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Sofie Amalie Klougart
Joined September 7th, 2007

If you are interested in my works please take a look at my homepage where you can ´see more photos and read about my person.



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OILBASE · 2009-11-06: 13:28
OILBASE how beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
BeLINDA · 2008-12-24: 06:35
BeLINDA Merry Christmas!
LeonardoDaNiepce · 2008-11-14: 22:57
LeonardoDaNiepce Enjoyed your Ero photos on your Professional site. You are certainly above the fray and have a powerful sense of imagery! Would love to have you take photos of us (Cathy and i). If you're ever in London look us up. I'm planning on publishing a monthly periodical "Sophisticated Sensualist" (only about and for adults 40 and over). If you're interested we might cooperate on something. Only one thing: we run on a zero budget and do not expect to change that anytime soon.
????? · 2008-11-10: 13:50
????? Nice pictures!
Hermans · 2008-10-03: 09:53
Hermans Beautiful photo´s! :-)
nathaliedelmas · 2008-09-16: 13:38
nathaliedelmas Super délire, j'aime assez!
zorkas · 2008-08-08: 16:58
zorkas Congratulations from Oradea
stormfish · 2008-08-08: 11:27
stormfish your salonta series is absolutely, shockingly amazing. thanks for posting all these portraits of fragility, age and human decay - it is a very well needed counterweight to the endless stream of teenage youth celebration here on most of the self promoter blogs.

i am glad you are with us here. :-)
Fali84 · 2008-07-16: 02:08
Fali84 where's the wine- lovely series
kimauman · 2008-07-06: 22:03
kimauman Why do you not enable comments on your pictures?
I would like to tell you how much I like them :)