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Humour me: Revenant, Rousseau and Saint Augustine - in that order

I'm going to regret this...
The whole username and profile picture thing here has been bugging me, surrounded as I am by cats, sunflowers, wasps, poodles, swans and dolphins and other totemic thingies.

Admit that there’s something odd in our wish to conceal ourselves, isn’t there?

OK, is anyone here not endowed with superhuman powers and doesn’t need to protect a mild-mannered alter-ego?

And then there’s the profile picture. Mine hasn’t changed this year whilst my real self, in full Dorian Grey mode, ages and withers…

I hasten to add that I am not a 50 year-old Polish trucker posing as a teenage brunette, although it would probably be more interesting if I were.

My ID name just means ‘coming back’ in French, because that’s exactly what I did in Photoblog after a previous reincarnation as “SJASF” (click here to see why), although it wasn’t exactly original because those are some of my initials.

Now, in a spirit fully in keeping with Saint Augustine’s and Rousseau’s confessions (but with bit more honesty), I scoured my hard disks to find any portraits of me I could post. It was a painful experience. The whole point of being behind the camera is that you don't have to be in front.

You tell me which one best conveys the modest, unassuming and humane Revenant you’ve all come to know and… well, know.

While you’re at it, why did you choose a ID name that differs from your given one?
yellodog Definitely fourth from the top. As for choosing an "anonymous " id it's just to keep a semblance of a DMZ between assorted psychopaths and my family.
yellodog · 2010-02-11: 14:01
????? no fair i cant favor the one i want... montages are so 1959, get a can of soup! :) (hope you get that)

but,I like the set.
????? · 2010-02-11: 20:21
????? oh have you got a hold of aperture 3 yet?
????? · 2010-02-11: 20:21
thebronzebow I'm an introvert and an unphotogenic troll... You however look like a fun guy. ;)
thebronzebow · 2010-02-11: 22:55
smbunation I'd like to think the last shot - your profile pic. I like that you haven't changed it forever.

As for 'my' username; it's a long story that has a trivia game to go along with it. Only a hand full of peeps have been able to figure it out... Don't worry too much about it - just lame pop culture from American cinema. ;)
smbunation · 2010-02-11: 23:24
dealdog Not sure why I didn't use my real name, partly I think it's because a lot of people on PB don't, also it is a bit of a joke with the friend who introduced me to the site. I just used the name of where I live + dog. So in essence, not that interesting.
dealdog · 2010-02-12: 04:52
huiching Wow. #4!!!
huiching · 2010-02-12: 05:29
onlyricky what a LOL post!

your nude pic for sure desperted much attention here lol

if I'm allowed to say:

My user name is onlyricky. My name is ricardo, and some people call me ricky. Only comes from onlymehdi, he said I should join this site to i used onlyricky

onlyricky · 2010-02-12: 06:13
jennye Love this set!
I especially like #4 (of course!) #5 and 7
......... but my favorite is the last one! :))
jennye · 2010-02-12: 08:01
????? Although I do like your profile shot ... I'm going to have to say number five or seven ...
????? · 2010-02-12: 08:34
revenant OK, as you'll all realised, this is was my little joke on the previous post and on a comment (which I'm still expecting), but I am genuinely interested in the origin of your user names.
revenant · 2010-02-12: 09:47
????? I like 2, 4 and 9 the best. Nine. I love it. It looks really expressive.
My user name is the first letter of my husbands name(Derek), and the first letter in my name (Felecia) and our last name (Eby)
????? · 2010-02-12: 10:11
matteahmb which of these pictures do you think best represents you? I would guess you would be the best judge. Theories on usernames: 1. there are some crazy stalker people that the news always scares us with ;) 2. If I put Heather, how many other Heather's would there be!? 3. Sometimes (though not in my case) people chose their usernames not to hide, but to express themselves.
Mine is a middle name combination
matteahmb · 2010-02-12: 10:48
SADHYA As long as you swear that this is not a vanity exercise, I will give you my response.
Swear? Ok. I think #7 is the most honest. It is direct and clear and you don't appear to be hiding behind the cynical clown. I like the look of you in #7 and would be happy for it to appear as your profile pic. But the question is not which do I like most, it depends on who you want the world to see.
And about my profile name. It is the name I was given many years ago by my Indian Guru (Osho, or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as he was then called) It is important to me, and I choose to use it all the time. The full version is Ma Deva Sadhya. I use the picture of the bird as I am not confident to show my face. I hide behind a Thrush!!
SADHYA · 2010-02-12: 12:32
Eiram my name is Marie...start reading from the end..Eiram...

it is my childhood nickname:))
Eiram · 2010-02-12: 14:36
noptek Nice series.
Using an ID name is like wearing a disguise when you're a kid. It's fun.
The origin of my ID name comes from my given name where I shifted some letters and then change some letters of my given name for other letters that are not in my given name.
noptek · 2010-02-12: 15:39
huiching Okay... right.
My screenname is "Huiching". It's kinda of a translated version from my real given name, Kanapa. Huiching is a Chinese name, while I'm Thai.
huiching · 2010-02-12: 23:52
MoMac You look "sweet" in no9 but I know you would rather I say handsome;-)
My ID is a combination of part first known as name and part middle name.
MoMac · 2010-02-13: 09:33
DancingDolphin Funny this has evolved into a discussion of user names.... so here goes: I love to dance probably only next to loving the ocean, and nothing moves me at the sea like seeing a dolphin "dance".
DancingDolphin · 2010-02-13: 12:39
caroleagle You look different in all of them so I suppose we still dont really know what you look like. My username was an old one for my phone bill and its just my name middle initial and first 3 letters of my surname. Just happened. nothing to do with eagles. Pure laziness on my Part. I don't like it much as I think it might lead people to believe I like eagles or native american folklore etc... can't be bothered to change it now.
caroleagle · 2010-02-13: 12:45
caroleagle the penultimate one looks most like the you in my head. The one that matches the voice.
caroleagle · 2010-02-13: 12:47
Jarvo I haven't been ignoring this post - I've revisited a couple of times to try and come up with a suggestion, unfortunately I can't. As for the photo I like the one you've been using. there is something endearing about that whistful look.
Jarvo · 2010-02-13: 12:47
girafferacing I agree with Jarvo - I like your profile shot - I keep wondering what you were thinking when it was taken! As for my PB name, it relates to a family fondness for giraffes and motor racing. I cna't say I've ever tried racing a giraffe but if someone has a tame one I'm willing to try... ;-)
girafferacing · 2010-02-13: 16:32
Nellinka I like the portrait in the middle (№6). You seem to be discussing issues of great importance. =)))
My username is the name my friends call me. No one calls me Kornélia, it's always Nelli(e) or Nellinka. "Nellinka" is a Russian invention because in Russian all feminine names and nouns should end in "a" (or "ь", never mind that) so that they might be declined, not to mention the Slavic's fondness for diminutives. Anyway, a lot of my non-Slavic friends adapted it so I just like to be called Nellinka.
Nellinka · 2010-02-13: 17:21
redro I'll say: your present profile pic.
And I like #7 for many other reasons. Any reasons.

I hate having to come up with user names for myself, my ID name proves how uninspired I could be.
redro · 2010-02-13: 20:03
????? After Charlie died I had to go to the county office and fill out forms for probate court (wills and things). I filled out my name and then had to check a box...married,single or divorced. I checked married. The clerk said that I couldn't check that, I had to check single since my husband had died . After 38 years of marrage I didn't feel single. I asked why they didn't have a box called "widowed". She said to check single. I checked "married" and wrote "widowed" after it. When I handed her the form, she X'd out "married" and checked "single". I decided my new internal identity would be Widcat, "Widow Catherine", not to be morbid, but as a rebellious gesture. It defines this phase of my life and is my way of spitting in the eye of fate and county clerks. I like the sound of it and Charlie would have laughed.
I like your yellow couch picture because you have a "who me?" look that I have often seen on the faces of my kids. However I also like #7 because it has a sort of Eric Clapton look and I like Eric Clapton.
????? · 2010-02-15: 02:02
Lynda Stefan
You look so different in all these but I like you best in no 7 as the tash and beard suit you (and I have a liking for both- probably freudian as my dad had a moustache and my brother has one and a beard) and it does look like what I think is the real you (whatever that is)- intense, serious, melancholic and slightly dangerous.
Lynda · 2010-02-15: 08:26
longimanus no4 works as most unassuming and human to me (and modest, most of all). longimanus = long arm = subconsciously: my greediness for life. plus my love for the sea (longimanus is also an open sea pelagic shark I`ve had couple of encounters with, lovely creature, one just killed a snorkeler last summer in the redsea)
longimanus · 2010-02-15: 17:09
Ryana When I started I do not have paid attention to my username, I wrote what came into my mind at that moment.
Later I discovered it really means so much as "king" ... hahaha, so not realy a name that describes me. ;o)

I like your set of self portraits.
And, you held your promise, we got to see your bum.
Ryana · 2010-02-17: 04:18
????? oh well, username, no idea either why i picked what i had, just used what came up first, a bit like Sandra really. I have been playing with the idea of changing it to my normal name, but on the other hand, everybody got used to the eternity thing. i'll see what i'll do eventually.
Neat set of shots by the way.
????? · 2010-03-14: 07:21
????? The one in the checked shirt or the one on yellow sofa, in my opinion...
My username thing is thus due to the fact that I am on the verge of changing it to this by deed poll.
Plus "Harriet" conjours up images of nuns, matrons and irritating school girls. In a bad way. So yes. :)
????? · 2010-03-19: 17:47
????? Definitely 7 and 9. Though the yellow couch pic probably expresses your personality better.

Whe my son opened an email account for me years ago, he chose chossid, as that is what we are (plural is chassidim.) I kept it for my profile name in a number of places.
????? · 2010-06-24: 14:11
????? Ahahahah! excellent l'homme tatoué!! X , Z, Y!!!!
????? · 2011-07-27: 12:11
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