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gonia · 2014-09-22: 15:04
Beautiful, every single one.
thank you very much. It was beautifull day and I was lucky to find such nice flowers and butterflies. Maggie
nynkeb · 2014-09-22: 03:49
Glad you like it Dave! Thanks so much! :))
Have a lovely day :)
borogovoi · 2014-09-21: 16:42
Enjoy your weekend Paolo. I like the rustic look of the the first window.
Thank you very much, Dave .... Grazie !!!
marilynx · 2014-09-21: 11:18
What rich colours. Maybe we will get lucky and enjoy just one more sip of wine and some more summer colours.
Thanks so much - I hope so too ....
marilynx · 2014-09-21: 11:16
Beautiful. I like the feather work in the first photo. It is quite realistic to the Blue Jays that visit our feeders. You have done a wonderful job.
You are very kind - thank you - I only took up water color painting this year - I have my very first expo in October.
AllieOska · 2014-09-21: 04:59
Reply ⇔ Reflections
Neat reflections.
Thanks you :)
delightfulpink · 2014-09-19: 14:59
Reply ⇔ Sweet Life
Beautiful set.
thaaank youu:))
NellyBly · 2014-09-09: 22:26
Wonderful. We seldom see more than a couple at one time.
Thank you! I know, usually that's what I have..and they fight over it:-) I'm amazed that all of these are swarming around it like bees :-)
McMommy · 2014-09-08: 21:52
LAci doesn't quite look like she knows what to make of Taylor and Katie. It looks like they enjoyed themselves.
Laci was torn between looking at me and being silly like them.... she likes being part of the group with them
ArtBee · 2014-09-08: 18:40
It has been an excellent season for roadside stands.
The corn has been abundant this year and so sweet!