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borogovoi · 2016-02-08: 03:33
Oh. For such a warm winter, I'd thank you very much. Beautiful, Paolo.
Thank you my friend ... Happy Monday !!!
karabana · 2016-02-02: 23:37
Take advantage of the warm spell while it lasts.
This entire winter has been a warm spell! 7° yesterday, still no snow. I keep thinking that means February will be brutal. But then that's what I said about January. :)
Keryl · 2016-02-01: 20:34
Reply ⇔ Beauty in Death
Hello Leslie. Its nice to see you are back.
Hello there Dave! I hope to be around for a while ;~)
McMommy · 2016-02-01: 16:27
Reply ⇔ public skating
We spent so many hours at the arena with our kids and it is time very well spent.
They only go a handful of times a winter... but they love it when they get the opportunity
borogovoi · 2016-01-25: 12:04
What a beautifully warm photo, Paolo.
... Thank you my friend
McMommy · 2016-01-25: 06:49
Good job Katie! I recognize Abbie and Kirsten too. Should I recognize any of the other?
Thanks Dave! Laura B is over beside Katie. I don't know if you'd know the red haired boy, that's George Benson, Rory's older brother. Not sure if you'd already retired when they moved here.
gonia · 2016-01-21: 23:07
The colour "pops" in the third are very cool.
I notice that people are using walking poles. We use ours on the trails for stability and assistance in steep ascents and descents. They give the upper body a workout too.
We called this" nordic walking" -a lot of people young or older walk like this for recreation. In good or in bad weather. These poles are excellent! Personally I walk without. Thanks for comment and word " pole" Maggie
borogovoi · 2016-01-21: 03:44
Such sparkle. Cheers!
Thank you dear Dave!!!
McMommy · 2016-01-20: 13:11
... but she looks so good in photos. Keep, gently, persuading her.
She does, but she doesn't see it... these were only because she needed photos for her art show. I hope to convince her to do more one day :-)
karabana · 2016-01-19: 15:50
I think I'll go and make some right now. Your's look delicious.
Spin Cafe. *thumbs up*