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My fridge

from the outside.
Erm, this should not be taken as any indication that I've had my fill of fridge magnets. Not at all. As the Pepsi ad. says "Yeh dil maange more!" (This (my) heart asks for more).
sanchia I just looked very carefully to make sure you didn't already have the latest one I've got for you, and thankfully, you don't! :D

By the way, megaera, portreeslim and Bouds also had a hand in your midge!
sanchia · 2008-12-03: 07:50
rezinka Soul, if you want one of Prague too, just PM me your address!
rezinka · 2008-12-03: 07:53
anoopb very interesting... :)
anoopb · 2008-12-03: 07:54
SoulCurry Sanch, you got one for me! you're a sweetie, mwah-mwah!

Rez, uh, umm, okay, if you insist :D (See PM on TT)

Thanks, Anoop.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 08:00
SoulCurry ps: thanks, Megs, Slim & Boudi.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 08:00
DutchCookie cute collection. I do think it needs a dutch windmill or clogs though. No fridge can be without, don't you think?
DutchCookie · 2008-12-03: 08:29
SoulCurry Absolutely, Cooks! Although, I might point out the Dutch cheese - top right, picture #2.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 08:37
wapsy I am so jealous of everyone's massive fridges!

wapsy · 2008-12-03: 08:40
wapsy want a London one? See if I can find a canal boat maybe.
wapsy · 2008-12-03: 08:42
snkysally This is really weird! Just yesterday I was buying a magnet for someone and thought of suggesting a magnet exchange! If you want one, send me your address! I'll send you one from New Hampshire (US).
snkysally · 2008-12-03: 08:58
SoulCurry See, that's the problem, Waps & Sally. I'd love to receive magnets, but we don't have any local ones. So I won't be able to reciprocate. And that's not cricket, in my book.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 09:09
cakemonkey Soul, I'd like to send one too - can you PM me your address?
cakemonkey · 2008-12-03: 09:19
SoulCurry Oh my god, you folks can't do this! Not when I just said I cannot reciprocate...
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 09:22
cakemonkey I wouldn't expect one in return.
cakemonkey · 2008-12-03: 09:22
SoulCurry I know, but....
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 09:25
websterella You have such a magnetic personality.
websterella · 2008-12-03: 09:29
SoulCurry Heh-heh, it takes one to know one, eh, Webs?
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 09:30
msdanarae I love your fridge! PM me your address and I'll send a snowy one from Minneapolis, Minnesota
msdanarae · 2008-12-03: 09:59
megaera I'm going to leave it to 'slim to explain why I find this photo so deeply upsetting!

And, repricocity be blowed, PM me your address too, and we'll see what we can find here. There still seems to be some fridge to fill, after all!
megaera · 2008-12-03: 10:01
Stav1 Yay, someone else did the *outside* of their fridge!
Stav1 · 2008-12-03: 10:24
GinCanada Send me your address, Soul, and I'll get you an Ottawa magnet. Do you want a tacky one or a 'serious' one? :o)
GinCanada · 2008-12-03: 10:29
wapsy go on. send me your address again. I really want to find a narrowboat one for you. You may never get it if I can't find it.
wapsy · 2008-12-03: 10:52
wapsy she'll be all magnatised out by the time we are finished with her.

wapsy · 2008-12-03: 11:01
Oweena Ms SoulCurry, your fridge magnets are organized!
On ours you can't see any white space between the photos and magnets. I'll have to take a photo of the outside of our fridge so you can see what a massive mess it is.

(And I'll send you a magnet from here if you send me your address. From one fellow fridge magnet collector to another.)
Oweena · 2008-12-03: 11:06
SoulCurry Well, the other side of my fridge is still virgin territory!
I am overwhelmed by the kindness shown here... and God knows this is not the first time.
Now each one of you who offered to send me a magnet, please please PM me your addresses in return. I may not be able to send you a magnet, but a different sort of slice of Shimla, won't hurt.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 11:17
Oweena What is the magnet in photo #3 just to the upper left of the Italian plant fossil magnet?
Oweena · 2008-12-03: 12:10
Kneazle Yep I was just thinking there aren't any from NZ so PM me your address & I'll send you one - we have great magnets!
Kneazle · 2008-12-03: 13:24
megaera I've even phoned D (not a common event!) and asked him to find a Scottish one; he says he'll return on Saturday with either a magnet in his hands, or his head there, muttering 'shit, I knew there was something...'
megaera · 2008-12-03: 15:33
SoulCurry Oweena, that a Chinese porcelain magnet showing my astrology type - fire. Bought in Singapore, I think.

Megs, :D You're a brick!

Kneazle, thanks!!
SoulCurry · 2008-12-03: 21:57
PhotoFrame Hi! Leaving a comment so you can add me...

PhotoFrame · 2008-12-04: 01:25
Quailia The so-called "Dutch Cheese" one looks like fettucine.

I'm going to PM you, we have much prettier ones here.
Quailia · 2008-12-04: 08:00
portreeslim The reason megs found this upsetting is because she is anal-compulsive and the magnets would have to line up. Perfectly. And probably be aphabetical, or by location, or........ It usually only takes her a few minutes to notice- and scream- when I accidently set one askew.
portreeslim · 2008-12-10: 12:03
SoulCurry She's actually extracted a promise from me, Slim, that when she sends me a magnet, I will set right all the ones that are currently set in drunken angles....
SoulCurry · 2008-12-11: 07:52
TWOZEES THAT is a bunch of magnets!
TWOZEES · 2010-01-16: 20:19
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