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france. freedom fries. whatever.


it's just a simple flag, but there are several million people to whom it is the biggest chunk of their identity.

to me, it means a place where freedom fries are still pommes frites.
chipotle hah!
chipotle · 2007-08-02: 08:15
chipotle heh?

my guess is that most purveyors of "freedom fries" serve insipid frozen potatoes, fried with no awareness of the potato's potential, and leave them to wilt ignominiously under a heat lamp.

when i think of pommes frites, i think of new orleans; people there understand them.

chipotle · 2007-08-02: 10:19
chipotle hey - new orleans is a great place for soul food. and the people there have the sense to realize that food can satisfy both the palate and the soul regardless of whether its origin is high-brow or low-brow. that's why austin leslie, whose claim to fame was the seemingly pedestrian craft of frying chicken, got a new york times obituary. and that's why the james beard foundation recognized seaton's scotch house as being a "slice of american culinary history."

i think, though, to get the best pommes frites in new orleans you wind up high-brow. antoine's does them wonderfully.

eidea, you're an interesting soul. your posts make me think. and as best as i can tell, i like your outlook on life. i'd welcome the chance to share a plate of pommes frites with you. in france or in new orleans.

i'll pass, though, on the freedom fries.
chipotle · 2007-08-02: 14:34
fotoluzik splendid:)
fotoluzik · 2007-08-02: 14:37
????? nicely said! lovely shot
????? · 2007-08-02: 18:08
ajoeh Well composed. Thanks for sharing.
ajoeh · 2007-08-02: 22:09
davidcardona Nice pic! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2007-08-02: 23:00
maharba Dang! I was just reading Austin Leslie's Cookbook from Chez Helene and I didn't know that he passed on.
maharba · 2007-08-02: 23:22
sloganmurugan people are crazy
sloganmurugan · 2007-08-03: 00:15
jgreat Nice shot, it would be even better if those colours were arranged in a sort of 'x' pattern...oops ;)
jgreat · 2007-08-03: 05:46
rmjannette ahh
we have france on teh brain here right now too
rmjannette · 2007-08-04: 11:58
Tulga nice pic.
Tulga · 2007-08-08: 00:13
Agodashi ah la France! tré jolie pommes!! MOn Dieu!!
Great shot and post!
Agodashi · 2007-08-08: 15:42
AlexandraPechabaden Why needing identity... Why can't we just be "us" or "me" without bothering to belong to a state made by many men who declared it being France?
Why is geographic and national identity so important? I suppose it creates order somewhere in other's minds.
But it also creates chaos and wars... Why need enemies? Why need flags!
I shall go back to bed
AlexandraPechabaden · 2008-01-17: 05:48
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