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My silly stuff..terrible ...and garbage

Yes that`s right !.......I am one of the victims!...
this is the kind of construtive comments that I been receiving lately ! least when somebody needs some improvement he or she sould correct the problem,not tell the people to throw the photos into the garbage!what kind of construtive is that???that has a name too [destructive]comments and I think the peple has fillings right!???
my question is!...ARE WE IN 21 CENTURY or 10 CENTURIES AGO???
from my understanding, I think I deserve something better than this...
what you think about this situation???
sendao your comments are very important!
thanks,have a great weekend!
sendao · 2008-11-28: 21:35
????? Well, I think these are Fun!!!!~
these are more like art than photography to many people so they don't quite understand where you are coming from- I think the comments are very rude- I think you're very creative!!!~ R
????? · 2008-11-28: 22:03
leocheung I enjoy taking pictures ,I enjoy sharing the fun and joy of photography with PB friends here.

This is a creative set. I enjoy it.

Have a great weekend, too :))
leocheung · 2008-11-28: 22:04
GreenJim creativity is dangerous and thats why its so much fun
GreenJim · 2008-11-28: 22:07
ScubaLiz Well, I like these, especially #1! Hope you have an awesome weekend, too!
ScubaLiz · 2008-11-28: 23:43
joycephotography Constructive comments yes, rude do not belong in Photoblog. I enjoy your work.
joycephotography · 2008-11-29: 01:48
jet28 I like these effects. Thanks for sharing them :-)
jet28 · 2008-11-29: 02:48
PeaceTrain We know they are unhappy people. Have confidence in your work and just ignore them.
PeaceTrain · 2008-11-29: 04:39
betsymurphy Excellent editing!
Great Art!
Remember insecure people need to trash others to feel good about themselves!
betsymurphy · 2008-11-29: 04:56
Sicams Adorei suas fotos... você é muito criativo nos efeitos.
Sicams · 2008-11-29: 06:52
MeusCorpus There is never any need to be rude....there is a nice way to approach just about any excuses.
MeusCorpus · 2008-11-29: 06:59
wfrnk I agree with PeaceTrain and Betsymurphy. Your pictures are very good! :-)
wfrnk · 2008-11-29: 07:20
sendao thanks everyone;have a great day!
I really like you feed back,god bless you all!...
sendao · 2008-11-29: 08:48
????? very nice
????? · 2008-11-29: 11:06
Saeedeh nice effect..no2 is great
Saeedeh · 2008-11-29: 13:49
glennis Constructive criticism--yes, rude and hurtful remarks-- no, but then that's just my opinion!
glennis · 2008-11-29: 14:36
finbarr nice work!!!
finbarr · 2008-11-29: 17:37
mindysue I HATE rude comments!!!
I think you deserve to be treated with respect, If someone doesn't like a photo then my opinion is don't look at it and don't leave a rude comment, after all ones mans trash may be another mans treasure!
I think your photos are worthy of respect! AND are great! :):):):)
mindysue · 2008-11-29: 20:05
hsnpictures nice photos #3
no comments about the situation::I didn't really understand
hsnpictures · 2008-11-30: 07:13
sendao thank you very very much!
I hope the game is over!...
sendao · 2008-11-30: 19:29
somogyvari My answer is here,in the comments.
somogyvari · 2008-12-01: 05:25
Mediterraneo66 Good work
Mediterraneo66 · 2008-12-01: 11:52
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