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magic places, part one

near salt lake city, utah - USA
near salt lake city, utah - USA
the magic of this place:
- almost everything here is deadly to humans, yet they occupy the place.
- the sky communicates with the ground by smashing itself right into it (yes, air soft air can smash into hard stone).
- everything seems to be simple on a first glance (straight lines, clear colors or complete white), but when you get near to it, it's completely chaotic.
- it's all done by water, but there is no water present.
- you can see the "naked earth", so it's like the stage for everything else.
- god is missing.

part 2

***NOTE: this is not a theme! it's more a little contest with rmjannette to pay tribute to some of the special places we each have seen. but if you like to post YOUR magic places, leave me a message where to fin them!***
TIM927 I love the lines in these photos, colours are great too.These are really magical places, i know a few of these places too,,but i can´t tell you where they are,,they would lose the magic ;))))))))
TIM927 · 2008-04-23: 04:41
AlexandraPechabaden OH no you are doing a theeeeeme!!!! Very nice pictures. Is the salt edible there, if it is really salt? Has it got any magic properties like if you put some in your house, it drives bad energies away?
I think I will go and sprinkle some salt around now, actually.
AlexandraPechabaden · 2008-04-23: 08:01
RozariaSBanned good idea/eidea :)

and great photos!

(magic spots for me: photos 1 and 3 from my post "on the road... again... naturally")
RozariaSBanned · 2008-04-23: 10:22
rmjannette oh you've captured the color palette of this ancient place nicely. and your description is perfect actually. simple & chaotic. this is a very magical place. i like that it just does not change much & not much inhabits this area because it is so harsh.
rmjannette · 2008-04-23: 11:10
Robertthebob No 1 is amazing!
Robertthebob · 2008-04-24: 16:24
JuliaGotz I love the car with the tractor-trailer behind in that sparse scene, and your writing - I love your writing.
JuliaGotz · 2008-04-26: 17:34
DancingDolphin I think you may be right that this is a place where "God is missing", it hardly looks like those shots where people say "This is God's Country", more likely they'd say it's "God forsaken". I'd probably agree but I like think the first shot is interesting regardless.

I do think you may be wrong about it not being a "theme" however... it sounds pretty much like any theme I see advertised. :-)
DancingDolphin · 2008-04-27: 14:38
THEME theme
THEME · 2008-04-28: 03:22
stormfish geez... what have i done? *plucks out his hair* oh, oh, terrible! sooo many people find this ONE SINGLE ENTRY ON MY BLOG ONLY a theme! wai geschrien! how could i fail... so completely?? :-(

but wait a minute.. maybe it's the "jump on the train" syndrom? maybe once again it's 1 million sheeps bleating the same like a first artbug did?

or, how about that: everythign is a theme... wonderful solution! let's get so blur about things that we don't have to worry about the meaning of words anymore... it's good for the ego and helps to smoothe up everything.

so, thank you, all, who got their adrenaline shot by stigmatizing my blog entry here as a theme. you have done well. now go play again.

stormfish · 2008-04-28: 03:46
Peche Is this place 99% there and just 1% magic, or is it the other way round? :P I think sometimes if you try too hard not to be placed in a box, you'll end up creating your own without even realising.

Your shots remind me of the movie, Duel. The sheer vastness of it all, that if you found yourself standing in the middle of that landscape, in the dark, and screamed, would anyone hear you? I think in places like these humans are just as deadly as the landscape.
Peche · 2008-04-29: 03:35
SIMages great shots! love the vast open spaces...
SIMages · 2008-05-01: 21:03
sloganmurugan lovely
sloganmurugan · 2008-05-06: 08:11
schneeamolita ufff... wie geil isch dänn das!!!! chan mich nid mal entscheide, welles das s'bessere isch.. find beidi toll!
schneeamolita · 2008-05-13: 07:07
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