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Neighbourhood watch

I couldn't resist the dichotomy. France is supposed to be a lay republic where no ostentatious religious signs are tolerated in public spaces...

I confess to messing extensively with this image. In straightening the flagpole for parallax distortion (I was using a wide-angle lens), the madonna acquired Golem-like proportions which required serious correction.
More victims of Pastis poisoning
Open house day...
Proof, if such were needed, that cremation is really a good idea, if only on aesthetic grounds
Click here for the song mentioned below.
What do you do on a beautiful autumn evening? Check out the cemetery... Thought I'd go and see what my future neighbours are up to.

The final resting place for the French so often reminds me of high-rise residential blocks. There's a lovely (and hilarious) song by Brassens called Supplique pour être enterré à Sète. If your French is up to it, I strongly recommend listening.

Technical notes:
In some of the above images I added noise and motion blur. I couldn't be bothered for some of the others.
jessicashan nice
jessicashan · 2009-10-01: 07:05
Ryana I laughed with your comments to picture 4 ;o)
This set is okay.
Ryana · 2009-10-01: 07:14
lookagain Nice set of quite an interesting place....would be good to see more detail. I'm still looking for the chocolate....;)
lookagain · 2009-10-01: 08:16
thebronzebow Nice set. I like the light. Got to watch out for that absinthe. ;)
thebronzebow · 2009-10-01: 09:55
daisydavinci Thanks for the good music as company to your documentation :-)
daisydavinci · 2009-10-01: 12:02
????? Superbe chanson! et belles photos.
Tu sais que disait Totò (Antonio De Curtis) dans son poème écrit en napoletain " La livella " ?
????? · 2009-10-01: 12:21
smbunation Interesting. The noise actually works on these; compared to when my shots are noisy, they look like a pile of crap.
smbunation · 2009-10-01: 14:28
Jarvo Man alive, I was scolling down that page waiting for Christopher Lee to come out of one of those mausoleums. Neat set.
Jarvo · 2009-10-01: 18:33
bedazzled I am not really comfortable around my future neighbours but I find cemeteries to be a very interesting place..I hope nobody really came out of their peaceful abode to shake hands with you!!
bedazzled · 2009-10-01: 19:39
dontblink Remember, when you check out future real estate you never know exactly how your neighbors will be unless you visit at night. That's when the all night wild drunken parties might be noticed.
dontblink · 2009-10-02: 07:32
Robertthebob I like this a lot - interesting and very typical
Robertthebob · 2009-10-02: 15:42
davidcardona Nice subject and excellent work!
davidcardona · 2009-10-03: 00:18
????? fantastic set, and superb captions as always, i'm in fits of laughter here, thanks, needed that :-)) Haven't heard George Brassens for ages, thanks for that link ........Frog :-)) LOL
????? · 2009-10-04: 14:52
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