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armando · 2014-08-11: 10:06
armando Interesting, because the north and center of Portugal has a huge influence Celta.
Our Bagpipes are also a single tube.
see: http://youtu.be/k5UhNpGHdD4
SADHYA · 2014-07-21: 17:07
SADHYA Thank you Shane. I must have jangled my coccyx when I landed as I now have pain when I sit, so progress is slow. I think it is just a matter of letting the healing happen at the appropriate rate. Probably good for me to slow down a bit!
SADHYA · 2014-06-29: 15:53
#2 favourited. Can "smell" all that nature from here.
So pleased!
Sadly these lilies have no scent, but sufficient beauty to get away with it!
SADHYA · 2014-06-26: 10:37
SADHYA Thank you Shane. If you look at my picture of 22 June you will see that I am not too good at the moment, but hopeful of improvement soon.
steveandjustyna · 2014-06-24: 15:48
Congratulations! I favourited this shot only yesterday. ;-)a
Thank you agaın!!
steveandjustyna · 2014-06-23: 09:49
Super! #5 into the favourites.
Gracias & Merci!!! A wonderful and absolutely magic place...
GranAbby · 2014-06-19: 10:17
Reply ⇔ Camden Market
It's been a long time since I've seen Camden Market! Thanks for this set.
You are very welcome :) I enjoyed my day there...
EvaLizette · 2014-06-19: 04:36
EvaLizette You moved to Norway or vacation ?
EvaLizette · 2014-06-19: 03:03
Reply ⇔ Street cat...
A feline littlest hobo!
Oh yes she sure is! :)
marilynx · 2014-06-18: 16:53
marilynx Interesting shot means exactly that - there isn't a lot more to say about it! What would you say if I had posted it!
It's rather gray!