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lucygriffith · 2010-07-24: 03:58
Reply ⇔ Street Artists
these are too good!
These guys were very good! They must practice for hours!
redro · 2010-07-23: 17:48
redro my name is rodica ...that's why red-ro...is your real name soubhagya ?
manuele · 2010-07-23: 04:31
All in all, visually it is very appealing! The mountains surrounded by clouds, and an efficient conversion to black and white has taken advantage of the contrast.
A little bit of noise would have been awesome.

The question comes own to the composition, i guess ur vanage poi...
thank you for your visit and then to comment
redro · 2010-07-22: 22:36
so drastic change in seasons! dont u always get lost like every 6 months? ;)
...I wish ! ...And trying , but not always succeeding...
farley · 2010-07-18: 20:00
Reply ⇔ Toy Soldier
it kind of reminds me of toy story 1!
yeah except this one is bigger than the ones on toy story (the green ones). i used to play with those toys when i was little boy :-)
farley · 2010-07-18: 19:58
Reply ⇔ Reflection
i love the framing in 2nd!
thanks a lot
iluvpics21 · 2010-07-18: 13:23
Reply ⇔ White Rose
sweet and tender!
Thanks Soub : )
????? · 2010-07-18: 12:32
WOW these are brilliant! Awesome actually!
Thanks very much!! Glad you enjoyed them :-)
atszabo · 2010-07-17: 18:10
atszabo I cannot be bothered with technical details like that! (Boring, boring, boring!) That's why I have an automatic camera, that I don't have to bother my pretty little head with these... it is true, the light was very bright, and I guess I could have adjusted it during post procession... Now I remember you have been bothered by high contrast on my pictures before! I need to remember that! Thanks!
atszabo · 2010-07-17: 17:51
hehe! nice try! but the picture is about 2/3 EV overexposed!
What is 2/3 EV, Honey?