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Gino Strada is an Italian war surgeon and founder of the Italian NGO Emergency.
Emergency operates in thirteen war-torn countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Rwanda.
Emergency claims that it helps civilian victims of war without being hindered by bureaucracy.
In 1996, Emergency opened its first hospital in Iraqi Kurdistan. Today, Emergency operates eight hospitals in areas of conflict, including a surgical hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and a hospital in Lashkar-Gah, Afghanistan. Fifty four "First Aid Posts-Health Care Centers", located in heavily mined areas or close to the front lines, are connected to the Emergency hospitals' network.
Gino Strada is the prize winning author of Green Parrots, A War Surgeon’s Diary and Buskashi, A Journey Inside War,. His work was the subject of an award winning documentary “Jung in the Land of the Mujaheedin” and a PBS Point of View, “Afghanistan 1380”.

"I am not a pacifist. I'm against war."
Gino Strada
Riyaz wow welcome back Ronin! Great reportage as always!
Riyaz · 2010-05-06: 07:12
LotoFoto Welcome back Ronin.
Nice to see you back.
Great shot too.
LotoFoto · 2010-05-06: 13:07
mystic1 Welcome back Marco!! I missed your shots and the reportage to go with them :)

Good portrait and reportage well done
mystic1 · 2010-05-06: 14:41
livelovelaugh Very good to see you Marco. An excellent report and portrait. :)
livelovelaugh · 2010-05-06: 20:23
jennye Great to see you back Marco!!
great portrait!
jennye · 2010-05-06: 21:51
agandia Greta portrait!!
agandia · 2010-05-06: 22:08
JaCkYe Great to see you back Marco!!
Beautiful portrait :)*
JaCkYe · 2010-05-07: 10:50
curlyq60 Very nice portrait.
curlyq60 · 2010-05-08: 00:12
????? great! both his story and the shot... :)
????? · 2010-05-09: 05:19
????? Interesting post and a nice portrait. tfs
????? · 2010-05-12: 09:42
somogyvari Great post ! Welcome back, Marco !
somogyvari · 2010-06-03: 03:50
byron1 Long time no see! Welcome back! Great portrait, great story!
byron1 · 2010-06-08: 10:16
davidcardona Wonderful portrait! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2010-06-27: 17:42
nathaliedelmas Hello! Yes...!! :)
nathaliedelmas · 2010-08-22: 08:35
MoMac great portrait and report.
MoMac · 2010-09-15: 12:12
FBECK great Gino adn great Marcoooooooooo!!!
FBECK · 2010-12-28: 13:51
fardad Hi Marco
I'm against war too.
And I hate war.
fardad · 2011-04-29: 10:11
curlyq60 Absolutely stunning portrait....
curlyq60 · 2011-05-03: 22:08
chrisfly The portrait is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing the story with us...
chrisfly · 2011-07-26: 01:12
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inflatable bouncer · 2011-12-15: 19:38
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