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Student rally = nostalgia!

Members of the leftist "Students Federation of India" took out a rally the other day. They were protesting government inaction over the death of a young student by ragging.
Ragging's a disgusting ''tradition'' wherein a group of senior students force newbies in a college to undergo "punishment" of some sort or the other. Sometimes it's light-hearted fun, but a lot of times, it is a thinly-disguised form of sexual & emotional abuse.
Goverment's now threatened to withdraw all financial aid to colleges where ragging is reported.
Too little, too late.

I felt nostalgic seeing this rally because I've participated in a few myself as a student in the dim, dark past!
Tulpje Haven't seen a student rally in Holland ever. We are spoilt brats, fact.
Tulpje · 2009-03-16: 08:14
SoulCurry Seriously, Tulip?
SoulCurry · 2009-03-16: 08:26
elldee I marched against the introduction of tuition fees back in the day (1998 I guess), but can't say I've seen a rally here in ages.
elldee · 2009-03-16: 10:42
moxxxie I went to a school famous for it's rallys and protests. All of the ones without guns were fine. ;) Good for them to care enough to put down the latte and take to the streets! We call that hazing here and it still, unfortunately, happens in the sororities and fraternaties.
moxxxie · 2009-03-16: 11:38
websterella Never been to a protest. Supposedly there was one on my campus when they threatened to close the after hours eatery in one of the cafeterias. But someone smart just did a cost analysis and showed them that more students eat there than in the actual cafeteria. So they closed the cafeteria and opened the off hours sandwich place from 6am to midnight and expanded the menu to inclued a buffet breakfast.
websterella · 2009-03-16: 12:32
SoulCurry My first rally was in under-grad days to protest college admin's inaction over hygeine! My second really huge one was in Univ., protesting the US intervention in Panama (1989)!!
After that, I took part desultorily in rallies, but my heart wasn't in them: getting an A+ was fr more important and you didn't goof around with such a goal!
SoulCurry · 2009-03-16: 13:22
megaera Ellie makes me feel old; I can remember protesting against the end of grants, which was long before fees. In fact, for a significant amount of my life, every protest I went on was anti-Thatcher in some way - from 'Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher' when I was at school, and she was education minister, to 'Thatcher, Thatcher, grant snatcher' twenty years later.
megaera · 2009-03-16: 14:06
Oweena Looks like a nice protest.
Unfortunately my experience with protests=riots=being tear gassed.
Oweena · 2009-03-16: 14:08
SoulCurry Most rallies are peaceful given our historic memory (Gandhi, civil disobedience, etc!) and also because students today are smart enough to realise that even one night in jail can mean problems with future employment and passports and so on :)
SoulCurry · 2009-03-18: 05:14
DutchCookie Tulpje, there have been student rallies in the NL, but nothing really serious or photogenic like these ;-)
DutchCookie · 2009-03-19: 04:29
Romily I've been to lots of rallies in the 80s as a teenager - grew up close to the wall to East Germany, so the whole cold war nuclear threat was a big scare. I could remember many nights were I couldn't sleep because I thought the bomb would come...My Mum was very active and we went for easter protests, often organised by the church, against the stationing of pershing missiles locally. And then there were the green demos, against a planned local nuclear waste dump.

These were the days!
Romily · 2009-03-20: 17:59
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