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A different point of view (theme)

worth enlarging
this is the same photo cropped in two different ways. which do you prefer? and why?
And all I wanted to say was that I love you
But you tell me now you don't believe it's true
You got a different, a different
A different point of view
You got a different
Point of view

pet shop boys
oakley Very nice!
oakley · 2008-12-03: 00:37
asiamack WoW..wOw... great pix & very nice lyrics.
asiamack · 2008-12-03: 00:56
mystic1 Wow very cool Pete
mystic1 · 2008-12-03: 02:16
camilleauteuil very beautiful ! you become more and more a poet, congrats !
camilleauteuil · 2008-12-03: 03:14
jet28 Wow! Great shots for theme.
jet28 · 2008-12-03: 03:14
somogyvari Wonderful pics!
somogyvari · 2008-12-03: 05:08
whitestone I would definitely prefer the first one, the panorama. It gives the beauty much more space. althought the second has the advantage of having more variation... still the first one!:D
whitestone · 2008-12-03: 05:31
TIM927 first one, we have too much details on the second one that distract us from the beautiful sunset....I see 1 and feel breathless...I see 2 and my mind wanders around thinkign if that grass there is the same we have here ;) great set Pete
TIM927 · 2008-12-03: 05:50
Riyaz Great theme post Pete! Yes No 1 for me please! the cropping has made that difference.!
Riyaz · 2008-12-03: 06:17
????? It's no. 1 !
There is a better composition with the sun, which is too centered in no. 2.
I like the tight cropping in no.1.
????? · 2008-12-03: 06:52
davids good shot - I like the first crop. I tend to prefer landscapes in landscape format and this panorama is a nice example.
davids · 2008-12-03: 07:37
jokery i prefer #1 for the wide perspective and spaciousness
jokery · 2008-12-03: 08:08
DancingDolphin #1, horizontal is how our eye tends to naturally see things outdoors unless there's a specific image (tree, etc.) to focus on.... the subject is the sunset and the second shot has too many other things going on (we wouldn't "naturally" look up and down, seeing the grass for example).
DancingDolphin · 2008-12-03: 08:25
tbranscum Yes, #1. I like the sunset being to the side. When the sunset is centered it is too busy.
tbranscum · 2008-12-03: 09:48
betsymurphy I like #1, it focuses more on the sunset
betsymurphy · 2008-12-03: 10:07
Evelio the first one. because of colours
Evelio · 2008-12-03: 11:07
Jarvo Both are good, but I prefer number 1 for the same reason I prefer widescreen tv to conventional - our eyes are configured for a wider rather than a taller view.
Jarvo · 2008-12-03: 13:33
redro wow, the first one is great ! Great colours and composition.
redro · 2008-12-03: 14:31
Unchained Great pictures, love it!
Unchained · 2008-12-03: 14:43
tomie both are beautiful!
tomie · 2008-12-03: 18:57
Jannie I prefer the 2nd shot. A big sunset deserves a big format, it really gives us the scale. Beautiful shot!!
Jannie · 2008-12-03: 20:26
shonajean Breathtaking!
shonajean · 2008-12-04: 03:37
slowpete thank you all
slowpete · 2008-12-04: 03:56
SheriJ I like the 1st one. I have cropped many sun rise shots like the 1st one here. The 2nd shot shows too much ucky foreground the foreground isn't much to look at. If the foreground had been water with a nice sunrise reflection now that would have been worth keeping the foreground. Also too much sky in the 2nd. If there would have been some action going on in the sky a storm or something the sky would have been worth keeping,but since it is an over cast day it is best to crop out the white wash. Also cropping to off center the sun draws ones eye to the photo to have a look around. The sun in the center makes a girl go cross eyed?
SheriJ · 2008-12-05: 08:25
Azarak I prefer the first one. But both are beatiful!
Azarak · 2008-12-06: 13:35
Nesta beautiful shots Pete! especially the first one-went to my favs ^^
great composition and colours
Nesta · 2008-12-07: 09:14
????? The first is powerful, clean composition, glorification of sunset. The second is nice, but the first is amazing.
????? · 2009-02-19: 15:07
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