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This was taken on Kohala Ranch (where Gregg's parents live). I was just interested in the graphics of the fencelines all around the mountain. Their dog and I walked the fenceline of the property and took pictures all morning. It was perfect.
PEXRI nice composition
PEXRI · 2008-02-01: 12:44
DancingDolphin I love this... great graphics, great colors, great shadow! I want to be there!!
DancingDolphin · 2008-02-01: 13:46
Saipanhohhot Superb contast of the white fence and the blue sky. Fanastic!
Saipanhohhot · 2008-02-01: 14:24
lexlevans more than perfect - heavenly. next time please take ME!!! :-) i love the way the fence looks too - and against that fabulous blue sky! maybe i'll just show up on their doorstep and say i know you... then they'd have to take me in! haha :-)
lexlevans · 2008-02-01: 15:03
tbranscum This is beautiful! The sky is amazing!
tbranscum · 2008-02-01: 15:35
paintbox The fence is beautiful against the green and the ENDLESS blue. Love you, Mom
paintbox · 2008-02-01: 15:41
eljapa Beautiful compostion!
eljapa · 2008-02-01: 16:06
rolpa Fabulous composition. Love the feeling of space!
rolpa · 2008-02-01: 19:42
PaperWings beautiful color. Perfect. :)
PaperWings · 2008-02-01: 20:21
sunshineand beatiful!
i could go for a few days there about now
sunshineand · 2008-02-01: 21:55
photopoet The fence line is exquisitely beautiful. And the colours are so vibrant. Bravo.
photopoet · 2008-02-01: 21:57
aknor Nicely composed there, S.A., I love the way it draws you down the hill towards the ocean!!
aknor · 2008-02-01: 22:44
cobaltbutterfly That looks too perfect to be a photo. PCA
cobaltbutterfly · 2008-02-01: 23:21
vollenda Beautiful lines and colors! The green and blue are gorgeous.
vollenda · 2008-02-02: 00:48
etodd80 What a perfect shot. So simple, but it also draws you in to look a bit closer. Great lines.
etodd80 · 2008-02-02: 01:38
Agodashi Fantastic shot, very clean!
Agodashi · 2008-02-02: 02:17
MHJphotos This is indeed a fantastic composition. The colors of the Deep blue sky, and wonderful greens in the grass really make this wonderful fence pop! And the fence line just draws you in ...

Wonderful job!
MHJphotos · 2008-02-02: 12:47
tomie yes, it was perfect (shot)! great composition and colors! may be a little less sky for my opinion...if i may have an opinion in front of your talent!
tomie · 2008-02-02: 16:36
shiqin oh i love the blues, greens and whites. too perfect! =D
shiqin · 2008-02-03: 10:48
TheCrazyCroat This is so beautiful I screamed when the picture opened up on my screen. I've been reading about smaller apertures a lot lately and trying to expand my horizons from f/2.8 for everything. The clarity over the whole pic is beautiful. Thank you to one amazing photographer. Your work is amazing.
TheCrazyCroat · 2008-02-03: 19:08
Jannie Beautiful shot! The fence line just makes it perfect!!
Jannie · 2008-02-03: 23:08
veganess What a beautiful view. The fenceline just draws you to the ocean.
veganess · 2008-02-03: 23:21
goosh7795 You put the professional photographer to shame!
goosh7795 · 2008-02-08: 23:33
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