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Young South looked the Laojun statues, Oh pointed the Laojun said: "You own quest for longevity, we can see the limitless robbery? In my opinion, this immeasurable

robbery you squarely in the sights go, as the altar to help me a hand? "

The Laojun statue remains the same smile, without a word, the side of Wholesale Womens Puma Future Cat 825 Shoes Yellow Red Black
all the priests, but all hearts whisper: 'leader had the mysterious Emperor divine the future

status under when not Laojun, no wonder talk to the founder, is also such a breath ...'

Young South Chang'an too Huang God and India, and finally resorted to shaking the sword cut off bite the Omen mother, and that good fortune divine thousands of years

for the first time appeared in the world, the mysterious name of the Emperor transmission really is also louder than what the leader of the bit !

Ancestor but the world of the ancestors of the sect, Young South accomplished mysterious Emperor successor, is the Buddha, Laojun met him to make him one of the

language, pointing to the Laojun speak on an equal footing is anything?

Qingyuan Road, others to follow suit, smiled and said: "The leader of future Wholesale Womens Puma Future Cat 825 Shoes Pink White Black
good fortune when not Laojun under the Dragon Zhenjun concept when based leader statue is,

and capacity disciples to find a jade carved body of law, and then enjoy the world of incense."

Young South shook his head, smiled and said: "Chun Kwan Temple of the Lord is the Spirit holy, I naturally Taoist disciple, how to enjoy the world incense? To worship,

then for the Spirit of St. wears like."

Qingyuan Taoist heard laughing is brilliant, the monks embodiment of the body where each other? For the Spirit of St. Zhenjun or worship leader no difference of Young

South difference is the world merit incense owned by Young South, the Red cause and effect, but owned by the holy spirit, the future to cut this dead
Occasion, that is, the things of the Spirit of St. Zhenjun ...

Speaking of the embodiment of Young South is actually turned his head and never complained about the side of the shrimp, chapter two guide asked: "old crab, which stay

ever come back?"

Shrimp guide shook his head: "intrinsic Xiaoye crab brother two with all Wholesale Womens Puma Future Cat 825 Shoes White BurlyWood
the bodyguard to a long time, just disappeared, Xiaoye down on the occasion I do not know

commanded them to do what crab brother grin, bear brother frown?"

With the main people to do things, a command to actually laugh to look bright and sunny, a commanding, strangely enough, with a worried frown, the wonders cautious,

such as hair shrimp command could not guess, would this not curious?
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