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Ghare... a shelf that tells you the tale of my life.
Baire... A view of Tara Hall School
The Home and the World: this was the name of a story written by Rabindranath Tagore. Based in the early 20th century, the story espoused the then controversial cause of women stepping out of home & hearth, of women making choices.
As women of the 21st century, we face no such issues. We are free, free to grab our cameras and search the home and the world to seek images that capture us...
megaera On the subject of choices, I am bemused. You live in India, yet you have Liptons tea, which is possibly the worst tea in the world. Coloured water. Gnat's p*ss. Please tell me it was an unwanted gift? Or that you don't like tea and only keep it for show?

(Nice photos, and all that, of course!)
megaera · 2008-12-06: 07:46
SoulCurry Listen, Megs, read my lips: I adore Lipton's Darjeeling! Could it be that the one in India tastes better than the one in UK? (This subject demands empirical analysis).
SoulCurry · 2008-12-06: 07:50
megaera Thankfully, you can't the dire stuff here very easily. Maybe an American or Canadian could send you some? And, of course, to ensure you drink it the American way, don't boil the water.

I shall send you some English tea (well, Indian tea, for English palates), which is a bit like sending coals to Newcastle, but never mind.
megaera · 2008-12-06: 08:01
megaera can't... GET ... the dire
megaera · 2008-12-06: 08:01
SoulCurry Megs, I find myself Americanised in a small way: note a) the pancake mix, b) the peanut butter & c) Hershey's chocolate sauce.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-06: 08:05
Liiisa I was wondering about the Lipton's tea too! Too funny. And I need to take responsibility and send you and Kneazle some decent maple syrup.

It's sad, the thing of losing the ex-in-laws' traditional foods. What I lost from my divorce was the best pecan pie on the planet (made by his stepmother, with a lard crust and a wonderful filling) and his dad's killer capirinhas.
Liiisa · 2008-12-06: 08:20
megaera Soul, I forgive you the American foodstuffs, because you still spell correctly, without using random zeds. (Not, of course, zees)
megaera · 2008-12-06: 08:25
cakemonkey I was also surprised by the Lipton's box. I no longer drink regular tea but when I did my heart would sink if I was offered a cup of tea and that infamous yellow tag would be hanging from the bag.
cakemonkey · 2008-12-06: 09:01
SoulCurry Oh, but these aren't tea bags. These are tea leaves.... and really, not bad at all... veyr mild flavour & fragrance. (My mother calls it dishwater in porcelain).
SoulCurry · 2008-12-06: 09:17
rezinka Since discussing quality of bag teas: what do you think of Dilmah´s? Their Ceylon Supreme is not that bad at all...
rezinka · 2008-12-06: 09:49
SoulCurry Well, Rez, I don't like Sri Lankan tea that much. Ditto Assam tea (they're close in flavour). Darjeeling Rules.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-06: 10:59
elldee Another one expressing surprise at the Lipton tea. Send me your address and I'll post you some Ringtons, which imo is far superior!
elldee · 2008-12-06: 12:53
megaera I like Assam. I even like Darjeeling. But not if it's made by Liptons. But I intend to send Yorkshire tea (they grow a lot of it there!) which will strip the roof of your mouth!
megaera · 2008-12-06: 13:22
sanchia Forget the Lipton tea (though I think Mr Sanchia will be upset at that)--I'm a mite alarmed at the Bru coffee!
sanchia · 2008-12-06: 15:04
SoulCurry I should send each one of you packets of Kangra Tea. The nectar of gods, really.
SoulCurry · 2008-12-07: 07:07
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