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photoblog contest! object no. 2

ok, i hope this time you guys will find solving the riddle a little more difficult!

who can guess what this is?

first one who guesses gets one of his/her pictures published in my blog! :-)
stormfish nope! ;-)
stormfish · 2007-04-03: 04:45
akutertekan an air-conditioner filter?
akutertekan · 2007-04-03: 04:51
soniarosario it is a wheel of an industrial machine of a typography?
soniarosario · 2007-04-03: 05:31
????? I think I know, but I am afraid to say... ;-)
????? · 2007-04-03: 07:57
stormfish hehehehehe.... *snickers*
no, no, no & no! :-D

@oldboyjack: you shut up! you haven't even set me your picture to publish yet, as a prize for the last contest!
stormfish · 2007-04-03: 08:50
????? Yes, now I am pretty sure I know what is it... And it is not so difficult to guess :-) But I will stay silent, or, as eidea expressed it, shut up! :-)
As far as your prize is concerned... Hmmm.. I must admit I have some difficulties with understanding what is the idea (or maybe eidea?) behind publishing my pic on your blog... What is so exiting about it? It's still not very clear to my obscure mind... :-)
????? · 2007-04-03: 09:57
stormfish @oldboyjack: publicity! you get ME advertising YOUR pics... meaning, you get more advertising space for your stuff, while taking away from mine... what other currency then shameless promotion, kudos and vanity do we have here? ;-)
nevermind my bloody english: i take back the "shut up" - of course you are welcome to tell us all what you think this pic is... if in the end you'll be taking over my blog, i'll just reopen my stuff under a different name... *grins*
stormfish · 2007-04-03: 10:38
rxet42 Armeture / PASS
rxet42 · 2007-04-03: 10:59
????? i think it's a jet engine.
????? · 2007-04-03: 11:02
stormfish and the winner is... DEMITRI! congratulations! specially for beating oldboyjack in posting this earlier then him! ;-)

it's actually a jet engine from a boing 737, taken in the maintenance hall @frankfurt airport. my brother took me there once, he's flying these things.
stormfish · 2007-04-03: 11:12
????? Oh, what a relief, that I didn't spoil your contest this time :-)
BTW: Do you know what made me think that this is a jet engine? Not so much an object itself, but this small, but not so small carriege at the background... It led me to the conclusion, that its taking place in a big warehouse or something like that - where you use such a wheeled stuff to move other things - hence I thought it must be conneted with BIG objects, as jet engines of airplanes for sure are... :-)
Congratulations for Demitri, of course! :-)
????? · 2007-04-03: 13:05
????? Get out!..:( I should come at ealier, i know it's a jet engine, you post almost the same like this in you blog before.
hmm next time:D
????? · 2007-04-03: 15:27
photopoet I never would have guessed a jet engine, but I do like the design and the perspective. Nice photo.
photopoet · 2007-04-03: 21:11
soniarosario it was fun
soniarosario · 2007-04-05: 05:39
pixkid Dang, i need to follow this more often... I WANT MY PIX TO BE SHOWN TOO! I never had them shown. ='(
pixkid · 2007-04-28: 12:54
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