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One day I'll get to the top of that sodding mountain... but not today

Yukky compact blue sky
It was more like this.
What I love about this rude sign is that it feels as if the owner had been interrupted all day and then got up to paint it.
Vauvenargues again - the last home Picasso bought, the scenery Cézanne painted, the bloody mountain that I tried to climb again and failed - on the first day of spring.

This time it was my friend's fault. No honest. Actually, we were both knackered. Another time maybe.

I took a compact with me because I had to carry everything and I remembered the last time. This hideous blue behind Picasso's château is a typical example of "compact sky". The B&W is an attempt to circumvent it. Nothing doing.
cariad Like the first one particularly...and the view and sky in #4 is fabulous. The sign made me laugh...in the uk we clearly do as we are told without explanation...and we are clearly not headed for Paris
cariad · 2011-03-20: 15:15
karenbeslay alors là je te le fairais payer la prochaine fois non mais et parce que je sais que tu aimes ça je te dis lol !!!!!
karenbeslay · 2011-03-20: 15:15
SADHYA Why does a compact do this to a perfectly lovely blue sky? I'm sure you are the man with the answer.
I love the first shot, in fact I felt compelled to put it into my favourites, (well I have just had a rather large G&T) but I am confident that I will still love it in the morning.
SADHYA · 2011-03-20: 15:23
joycephotography You often here it's the photographer not the camera that captures great photos. I know you are a great photographer, so the camera does make a big difference. I was using a Sony Cybershot all last summer, did not even want to post alot of my images.
Great post.
joycephotography · 2011-03-20: 15:40
DancingDolphin I could live in that house! :)
DancingDolphin · 2011-03-20: 16:18
karmankwarner What a beautiful set. Adore the first one. :) I too could live in that house~as long as I did not have to clean it. :)
karmankwarner · 2011-03-20: 16:36
????? I like them.. first one is my the best
????? · 2011-03-20: 16:48
jennye I love the first shot and the b&w.
jennye · 2011-03-20: 17:29
Beejay Nice set. I know what you mean about the sky. A polarizer would have done it but you don't have that option with a compact. I do like the weathered branches. BJ
Beejay · 2011-03-20: 20:14
photodeclair c est un endroit vraiment beau !
photodeclair · 2011-03-20: 22:31
Keryl The first shot haunts me.
Keryl · 2011-03-20: 22:54
ilikethat Added the first shot to my favs, so many cool tree posts today
great set of shots
ilikethat · 2011-03-21: 06:07
????? Don't worry, you're still in your prime. You'll make it some day. Hope you had a great birthday, btw. Wasn't online so I failed to congratulate you in time, but, as they say, better late than never, whether it's about reaching the top or instructing someone to have a happy birthday. Bet you're still celebrating! :-)
????? · 2011-03-21: 07:00
Annbramwell Love the gnarly tree in No 1...
Annbramwell · 2011-03-21: 08:02
MoMac I like the first one too.
MoMac · 2011-03-21: 08:06
girafferacing LOL, perhaps it'll be third time lucky?! Does your compact do RAW? That would solve the sky problem!
girafferacing · 2011-03-21: 16:29
Nukee Love #1......wonderful set and of course, belated birthday wishes Stefan!! :)
Nukee · 2011-03-21: 19:52
helys "Faut pas insister " dit-il !
Donc à quand le musée ...
Merci pour cette magnifique balade :)
helys · 2011-03-22: 05:18
????? Nice post -- especially that very interesting tree in 1.
????? · 2011-03-22: 15:07
thebronzebow love the contrast and texture of the first
thebronzebow · 2011-03-22: 23:29
????? That is a great sign. I think he covered all the bases.
????? · 2011-03-23: 11:02
miclaud Bonne chance!
miclaud · 2011-03-27: 07:11
equivalence the sign is priceless; how far away is Paris?
equivalence · 2011-03-27: 15:39
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