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bobo, 17.6.1998 - 20.1.2015 R.I.P.

a portrait of 2011
last smile at home :-)
to frail to walk :-(
on meds against seizure
awake after MRI scan
she's only sleeping... last minutes of her life.

yesterday, our beloved golden retriever bobo was put to sleep peacefully in the animal hospital of zürich, after a short couple of days suffering from a brain tumor and seizures, which she had since last saturday.

she has had a long and joyful life for the past 16 1/2 years. born in hongkong 1998, she lived and grew up in hot and humid malaysia and came to switzerland in 2003. she has been traveling with us all through europe, was well known in the neighbourhood as "pretty bobo" on her daily walks through the lanes and parks around her home. she enjoyed winter as much as snow, she loved to sunbath on the balcony and even swimming in the lakes, walking through mountains and meadows - although she always barked at cows and was a little afraid of sheep ;-) an always cheerful, active, mostly well behaved pet, she was the steady companion in our adventures. she grew to be a grand old lady, death and half blind in the end, but never lost her empathy nor her wonderful and very effective way to beg for more food... and all the love and fun she gave us during her life made us want to keep her from any suffering at the end.

we miss her a lot. the house is empty and cold now, a family member has been taken away from us - but we remember her as the beautiful living being she was for us, the center of our life where she will always have her place.

R.I.P. bobo. you are not gone... you are simply everywhere now.

pcmcgarry So sorry for your loss. Remember the good times.
pcmcgarry · 2015-01-21: 08:52
StillBill So sorry. We have had the same experience and it is so tough. It sounds as though
she had a great life with a lot of love. The wonderful memories will some day dominate
above today's mourning. RIP bobo.
StillBill · 2015-01-21: 09:20
MoMac That is sad lovely photo tribute you gave her.
MoMac · 2015-01-21: 09:39
leanderthal I'm sad to hear about beautiful Bobo, Michael. I'm glad you had so many adventures and good years together, and these photos are very touching.
leanderthal · 2015-01-21: 09:49
SADHYA Tears for this post, remembering the loss of two of my dear dogs.
SADHYA · 2015-01-21: 09:53
angil So sorry Michael.
angil · 2015-01-21: 10:06
lyency very very sad
lyency · 2015-01-21: 10:59
marilynx I am so sorry Michael - we miss our pets so much, but, as you say, they are everywhere in us.
marilynx · 2015-01-21: 11:03
busybee Super memories will live with you always, a beautiful dog yes the loss of pets is so painful......but this is a lovely warm tribute.
busybee · 2015-01-21: 16:05
TEOMONTANA Very sad,as I can feel the love and pain you have for her through your post...she looks like a beautiful friend.Thank you for sharing Michael,and so sorry about Bobo.
TEOMONTANA · 2015-01-21: 18:29
josy63 Bye bye friend Bobo.You will stay in the heart and the memory...
josy63 · 2015-01-22: 02:26
kekok so sad ...
kekok · 2015-01-22: 13:31
DancingDolphin A heartwarming tribute to your Bobo.
DancingDolphin · 2015-01-23: 21:03
trifusz So sorry Michael.
trifusz · 2015-01-24: 08:52
veilcerpin she will always be remembered!
goodbye dear Bobo.
veilcerpin · 2015-01-25: 18:39
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