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Poppies at dusk

It's an old joke, but in this case true: "I can see my house from here!"
Sadhya had this brilliant idea of shooting flowers at night, an idea I have happily ripped off more than once since she first posted her results. This is my latest effort with some background shots to show the dusk.

I was using a ring flash unit, which explains the shadowless subjects, and a 100 mm macro lens. Unfortunately it was dark so I couldn't judge the DOF adequately. Oh well...
Lynda I love crepuscular light and these are rather gorgeous.
Lynda · 2011-04-09: 15:56
????? whow, i'm speechless....m a g n i f i q u e....!!!!!
????? · 2011-04-09: 15:57
kikkancs the night was a clever idea to take pictures of beautiful flowers:)
kikkancs · 2011-04-09: 15:58
GKorts You are working hard for your poppy seeds Stefan :-) I think you managed the DOF properly but to be honest for me they still look "flashed". Perhaps shooting the flowers against the sky could be a solution, I never tried and I admit that shooting poppies against the sky would be a damn hard job.
GKorts · 2011-04-09: 16:10
????? I love the composition of the last one. Is that an inchworm on the stem? I also keep coming back to your first shot of the town. The shadows and different colors of light are beautiful.
????? · 2011-04-09: 16:13
MoMac So didn't you add a note to the position of your HOUSE? OPPS SORRY CAPS LOVELY EVENING SHOT of your town and I like the poppies despite you being unsatisfied.
MoMac · 2011-04-09: 16:59
yellodog The caterpillar on the last one must be a thumbs up from God (or something)...
yellodog · 2011-04-09: 17:13
Jarvo Great set Stéfan. Love the joke ;-) The lighting on the poppies is great.
Jarvo · 2011-04-09: 19:49
Beejay Nice work! I really like the atmosphere of the tower shots. BJ
Beejay · 2011-04-09: 20:40
noptek Wonderful red colour
noptek · 2011-04-10: 03:55
SADHYA Thanks for the mention. I know from experience that this is a hit and miss exercise. I think these results show that it is worth persisting - I intend to.
Your village looks charming.
Interesting post Stefan.
SADHYA · 2011-04-10: 05:34
jennye Beautiful set, Stéfan!..... I think I'll save the first two. :))
jennye · 2011-04-11: 12:41
davids Good result - the red seems to leap off the screen especially with the separation of the vivid colour from the dark background
davids · 2011-04-11: 14:47
helys Génial !
Magnifiques vues et profondeurs de champ
helys · 2011-04-13: 14:15
hannamagnusson Beautiful light!
hannamagnusson · 2011-04-21: 04:26
mikro Looks like you nailed it to me.
mikro · 2011-04-24: 00:53
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