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This is my daughter, Raphaëlle. She is 14 years old. We now live together, just the three of us (she, I and her mobile phone) in Provence.

She's starting school in two days' time in a brand new college in a brand new part of France with a whole new set of friends to make. Prospective boyfriends will be required to submit full medical records and certified copies of their parents' tax returns for the last five years.

She seems remarkably phlegmatic about it. I'd be frightened out of my wits.
yellodog Certainly seems self-assured enough to handle anything life dishes out.
yellodog · 2009-08-30: 12:04
????? Hi Raphaelle,
I like the Sex Pistols too...their music still sounds fresh after 30+ years. And you know, your dad was about 3 years old when they came out, hahaha :-)))))))
????? · 2009-08-30: 12:38
????? Good luck to you:) She seems to be in control of the situation.
Love your statement on future boyfriends, very much the protective Dad.
????? · 2009-08-30: 12:50
Lynda She has your eyes!
Lynda · 2009-08-30: 13:10
Ryana Fathers and their daughters... ;o)
By the look in her eyes, I think she can handle much.
Ryana · 2009-08-30: 13:20
daisydavinci :-) Just had dinner with my younger son and the conversation ended with a "Muuum!!! Don`t treat me like a child..." ( He`s wearing an Irocese haircut, has a good medical report and no girlfriend at the moment...but France is a little far and I want him to return to school here in 2 weeks. You know, we had a girl with the look of your daughter here as his huest for some months. I liked her a lot although her shoes had seemed to weigh 2okg...)
daisydavinci · 2009-08-30: 13:56
smbunation "certified copies of their parents' tax returns for the last five years."

Ha! Love it. Good stuff. Best of luck to both of you. [and her phone.]
smbunation · 2009-08-30: 14:16
Robertthebob Great stuff - and all the very best to both of you
Robertthebob · 2009-08-30: 15:26
cariad Great portrait....I have autographs of the sex pistols...my father prosecuted them for criminal damage in a hotel...then asked for their autographs for me....lol
cariad · 2009-08-30: 15:38
cariad Oh and all will be well...like you said teenagers adapt well to change they face it with confidence that experience challenges
cariad · 2009-08-30: 15:39
dontblink Good luck. I'll have 4 times the worry in a few years.
dontblink · 2009-08-30: 16:03
lifeisgood You'll do fine....but there is no harder job than raising a teenager!! Just keep in mind, we are all teenagers once in life and we turned out ok!!
lifeisgood · 2009-08-30: 16:29
lifeisgood By the way, just thought I'd add, I see a quiet gentleness on Raphaelle's face...I think you are in for a very enjoyable experience!!
lifeisgood · 2009-08-30: 16:31
tomie she has the same necklace than me!! :))
elle est charmante et n'aura aucun mal à se faire de nouveaux amis !
bienvenu en Provence!!
tomie · 2009-08-30: 17:02
Wasichseh Good luck! Ithink you need it both.:)
Wasichseh · 2009-08-30: 17:13
Jarvo Best wishes to both of you in your new home.
Punk's not dead! ;-)
Jarvo · 2009-08-30: 17:41
????? Lovely girl. Peculiar look and special eyes. Medical and tax reports made me laugh. Good luck to you two. Mobile phone is not included ;-)
????? · 2009-08-30: 17:44
thebronzebow She's beautiful. Good luck with that.... :)
thebronzebow · 2009-08-30: 20:10
jennye thanks for letting us meet your daughter!
good luck to both of you!!
jennye · 2009-08-31: 01:59
GKorts Guess the mobile phone will be the expensive part, real portrait
GKorts · 2009-08-31: 16:23
bedazzled What a lovely daughter you have..she has beautiful eyes and I simply love her look..perfect teenager..she'll be well settled in her new surroundings in no time..wish you two have great time together..
bedazzled · 2009-08-31: 23:48
????? She sure looks like she can handle quite a bit, and very self assured! Looks like the sex pistols are still alive :-))
Nice shot! Hope your settling in well
????? · 2009-09-01: 06:42
Nellinka Best wishes to her.
Lovely portrait. Is she also obsessed with intellectual games, like her father? =)
Nellinka · 2009-09-01: 12:12
????? I hope she settles in without too much anguish. My husband was the champion at terrorizing his daughters' boyfriends. His favorite quote was "Who's his parole officer?!"
????? · 2009-09-01: 19:15
busybee36 Only medical records and tax returns? We teased my daughter's prospective boyfriends about having complete a very tricky questionnaire about their intentions! Hope you have fun living together.
busybee36 · 2009-09-02: 05:00
ZerindApja Punks not dead!!!
I love S.P. too :DDDD
ZerindApja · 2009-09-03: 02:34
pianoboe Poor girl, don't attack the boyfriends! I don't dare bring guys home...!
Love the individual look :)

Si elle veut pratique son anglais avec une anglaise, je suis partante...
pianoboe · 2009-09-09: 15:29
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