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La Cathédrale d'images

Just to get you interested: the fortunate burghers of Les Baux-de-Provence lived in dwellings carved out of the living rock.
Yours truly, as taken by Marina. This picture tries to show two things: it was hot and there's my monopod, which doubles up as a hiking stick as required. (You can also pretend it's a light sabre if your mental age is in the single digits like mine.)
Could be used for any Indiana Jones / Mummy / cheapo archaeological film setting...
For an explanation, please read the text below.
At the end of the 1950s Jean Cocteau directed one of his little follies, le Testament d’Orphée, and roped in his buddy, Picasso, for a touch of artwork. I’m not sure exactly how (my knowledge of French symbolist cinema is hazy, to say the least), but he found an extraordinary location, an abandoned limestone quarry close to a famous village in Provence, Les Baux-de-Provence, which happens to be rather close to where I now live.

The venue subsequently became la cathédrale d’images, a fascinating setting for a son-et-lumière thingy that offers the extra benefit of being bloody freezing when the surrounding countryside (known as the valley of hell) is boiling. Ah bliss, until you sneeze enough to get nasty looks elsewhere in this age of H1 flu scares.

I wanted to express the vastness and coolness of the interior, which wasn’t easy given the rather tacky “homage to Picasso” show currently on offer (“Guernica, as seen by Disney”).

Whatever was achieved is thanks to a fast wide-angle lens and a monopod (a one-legged tripod, of which more later), as flash photography was not allowed.
There are some context shots explained by captions.
Lynda Fascinating place and rather special. Thanks for the history lesson re the Cocteau movie. Makes for interesting shots.
Lynda · 2009-09-01: 18:30
smbunation This is such an interesting post. I love the idea of what is going on here. Well documented of course, too. Also, what's wrong with thinking of a monopod as a light sabre?
smbunation · 2009-09-01: 19:53
thebronzebow The space is very interesting, and something about the juxtaposition of what is essentially a fancy slideshow with the weight and age of the stone is... ??? You do have the look of a pack mule in the heat however. I have a monopod as well. Light sabres at dawn? :)
thebronzebow · 2009-09-01: 23:51
jessicashan it is cool
jessicashan · 2009-09-02: 02:14
????? Fascinating place, despite the tacky Picasso projections :-)))
Do they have regular events here?
????? · 2009-09-02: 03:14
Sonic7 What an extraordinary place. A beautiful space for such exhibits, which you have captured perfectly.

So, would you recommend a monopod ?
Sonic7 · 2009-09-02: 05:04
Jarvo Fantastic place. Thanks for showing us. I want to go there now.
Jarvo · 2009-09-02: 06:11
dontblink What an interesting place. I agree that it might work better with different types of artwork.
#3 is very impressive.
dontblink · 2009-09-02: 07:52
davids Uber-cool set - I think the monopod approach was definitely better than flash could have rendered. But the place is wonderful - and could stage fantastic exhibitions. I agree with the Disney-does-Cubism remarks but in the hands of an imaginative curator it could be utterly spectacular.
davids · 2009-09-02: 11:53
cariad What a great post...fabulous images...great information and humour...wonderful :)
cariad · 2009-09-02: 15:16
yellodog Fantastic place. Close to your new stamping grounds?
yellodog · 2009-09-02: 15:19
????? great place, interesting info, Lovely shots
????? · 2009-09-02: 16:00
????? The light and color becomes really stunning by #12. Some people are so creative. Facinating.
????? · 2009-09-02: 21:04
Azrin It looks like an awesome place with its majestic entrance and all...
Azrin · 2009-09-02: 23:57
Ryana Seems a very interesting place, Thanks for sharing. ;o)
Ryana · 2009-09-03: 03:11
bedazzled Absolutely fascinating..I would surely love to visit this place. thanks for sharing!! Oh I forgot to mention that I saw an advertisement for a monopod where they mentioned it also adds up as a hiking stick..so it shows that they do not always exaggerate!!
bedazzled · 2009-09-03: 20:52
????? Mmmmm.... I see a monopod instead of a Leki telescopic stick ;-)
I didn't know anything about this quarry... and yet I visited Les Baux and I liked it a lot...
????? · 2009-09-04: 16:16
????? P.S. Fantastic shots inside. Thanks for sharing. I appreciated so much.
????? · 2009-09-04: 16:18
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