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Comprehension for those who want to fly, it is necessary to build the base of the territory. Qin Dynasty can now, but the ordinary flight, you need a lot of strength,

unless as a last resort, most people are reluctant to use.

Another will use the shade of God to flight. Yin God move fast, drag with the Wholesale Womens Nike Shox R3 Shoes Gray Pink
shade of God incarnate into an aurora, and instantly leap thousands of miles.

Original White waited Huaniang, they is this way, appear and disappear.

Wake up, we are the way of the spirit of the times, while Ling from Hao Ming's arms to get free, an embarrassed look.

At this time, enterprises ho wait to come in front of Ling, said: "Ling, I am starving, and you cook it."

Ling said with a smile: "Well, you wait, I'll fire."

For a while, funny smell began to lure enterprises Hao their nose, Gu Yuan hard in the air suction good few mouthfuls, said: "Wow, Ling cooking really is not

blowing ah, Hao Ming, after you can be blessed. "

Hao Ming heard this, happy Zuidou split, said: "Yes ah, ha ha."

Jin in the side, said: "Hao Ming ah, since you have so good chef, then I Ching will happen Wholesale Womens Nike Shox R3 Shoes White Pink
to your home Cengfan eat."

Hao resigned look and said: "Even before Ling is not the time, you two did not eat rub my rub drink."

All this talking, but no sound gradually, because we all think of sunny, a worry in my heart all of a sudden all released.

Argus seems to see everyone's concern, he said with a smile: "If you worry about Hiu Ching Miss, it is no need, I can assure you she is now safe."

Jin said: "When are we going to be able to see clear?"

Argus said: "I have long said, when we are out of this Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, when you see Hiu Ching Miss.

Argus paused, then added: "And for Jin, Mr., I am afraid there is a bigger surprise waiting for you."

They listened, felt puzzled enterprises Hao said: "Argus, to talk to you so do not conceal it really do? Have nothing to say so."

Argus smiled and said: "really sorry, this is only the last Jin to know, I can Wholesale Womens Nike Shox R3 Shoes Black
only obey this command, otherwise, I can poll can not be maintained."

See Argus said so seriously, we all can not help wondering, in the end there will be the last what?

Hao Ming softly asked Jin: Jin, you have not thought out in the end what is the surprise? "

Jin shook his head, said: "I do not know, well, the initiative now in full control of his hands, he should not have said, that no matter how guess no use." Hao
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angeldevil1980 OMG just gorgeous
angeldevil1980 · 2012-03-25: 04:42
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