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Friday fun: Eskimo sex and other post titles

It says "click here to add text", but I think this image speaks for itself
You are amazing. The quality of many images here is extraordinary and, despite the Friday facetiousness that follows, I learn a lot from you and enjoy it. To cap it all, there’s a lot of thought going into finding the aphorisms, the lyrics, the choice of poem and finally the title in the posts I have to come to enjoy so much.

I wouldn’t presume to rival any of you as a wordsmith, not even our recently Front Paged Brian (congratulations, by the way), to whom a punning challenge has been issued. I don’t dare place myself anywhere near the same league as the talented and enormously erudite Photopoet. But I thought I’d use your creativity as inspiration, if only to find an appropriate title for my latest oeuvre which you have enjoyed above and in which, for once, Photoblog has kept the colours exactly as I wanted them. So here goes:

Candidate titles for the picture above

Eskimo sex: my first title, because I have a single-digit mental age

Inside of a ping-pong ball: a hommage to the stunning vertical panorama created by the talented Memphis. As you can see, this is another vertical panorama. I hope I got the stitching right, Mr R.

Whiter shade of, er… white: there’s probably a copyright issue with Procul Harum and I didn’t want to chance it with a gradient layer. A tip to younger music lovers: never trust a band with an ungrammatical Latin name

Full Frontal: my friend Yellodog doesn’t like variable focal-plane shots. I hope you’ve noticed that this shot was taken f/11 using a prime lens. I think you’ll agree the depth of field is even throughout and that there’s no corner softness

The Technicolor dream coat –a negative for Stevie Wonder: if it works for Barack Obama (or Michelle, rather. No, on second thoughts, it worked for Barack), then it works for me. This title is for my friend Kazshots who was once rash enough to ask for technical advice and has regretted the regular barrage of techno-gabble I send her ever since

Two bare bottoms covered in Tippex: for Claude and RoberttheBob and their "dancing" alter ego – pas besoin d’en dire plus… but your posts have informed and entertained and moved me

White Fang, known in French as Croc blanc: my friend Tomie, a French poodle (no, really, he’s French) unlike other dogs, is definitely not colour-blind. Needless to say, he’s white. This is a high-key portrait of him with his eyes shut. I may have blown the highlights a tad

And finally, a song title:

Should I Stay or Should I Go: i.e., stop wasting your time.

To those I’ve mentioned/insulted here, my apologies. Of course, I’ll remove the link to you as soon as you tell me. To those who haven’t been singled out – Afroditi, Dragana, Dreadwear, Eric, Jan, Jas, Jeff, Terry and many others - consider yourselves lucky. But to all of you, this is my Friday tongue-in-cheek way of saying “thank you” for making my life richer and more enjoyable. Have a good weekend. I look forward to seeing your posts on Sunday.

P.S. To the Greek police officer kind enough to post a suspiciously idiomatic English comment to my March 25 post, thanks for making me laugh all day. Elwood posted a reply in the comments – but it may have been his brother Jake.
Memphis Title: 'Close up of my smile after reading this blog.'
As for your vertical panorama - the lack of distortion can only mean you have been practising your Laghu Vajrasana tirelessly - cogratulations. Brilliant :) ps Thanks for the link.
Memphis · 2009-03-27: 05:46
Dragana i enjoyed reading this. by the way as the only eskimo from balkans i can say you hit the spot re sex scene
Dragana · 2009-03-27: 06:40
dontblink Great Friday commentary. I enjoyed it. My only criticism is the picture itself. I would have preferred that it fit on the whole page. It was a little distracting having to scroll down and then back up to get the full impact.
dontblink · 2009-03-27: 10:03
pattyb Wow....*blush* ; ) I can't believe my eyes! Love it and especially the commentary. Thanks for making my Friday, this for sure gets added to my favs!!
pattyb · 2009-03-27: 11:21
revenant Only a few short hours after posting this and I can already assert that at least 21 people don't have anything better to do on a Friday than look at a blank screen. Hmmm. Looks like they're doing a job like mine...
revenant · 2009-03-27: 11:29
Zedsdead Eskimo sex looks a bit of a white off, frankly. Too much igloo and not enough husky.So, Friday night's all white. I can take it or leave it, as it goes.
Zedsdead · 2009-03-27: 15:21
Jarvo Arrgghh! You totally had me there, thought my PC was on the blink
Jarvo · 2009-03-27: 18:48
photopoet · 2009-03-27: 22:13
AlexandraPechabaden Friday I forgot fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so many things to sew here and forgetting it all!!
I see.
I like your picture very much. Great one.
My new keyboard is crap so icant really type properly (I washed the old one and it didnt like the feel of water and stopped working 2 days later, now I am stuck with a £7 keyboard which looked good but actually is very crap. Sorry about the crap comment, it s the keyboard s fault!)
AlexandraPechabaden · 2009-03-30: 06:36
kazshots hilarious, I too thought there was something wrong with my bloody computer...again!
kazshots · 2009-04-02: 11:18
Ryana ....ok.....
Haha, very nice !
Ryana · 2009-04-14: 11:43
????? Quite obviously it's a photo of a Rorschach test in white ink on white paper. All I see is a close up of a rainbow had there been no such thing as chromatic aberration, i.e. had the refractive index been the same for all the wavelengths of light. Too late to be psychoanalysed as this post is over a year old now, but thanks for the entertainment.
????? · 2010-04-13: 10:46
????? I see red pixels, blue pixels and green pixels, but very little else. You want us to count them for you? Or is that just my desperate attempt to find some meaning in this sterile, colourless array of coloured dots?

No, a pointillistic masterpiece, that's what it is! It just took me a while ... But, come to think of it, isn't that what happens to all great art, that it takes a while before us mere mortals "get it", so to speak?

Your image leaves pleanty of room for interpretation, asking for a great deal of spectator participation before the deeper truth reveals itself. I think that proves you're a genius ...
????? · 2011-01-20: 13:43
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