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Experiments with fire

My friends think I've finally gone 100% batty. This weekend, instead of dancing around, sipping chaang (a horrible rice-based country liquor), eating momos and enjoying the bonfire, I got obsessed with faces I thought I could see inside the fire.
One of the pictures may give you a vague idea of a face... The experiment was, nevertheless, most entertaining.
Quailia Is it bad that I see faces in both, without the benefit of chaang?

great shots
Quailia · 2009-01-14: 05:32
sanchia I see a face in one and an elephant in the other.
sanchia · 2009-01-14: 05:41
Sevenapples Lovely focal work.
Sevenapples · 2009-01-14: 05:42
megaera I've found a teepee in one, and a face in the other. I can spend hours at home staring into our fire just to see what's there.
megaera · 2009-01-14: 06:44
thisismizb yes, most entertaining- and it didn't even involve a bong, either, did it? ;-)
thisismizb · 2009-01-14: 08:56
SoulCurry Erm, no. No Bong. Only some Maharashtrians, Mallus, Tam-brams, Punjoos & Surdies. But, MizB, why do I get the feeling we're talking about two entirely different things with reference to the word ''bong''?!
SoulCurry · 2009-01-14: 09:52
websterella I would be doing the same thing Soul. My brother thought I was wacko for bringing Champagne and then spending a lot of time trying to photograph the bubbles.
websterella · 2009-01-14: 11:08
Stav1 The first one is lovely. The second is freaking me out!
Stav1 · 2009-01-14: 11:39
DutchCookie I love staring into fires. It's like meditation
DutchCookie · 2009-01-14: 13:01
snkysally Agree cookie. Such a relaxing way to spend an evening. I've seen evil faces in fires before too though (and jolly ones as well). Some poeple just aren't creative enough to look for them too.
snkysally · 2009-01-14: 14:10
snkysally And what's a bong to you, soul?
snkysally · 2009-01-14: 14:11
SoulCurry snkysally, a Bong for me is a Bengali, a resident of the state of West Bengal. And for you?
SoulCurry · 2009-01-15: 00:27
bouds A bong is a water pipe, usually used to smoke pot.

I see a face out of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
bouds · 2009-01-15: 01:24
SoulCurry Ohhhhh, so that's what your bong means! Thanks for the explanation, Boudi!
SoulCurry · 2009-01-15: 04:53
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