know why), the other I edited this morning.

I'm curious to know which one has more visual appeal. If you feel like it, I'd be happy to read why.
SADHYA I think it is a case of Horses for Courses!

I'm sure that it is the second one that sells well, as it tells a story. I put it into my favourites the first time you posted this years ago.

People like stories. Most people like an image that stimulates the imagination.The underwear gives hints about the wearers of these garments, and perhaps the lack of embarrassment of the person (woman) who has laundered them - a good housekeeper.

Some people are looking at an image in terms that are separate from a story. A pattern of light and dark, black, grey and white. A strength and a delicacy, a harmony. This is the sort of viewer who looks at an abstract painting and has an emotional response (rather than "My kid can do better than that" - they want the story)

The first image clicks other buttons.A fabulously complex composition. The contrast between the delicacy of the garments with the solidity of the trough(?). The contrast of textures offers a feast for the kinesthetically inclined. I think it is a very skillfully controlled image, and it goes into my favourites too.
SADHYA · 2015-09-01: 03:59
marilynx The first!
Let the sun shine in!
The second is a trifle flat!
marilynx · 2015-09-01: 04:15
busybee The first for me, so many different angles and textures, with a delicate drift to the laundry, two for me a little in your face and all concentration is directed onto the washing line and garments
busybee · 2015-09-01: 04:20
durban I like shots that just hit me in the face with bold clarity and simplicity. #2 does that for me in this set. I rarely delve into the story a picture tells. For me - just visual impact.
durban · 2015-09-01: 04:21
Surrix Both photos have their story. It's all about recognition and personal favour.
I am a sucker for symmetry, so it's obvious which one I choose.
The first is a little too complex to sell at first view. It needs a more patient viewer who has time to dissect and study and take it in.
In the first, the electrical thingies bother me a little also.
And, of course, undies always do it for me anyway... :-)
Surrix · 2015-09-01: 04:53
popparatzee The hard contrast of the second suggests a coldness to me. The light airy shot seems more inviting. Also,,the composition isn't as flat.
popparatzee · 2015-09-01: 05:48
Lsample The stone work in #1. Grabs me.
Lsample · 2015-09-01: 09:26
angil Like the first because it has more depth, the second is more uni-dimensional.
angil · 2015-09-01: 11:17
dogydad2 # 1 for me. It has more mystery and sweet humanity....
dogydad2 · 2015-09-01: 13:01
yellodog I prefer the first one too, it has a more dynamic, hopeful feel, the gaze is led out of the oppressive stone room whereas the second is more static.
yellodog · 2015-09-01: 13:33
delightfulpink amazing :)!
delightfulpink · 2015-09-01: 14:32
Latecomer I fancy the second image as the one that sells better. Simply because it is the simpler. I like them both because they are are visually interesting and technically excellent.
Latecomer · 2015-09-01: 17:16
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