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Mirror I am seeing a new reflection

if you look carefully you will see me in the reflection. I tried out the "negative" feature on the Mobile phone
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Have I got it?
'Cause Mirror you've always told me who I am
I'm finding it's not easy to be perfect
So sorry you won't define me
Sorry you don't own me

Who are you to tell me
That I'm less than what I should be?
Who are you? Who are you?
I don't need to listen
To the list of things I should do
I won't try, I won't try

Barlow girl
davidcardona Great concept! Excellent work. Thanks a lot for sharing!
davidcardona · 2009-03-11: 02:31
dreadwear Interesting and spooky photo! Nice.
dreadwear · 2009-03-11: 03:08
camilleauteuil I'm looking very carefully ... I think I guess you ... ( ...? )
But I'm sure that it's a very nice picture !
camilleauteuil · 2009-03-11: 03:09
mystic1 I tried the reflection shot on the cell did not turn out haha Thats interesting shot that you took, is it from the cell pete
mystic1 · 2009-03-11: 04:58
noptek Cool picture
noptek · 2009-03-11: 05:42
TIM927 At first sight I though I was watching through a microscope,,and now you tell me I have to look for u there???? No way Pete, I can´t sorry,,all my mind sees here now are microbes, bacilus and amoebas,,,and I trully have the impression that it shoudl be easier to find you in that photo, but u woke up my imagination lol

You got up creative today:) not sure if that is good for a crazy scientist hahhaa
But don´t worry it is full moon today, you will luckily go back to your normal state tomorow :))))
TIM927 · 2009-03-11: 05:46
lookagain Hmm...very interesting and imaginitive shot! Couldn't find you, but do see lots of other faces and forms the longer I look - pretty cool!!
lookagain · 2009-03-11: 09:03
lennonf Weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should we be worried?
lennonf · 2009-03-11: 11:09
betsymurphy Very different!!!
But I can't find you
betsymurphy · 2009-03-11: 11:39
urmysunshine Great work!!~
urmysunshine · 2009-03-11: 12:41
????? interesting concept the poem would be very fitting for one of my latest posts
????? · 2009-03-11: 13:39
busybee36 An unusual theme post (and no, I couldn't quite see you in there!)
busybee36 · 2009-03-11: 14:06
onlymehdi this is very cool
onlymehdi · 2009-03-11: 15:53
onlyricky amazing:D
nice pic for the theme
i've watched it about 5 min and i still couldnt find you :P
onlyricky · 2009-03-11: 15:55
Wasichseh You need a lot of fantasy, very interesting, great shot!
Wasichseh · 2009-03-11: 18:27
Aghdam Good Idea and Good work!!
Aghdam · 2009-03-11: 18:45
????? Wow!
Beautiful and very original!
????? · 2009-03-11: 19:03
DancingDolphin You're getting quite creative with that phone! I took a shot today but forgot to get it off the phone... I'll do that!
DancingDolphin · 2009-03-11: 20:42
sunshineand i like it...very creative.

but, i don't see you there.
sunshineand · 2009-03-11: 20:53
tomie you look special on this shot! :))
tomie · 2009-03-11: 21:47
slowpete thank you all
added a note to help find me
slowpete · 2009-03-12: 03:11
Nellinka Hilarious idea! =D
Unfortunately I have such a simple little phone that it has no camera function. But I'm absolutely satisfied with it. ;)
Nellinka · 2009-03-13: 07:04
????? Nice efect! Great result! :)
????? · 2009-03-15: 18:44
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