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Joined April 15th, 2010

I live in Ontario, Canada and love making photographs. I continue learning how to use my DSLR. With almost 15 000 photos on this camera, I still have to have lots to learn.

I enjoy looking at photos on PB and learning from others on the site.

With each photograph I make, I learn and become one step closer to becoming a photographer as I learn about the camera, composition and my own eye for what pleases me in a photo.

I've completed a Project 365. My policy for the 365 was to change nothing about the photos except the lighting (levels, brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights). Everything else was as it was seen by the camera.

Since the 365, I made a photo each day, to 1000 days but was a bit more free about cropping and editing, though I tried to keep it minimal. I am now posting less often.

Now, I make photographs for the joy of making photographs with no rules and no commitments.

My kit includes:
Camera: Olympus E-3, Lenses: ZD 12-60mm, ZD 70-300mm super zoom-telephoto, Flash: FL-50R (off camera capable) Tripod: Manfrotto 055XPROB, Olympus 50mm f2.0 Macro 1:2 lens
Apple-Macintosh MacBook Pro

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darfoster · 2014-07-21: 21:01
Reply ⇔ Mountain Drive
Aaaah. Your beautiful mountains are lovely to see.
Thanks so much!
gonia · 2014-07-16: 13:02
Reply ⇔ Blue
Thank you very much. Maggie
borogovoi · 2014-07-14: 12:01
Nice set. I like the overview of the countryside scenery in the first photo.
Thank you very much Dave, have a nice week ;o)
McMommy · 2014-07-13: 10:55
Beautiful shot. There are lots of these tiny flowers this year. You have captured the colour beautifully.
Thanks Dave :)
honzicek · 2014-07-10: 23:04
These are so funny to watch, especially the audience. Good Luck!
I didn't noticed. I was there just for the money....hahaha!
LouiH · 2014-07-10: 16:26
My grandkids enjoy lots of outdoor play. They would enjoy it here.
I have been on the flying fox, there is a place where you yell there is a perfect echo, there is a small cycle way for littlies with correct road rules......and they sell decent coffee. Win win I say!
McMommy · 2014-07-10: 13:54
Reply ⇔ a few more
Nice. I just posted similar plants yesterday and today but from a very different perspective.
McMommy · 2014-07-10: 13:54
It looks like a busy, enjoyable summer with lots af family goings on. Enjoy!
Everyone's have a good summer, so far Dave :)
AllieOska · 2014-07-10: 09:37
Reply ⇔ My paradise
Thank you!
kwibusje · 2014-07-08: 12:04
Reply ⇔ Perfect Day
Lovely. The deep orange is well captured. I just came in from photographing similar flowers.
they are so pretty, thanx