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37.Happy Diwali

Diya, traditionally made of soil, cotton wick, fuel is ghee.., now-a-days, many different kind of fanciful diyas have come, but none beat the beauty of the soil lamp. Candles are also used alongside.
Well electrical musical lights, have added on to the list of things for decoration. these are set up 3-4 days before the day.
Different houses, different lights... these light stay up all night, and people put these up these very meticulously.
Some fireworks, day before. had taken these yesterday, ob Cot16/09.
People cant stop celebrating, can they?
Well, today is the day of the main celebration, i expect there are going to be better showcase of these fireworks. Got my finger crossed.
Diwali or Deepawali, literally meaning 'row of lamps', is the Festival of Lights, celebrated by many religions, but in Hinduism celebrated for the return of Lord Rama from his exile, and death of the demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna.
Celebrated on the new moon at the end of Ashwin month as per Indian lunar calendar, falling around October/November as per Gregorian calender

It is, as in all religions, believed that beyond one's physical being is something pure, infinite and everlasting- atma or soul. Diwali is the celebration of this inner self, this inner light, which outshones the darkness, battles all the obstacles, dispelling all the ignorance.

Special worship is done for the departed souls, remembering them and praying for their happiness.

Lakshmi Puja is done. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. many North Indian businessmen start their new financial year in this day.

And of course, people gotta have fun, out come the fireworks. Aerial and ground displays of fine fireworks.

SADHYA Oh I loved Diwali when I was in Pune. A bit scary going down town because of all the fire crackers being thrown about. Lovely pictures Soubhagya, but they lack the noise and the smell of smoke sadly.
SADHYA · 2009-10-17: 03:35
lucygriffith Great to see these! So nice to get a 'flavour' of Diwali. Enjoy the celebrations.
lucygriffith · 2009-10-17: 04:18
onlyricky it is amazing!
Now i learned something new!
Happy Diwali to you!
onlyricky · 2009-10-17: 09:08
????? fabulous photos, you caught the lighting perfectly!~
????? · 2009-10-17: 09:49
jessicashan ahhh,, i know this festival,,,, hope ur life filled with brightness,
jessicashan · 2009-10-17: 10:09
livelovelaugh What a beautiful celebration. You are right, maybe it is called something different, but many of our beliefs are similar. Wonderful photos for the Festival of Lights. Happy Diwali. :)
livelovelaugh · 2009-10-17: 10:13
????? the last one is lovely:---)
????? · 2009-10-17: 10:25
smbunation Excellent post. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
smbunation · 2009-10-17: 10:41
????? Great!! I love these informative posts :-)
????? · 2009-10-17: 13:47
????? great shots, and interesting, hope you have a great festival.
????? · 2009-10-17: 14:34
????? Beautiful shots!
????? · 2009-10-17: 14:50
yellodog Super post!
yellodog · 2009-10-17: 15:26
????? the last one shot is the best :)
????? · 2009-10-17: 17:33
pickledherring Wishing you a very Happy Diwali. Sorry i am a little late though.
pickledherring · 2009-10-17: 20:20
????? Wow. #2 and #3 are GREAT! I love them. So interesting learning of different events around the world! Nice job. Great exposure.
????? · 2009-10-17: 21:52
Latecomer Wonderful. Thanks very much for the explanation
Latecomer · 2009-10-18: 02:04
jet28 Very interesting post - wonderful shots!
jet28 · 2009-10-18: 03:17
jennye great shots!...thank you for the explanation.
Happy Diwali
jennye · 2009-10-18: 04:12
alessio i like the last one!!
alessio · 2009-10-18: 04:48
Crustopher Looks like a beautiful time of year!
Crustopher · 2009-10-18: 23:56
Karol Nice
Karol · 2009-10-18: 23:57
ashika wonderful set of photographs!
belated Happy Diwali wishes to you.......
ashika · 2009-10-19: 07:13
lookagain Lovely and exciting images!!
lookagain · 2009-10-19: 08:18
MojaMia great set!
MojaMia · 2009-10-22: 09:12
kodachromelives wow the city has gone all out
kodachromelives · 2009-10-22: 23:09
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