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Moment husky fellow eyes glared round, eyes full of fear and shock of color, piercing pain swept through like five bones of the body toward the body's limbs spread

from his rib. However, most of his deadly, he heard clearly, under the ribs of Wholesale Mens Nike LunarMax Shoes Gray Red Black
your body
Bone "cracking" breaking of the sound.
The fifth chapter we go!

Scholarly Uk Updated :2011-10-5 7:06:30 this chapter words: 3279

In front of the screen, moving backwards, the faint sound of the wind, so that the big guy face grew gray, intense pain that he gasped out a lump, prominent eyes, a

huge body upside down, almost instant, his body has been severely hit the concrete floor 45 meters away.

"Oh ......"

A blood from the mouth big guy spit his body to shake violently, and struggled to get from the ground up, but a flood of pain so that he almost choked, almost

exhausted the strength of the body, but struggled for a few or from the ground Wholesale Mens Nike LunarMax Shoes White Blue Black

Simple physical attack will definitely not happen this situation, Lu Feng to use the gas directly hitting the viscera!

The old housekeeper face the fear of color, a touch of bitterness from the mouth to glow.

, Is too strong!

He saw the big guy's strength, but in this puny guy Shoudi Xia, even one move did not support live, was hit inverted hematemesis, which was unbelievable, gave him the

shock and there is absolutely no less than ten earthquakes.

The old housekeeper behind a dozen black bodyguard, also reveal the fear of color, many of whom are contest and the big guy, let alone beat him, even want to wounded

him, and have to pay a painful price, but now he should be the homely guy punch put
Down, how is this possible? Is this guy is a monster incarnation?

Guards, it is the Guards!

An all-black bodyguard hard to believe that in this sparsely populated small alley, a small medical clinic, even hidden in a combat effectiveness powerful guy!

Many have heard and seen the appearance of the nine companions were wounded, Wholesale Mens Nike LunarSwift Shoes Gray Black
at first they are also dubious, expensive to hire the old housekeeper at a martial arts

master, and also whether some can not be set, but they finally understand, why the old the butler to bring this guy
, His eyes reveal a trace of trepidation color, and face angry is so conspicuous.

This guy is too strong, combat effectiveness is simply owned by non-human
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