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Friday Fun: Paparazzi II

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As the weekend approaches and we all look forward to the fun it affords, I wanted to share a collage of the latest work produced by four of the residents of the home for mentally handicapped adults where I volunteer.

I started with few expectations. One thing I didn't expect is how productive they would be. We're at 650+ images after less than four hours, many of which I wish I had taken myself.

Another unexpected emotion is the joy that emerges from this collage. It's taken me five hours to sift through their work and apply only minimum post-processing to a corpus of fascinating and enriching images.

PB isn't so good with large images. For a slightly better view, click here. I hope you perceive some of their joy and carry it on this weekend.
karmankwarner Very Nice.
karmankwarner · 2010-10-21: 18:08
Jarvo Great work, both from the paparazzi in taking these shots and from you for helping them put this together.
Jarvo · 2010-10-21: 19:04
lgnelson Good for you, Stefan! I know that sharing your gift for photography with these "special" people will change their lives. (and likely yours, too. I've had that experience in volunteer work)
lgnelson · 2010-10-21: 20:34
joycephotography Well done.
joycephotography · 2010-10-21: 20:36
djnana This is such a wonderful thing that you're doing! Their shots are great and they must feel a real sense of satisfaction that you posted their work! Good job with this, S! (Larry helps with a men's homeless shelter and several of the guys there have taken up photography.)
djnana · 2010-10-21: 20:38
farideh Great.
farideh · 2010-10-22: 01:31
PawKam interesting idea! And cool results! Niceee!
PawKam · 2010-10-22: 03:18
cariad agree much easier to view on redbubble...glad I did.. fascinating set of images... Its clear you are gaining as much if not more than the paperazzi from this experience. Similar experiences with film making with young people disengaged from learning..
cariad · 2010-10-22: 04:27
Kozuka Superb collage!
Kozuka · 2010-10-22: 04:40
????? Great!
????? · 2010-10-22: 05:10
ArtBee 650+ images! Wow that's a lot of picture taking! Love the collage Stefan!
ArtBee · 2010-10-22: 08:11
Ryana So, it is enriching for both students and the teacher, wonderful!!

Have a nice weekend.
Ryana · 2010-10-22: 08:57
DancingDolphin What stands out to me is the obvious lack of constraints about what makes a 'good' photo... which in turn makes them really interesting shots.
DancingDolphin · 2010-10-22: 09:12
gonia I watched them larger on your blog, they are really nice done and perhaps show something new for us..
gonia · 2010-10-22: 13:43
????? Great initiative :)
????? · 2010-10-22: 16:57
tomie fantastic work you did there!!! they have enjoyed this experiment obviously!
thanks for them!
tomie · 2010-10-22: 19:22
catherineh Fabulous and uplifting post - thankyou! Have a joyful weekend yerself :)
catherineh · 2010-10-23: 06:37
MoMac Great collage of your worthwhile volunteer work.
MoMac · 2010-10-23: 08:32
elizzi amazing..I am hoping to use our cameras at work with the kids I work with.It has worked well in the past with motivating them to talk and write ..but I haven't done it for a while..you've given me some inspiration..thanks :)
elizzi · 2010-10-25: 16:48
thebronzebow What a cool idea! some great shots there.
thebronzebow · 2010-11-03: 11:49
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