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AllieOska · 2014-10-20: 10:42
Thank you very much!
darfoster · 2014-10-19: 18:08
Marvelous Dar. I like the demonstration of different setting and the sharpness/softness of the waterfalls.
Thanks so much!
darfoster · 2014-10-18: 00:32
These are beautiful and educational. Nicely documented, Dar.
Thanks again!
darfoster · 2014-10-12: 00:30
Reply ⇔ I've Been Away!
These are the wonderfully colourful shots I look forward to seeing each autumn, of your mountainaous home area. Enjoy your vacation to recharge yourself.
Thanks so much!
borogovoi · 2014-10-07: 07:48
Reply ⇔ By the sea ...
What great placement. The silhouette works well.
;o) Thank you so much Dave ! Have a nice day ......
McMommy · 2014-10-05: 17:12
Zombie Walk?
Naaa, the makeup would mess up the camera ;)

I'm going though, to shoot, not take part.
borogovoi · 2014-10-04: 05:29
Beautiful golden glow. What nice view to begin the day.
Thank you dear friend ........ !!! ;o)
McMommy · 2014-10-03: 16:09
Reply ⇔ self
The background of black adds so much to the portrait to make it mysterious and wonder what is going on with the expression. Great shot Marjorie.
Thanks Dave :)
nynkeb · 2014-10-03: 03:32
Reply ⇔ ...
Oh. What an interesting, mood invoking portrait. It is, so, very well done, however, I like your smiling photos much better as they are happy.
Thank you so much Dave for this wonderful comment. I'm happy to know what you think of this image. My intention was to touch a nerve, because life isn't all fun and smiles. We are people filled with emotions and all emotions deserve recognition. But obviously I understand you prefer to see me smiling :)) Just so you know, I was laughing a lot while doing this shoot, because my two boys were allowed to spray water on the window with their water pistols and in the fun of games they got pretty soaking wet themselves also ;)
McMommy · 2014-10-01: 11:04
I like the building in #7, near Union Station, I'm guessing. I enjoy seeing the building in #6 but, while driving, have never stopped to actually "see" it. Thanks.
Those of both the Gooderham Building (otherwise known as the flatiron building) in the St. Lawrence Market area, just east of Union Station. I bet it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, huh? lol In fact I didn't realize that the mural was on the back of the flatiron building.. I guess I got distracted by my location