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Limited Edition Self-Portrait.

Early morning hair... Enough to make you avoid the mirror for the rest of your days.
In my next life I want to be either her or her!
Tulpje Soul. Yuo are absolutely gorgious. Just look at you, you are stunning!! If you can't see that... we'll just have to help yuo see that. I like your saree too!
Tulpje · 2009-03-27: 07:10
websterella Beautiful saree.
websterella · 2009-03-27: 09:28
megaera Okay, so it's not the car that has them queueing down the street at all. Everything Tulip said.
megaera · 2009-03-27: 09:51
cakemonkey You are gorgeous! I love that saree too - it doesn't look dull to me.
cakemonkey · 2009-03-27: 09:58
Stav1 I love it, but then almost all my clothes are neutrals so I'm biased in their favor. And you are gorgeous too - I swear, I think y'all are so pretty I don't qualify to post here!
Stav1 · 2009-03-27: 10:11
wapsy God, you are positively YUMMY! :D
wapsy · 2009-03-27: 10:18
DutchCookie holy smokes you're gorgeous. yes, your saree too, but you are positively smokin'! yes i will marry you!!!
DutchCookie · 2009-03-27: 12:02
elldee Drop dead gorgeous - you and the saree! I really don't know why you don't like your own photograph.
elldee · 2009-03-27: 13:08
truenic OK-I know everyone has already said it but seriously, the first word that popped into my head was GORGEOUS! Beautiful face, cute bod and I'm a sucker for a saree. (I sound like a guy trying to pick you up, don't I?)
truenic · 2009-03-27: 13:12
SoulCurry You kind folks are going wayyyy overboard with your compliments. I have eyes in my head, okay?!
But yes, the saree is pretty, even if a tad dull in colour.
Cookie, you'll marry me?? Yee-ha! We shall live happily ever after....

Nic, hon, is that what a guy says when he's trying to pick up a girl? I wouldn't know. Nobody's ever tried it with me :(
SoulCurry · 2009-03-27: 13:44
Tulpje Common Soul, please see what we see. Cookie is turning gay for you. If that doesn't do it for you, what else will!! (The girl has high standards!!) :-D
Tulpje · 2009-03-27: 14:15
snkysally If this is one of your more boring sarees, I can't imagine what a knockout you are when you really "dress up". You're gorgeous, soul!
snkysally · 2009-03-27: 15:46
portreeslim I knew you had a great eye for taking pictures, but how come you can see beauty everywhere but in the mirror. You be blind, girl.
portreeslim · 2009-03-27: 17:55
????? Hello gorgeous!! That sari is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see a colorful one.
????? · 2009-03-27: 17:59
moxxxie Slim is a gentleman, a scholar, and a red-blooded heterosexual male. Listen to him. You are gorgeous, all the more so since it is the woman and not the clothing. BTW, I would kill for your hair.

If this is a dull saree, can we see your favorite turquoise one??
moxxxie · 2009-03-27: 22:47
whortleberry You're gorgeous! Love the saree too :o)
whortleberry · 2009-03-28: 01:46
rezinka WOW! You are a stunner, Soul! And the saree is very elegant. Shame Cookie has proposed first!:-)
rezinka · 2009-03-28: 06:07
megaera Jen, thank you.
Soul, I think you can safely say two American admirers now!
megaera · 2009-03-28: 06:30
rezinka Soul, darling, your early morning hair looks exactly like my "going out" hair...
rezinka · 2009-03-29: 03:10
sarez oh wow...a beautiful face to the name after all these years!
sarez · 2009-03-29: 08:59
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