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Street snacks.

I wasn't going to post this picture as it's too cluttered with too many things happening in it and the tree dominating people unnecessarily. But then, I realised that it's a good record of the multiple activities happening. See notes!
The words in red say "Shimla's Famous Chaat". Chaat is a uniquely Indian savoury snack. The word is derived from from Hindi cāṭ (to lick!) and from ancient Prakrit caṭṭei which means to devour with relish, eat noisily!!
The stall in this picture sells a concoction of fresh fruit (papaya, banana, mango, musk melon, pomegranate etc.) chopped up and garnished with rock salt, red chilli powder, cummin-seed powder and a few drops of lemon juice. Another variety is cucumbers
Pieces of fresh coconut, or mango for those who don't like chaat. I find this vendor very statesman-like in demeanour. He's tall and neat as a pin. His clothes are always freshly-laundered and his beard neatly trimmed.
Street food is not always cooked stuff. It can also be fruit, chopped up and seasoned with salt, spices and a squeeze of lemon. (Why must Indians spice up everything they eat beats me!).
rezinka Now I´m really jealous. All the fresh fruit abundance makes me drool uncontrollably.
rezinka · 2009-05-13: 03:09
Tulpje Mmmm, I love fruit!
Tulpje · 2009-05-13: 04:03
phona Fruit with salt and spices sounds interesting. Must give it a try.
phona · 2009-05-13: 05:38
megaera That first one is how I think of India; bustling and colourful.
megaera · 2009-05-13: 05:43
websterella I would love to have some of that coconut. No one here eats coconut like that, but when I was growing up there was a woman in our neighborhood who would give us coconut chunks. She said it would make our hair lovely.
websterella · 2009-05-13: 09:02
truenic that fresh fruit mix with salt and cumin sounds awesome!
truenic · 2009-05-13: 12:50
thisismizb what truenic said!
thisismizb · 2009-05-13: 13:28
DutchCookie Honestly SC, I think you should publish your pics and stories for anyone who wants to know what India/Shimla is about. I'll be your first buyer
DutchCookie · 2009-05-13: 14:03
scicaro Well strawberries are good with pepper so I suppose this could be good.
scicaro · 2009-05-13: 14:06
Oweena I definitely need some Chaat.
Oweena · 2009-05-13: 14:08
moxxxie That does sound really good.
moxxxie · 2009-05-13: 18:55
????? I really like that last picture. Very well done.
????? · 2009-05-16: 00:46
oteca life in india is very interesting.... i would like to visit those places
oteca · 2009-05-17: 15:41
????? Slurp, drool, drool.
????? · 2009-06-06: 11:35
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