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photoblog contest: object no. 3

OK, guys & dolls! today's riddle will be probably a simple one for most of you, but i'm gonna post it anyway, since it has something to do with what i will be doing tonight. (explanation will follow as soon as someone guessed it right).

so, if you can guess what this is, i'll be posting a picture given by you on my photoblog on a free date of your choice. once again, what you are winning is a boost in fame, kudos and advertisement of your material by using my blog additional to your own!

happy guessing... ;-)

[addendum, after OBJ blew my precious contest:]

now since i'm obviously too easy minded to come up with riddle pictures that are REALLY riddles for you lot of fellow bloggers here, i'm gonna boost the difficulty by posting 3 PICTURES EACH TIME. only if you guess all 3 correctly first, you'll be announced the winner.

ha! we'll see now... we'll see now!
????? Electric guitar.
????? · 2007-04-04: 04:50
stormfish · 2007-04-04: 04:59
????? I am so terribly sorry.... ;-)
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:02
????? I just simply couldn't resist... ;-)
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:03
stormfish · 2007-04-04: 05:04
????? I swear to God that I would never ever do it again.... ;-) Forgive me, I am begging....
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:08
????? Grrrrr. If it wasn't for that pesky Oldboy jack....
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:09
????? Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa... I am a sinner, now I know... ;-)
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:09
stormfish *still gasping*

ok. ok ok ok ok. calm down. you can do it. you can survive this blow. take it as a lesson in devotion...

ok. well, since my photographic mind is obviously too simple, i'm gonna boost the difficulty rate of this contest by posting TWO MORE riddle pics in here. so only if you guess all 3 right, you'll be declared the winner!!

ha! gonna show you! oldboyjack, you're MEAT! just wait... ;-)
stormfish · 2007-04-04: 05:13
????? I don't want to be a winner! I don't deserve it! The only thing I deserve is a real, good punishment....
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:23
????? The second is a set of things used by girls to buckle hair...
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:25
????? And the third is a view-tower!
????? · 2007-04-04: 05:43

ok, OBJ, that's it! you're officially banned from my contest since you're just too good in guessing pictures!

no. 3 is indeed a view tower somewhere near leipzig, cospudener lake. no. 2 is hair clamps from a shop in kuala lumpur (they have tons of these shops there, malaysian women are obsessed with their hair). no. 1 is the guitar of mike van idle, whom i gonna meet tonight for another composing session for our band.

happy easter to everyone!
stormfish · 2007-04-04: 05:53
DrRoy hahahah nice chat between U two guys. I like it.
DrRoy · 2007-04-04: 05:58
????? OK. I promise I'll never ever take part in any of your contests... But, hey, although it was so easy, it was fun - not to guess (so, as I said, was much too easy), but it was fun to see how you do react! :-)
Thanks for this unique pleasure! :-)
And Happy Easter, of course! :-)
????? · 2007-04-04: 06:00
stormfish *smirks*

i think that's the whole purpose of this blog thingie here... you post something, you want reactions... you want dialog... better then 100 people telling you "nice" or "cool" or "cute".

thanks for taking part, it's always fun to have a little discussion... ;-)
stormfish · 2007-04-04: 08:00
chipotle cool.
chipotle · 2007-04-04: 09:56
sloganmurugan how do i get to know of these contests?
sloganmurugan · 2007-04-04: 10:07
stormfish @chipotle: *grins*... i like people that swim against the stream... ;-)

@sloganmurugan: by googling them? ;-)
no, seriously: i didn't advertise and haven't set running rules so far. it was just a fun idea... but maybe you're right, in the future that would be a marketing issue.
stormfish · 2007-04-04: 10:16
stormfish @shamana: yes please! let's start RIDDLE PHOTO WARShere on photoblog! i'm sick and tired aving OBJ ruin my contests very day... he's just too good in guessing and my pics are too obvious! so if you have anything unidentifiable (but not just because the picture is blurry, bad or too dark, etc) - PLEASE POST IT! you can also post on my blog...
stormfish · 2007-04-04: 11:43
????? LOL fun!, both contest and both you and OBJ
????? · 2007-04-04: 13:11
palmer re: lighting :]
palmer · 2007-04-04: 14:16
dynah tanxs sexyloca eidia i give you some jajjajajjajajjajjaja great great shot!! that building is amazing shot the perspective is cool
dynah · 2007-04-04: 15:10
rmjannette those colors are so wild!
rmjannette · 2007-04-04: 22:32
soniarosario #1electric guitar
# 2 springs for the hair
#3 Big Watch??
soniarosario · 2007-04-05: 05:37
jendayee ha ha ha :)))) Don't know if I prefer the pics or the conversation between you 2 !!!
jendayee · 2007-04-05: 10:18
visualcortex Can anyone guess the guitar maker and model ? ; )) Happy Easter
visualcortex · 2007-04-08: 05:35
pixkid That oldboyjack is ruining everything!
pixkid · 2007-04-28: 12:55
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